5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Send Any Marketing Email

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Send Any Marketing Email

Writing great marketing emails to send to your prospective clients, customers, or acquaintances can sometimes be perceived as a talent by thousands of people. The truth is structuring the right words, ensuring several parameters are in check, and making the most of every email sent requires a special craft and knowledge, which when practised to perfection can help you make the most of your email marketing efforts.

While the checklists for ensuring you’ve written a great email can be overwhelming, going through a few checklists before blasting the email newsletter to your subscribers can be the extra effort you need to convert a few of them into paying customers.

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If you’re ready to send out emails to a specific individual or email list, first ask yourself these 5 questions before you do:

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1). Is The Email Subject-Line Compelling Enough?

This is perhaps the most important part of any email sent. If the subject line is not compelling enough, the receiver will have little to no reason to open the email.

To increase your email open rates, first ensure the subject-line is an extraordinary piece that would cause the receiver to want to know what the body of the message is. The reader must have no sense of been sold to, and must believe the email is already incredibly useful before they even get to read through it.

In summary, give them a darn good reason to open the email, else, no matter how amazing whatever you wrote in the body is, they’d never get to read it.


2). How Would You React If Someone Sent You This Email?

How great is the email copy? If you received this email from someone else, where would your eyes first go to? Can you get the receiver to read through till the end? Is it too personal or too business focused? Does the email deliver the exact message the subject-line states? Would you find the email offensive if it was sent to you? How exactly would you react if someone else had sent you this email?

Answering these questions with a third-party eye will help you better understand how the receiver will view the email.

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3). Is This A Good Time To Send The Email?

Depending on who the receiver is, their current personal or business situation, their location, and the time of the day wherever they are in the world, sending an email may be a great or terrible thing to do.

Based on different time zones, you need to calculate what the time currently is in their location and also determine the best time of the day people in that country prefer to read their emails.

When you send your emails based on the right timing, and also factor other conditions that may cause the person to act, you’d have a higher chance of getting the receiver to read through the email, possibly convert into a paying customer, or act according to your goal of sending the email.


4). Are You Sending It To The Right Person?

Having segmented email lists is very important, as every individual is entirely different. Not every email applies to everyone. Sending a mail for pregnant mothers to college students will have zero impact on its goals. The same applies to sending a coupon deal that applies to only people in Nigeria to people in South Africa.

It is important you segment the email to maximize its conversion rate. If the wrong emails are repeatedly sent to people who have no interest in whatever the emails contain, your unsubscribers rate would jump.

If you’re sending an email to just one person instead, ensure the email address is correct, and that whatever message you’re forwarding to the person is tailored specifically to appeal to the individual’s emotions.

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5). Have You Read Through The Email For Errors?

Lastly, read through the email several times for errors. If possible, get a professional copywriter to restructure the email to the most compelling way possible, ensure it is error-free, and to possibly make sure every important part of the email is covered.

Sounding professional, personal, and yet compelling at the same time is key to driving great interest in whatever you have to offer.

Proofread your all-important email and possibly have an expert go through it before you send it to anyone or a large group of people.


What are your thoughts on these 5 questions to ask before sending any email? Let me know by leaving a comment below.