17+ Well-Paying Jobs & Side Hustles For Introverts

17+ Well-Paying Jobs & Side Hustles For Introverts | Image Source: Pexels

Starting a new business or taking on a lucrative job offer could sound exciting, but not so much for introverts. They prefer to be left alone in the comfort of their own personal space without distractions or unnecessary communication. They find joy and solace in being alone—just as extroverts find joy and solace being in the presence of others—and they want to be able to live life on their own terms while still being able to generate a substantial income from businesses and employment opportunities that can also make them function in the environment best suited for them.

If you’re an introvert and are looking for business ideas and opportunities for introverts in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world, here are 17+ well-paying jobs and side hustles for introverts:

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1). Business And Life Counselling:

Introverts are naturally great listeners, have great empathy, and carefully think out their next course of action before they act on them, unlike extroverts whom mostly prefer to be heard, largely act before they think, and are scarcely empathetic.

The natural qualities of introverts make them great at counselling, whether it is business or life-related. And the best part of counselling is they get to meet only one or two people at a time, than meeting tens or hundreds of people.

As an introvert, venturing into counselling could be a great career move.


2). Database Administration:

Database administrators manage data centres with servers and more by using specialized softwares to keep the data organised and secure. It can be a high-paying career or business depending on where you’re located, the financial strength of the client, and the sensitivity of the data.

Why this appeals greatly to introverts is because database administration is a lonely job. Usually, you’d be with a few people in the data centres ensuring things are going fine unlike in a wide-open office space where there a lot of people and distractions.

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3). Software Programmer:

Software programming involves spending thousands of hours writing code that performs a specific type of action. It could be for the building of a content managing system, a video game, a firmware, or anything at all.

The private nature of the software engineering industry is one thing that appeals greatly to introverts. They could work largely remotely from anywhere in the world, while they deliver on their targets online or they could even be in an office setting where there are many other programmers and feel alone since everyone else would be ingrained in some form of programming activity or the other.

The industry is also lucrative and greatly appealing to introverts who want to build amazing things and still be left alone at the same time.


4). Blogging:

The advent of blogging has triggered the rise of hundreds of online millionaires and thousands of others making a few thousands of dollars monthly who are all writing about one thing or the other for the pleasure of their audience and earning a great income from it at the same time.

The best part about blogging is that it is 100% done remotely without any need to meet in person.

With a lot of success stories cropping up in the blogosphere, blogging is a great opportunity for introverts to explore.

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5). Online Freelancing:

Online freelancing is what it is: online freelancing; and it requires no form of physical interaction at all as long as the services you’re offering are internet-based.

As an introvert looking for lucrative online freelancing opportunities, you could sign up on platforms like Fiverr and the likes, and market the skills you’re most proficient at.


6). Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants offer virtual services to organisations and individuals who need remote assistance on certain activities for a limited period of time that they do not want to hire a fulltime worker for.

These activities could be anywhere from organising and responding to emails, reviewing documents, offering customer care rep services, and much more.

As a virtual assistant, you don’t need to meet the client in person nor interact with any other part of the service physically; making it a great opportunity for introverts to explore.

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7). Social Media Consultant:

Social media consulting is growing faster today than ever before with a higher number of businesses taking their businesses online to various social media channels in a bid to reach and engage with their client base where they are.

If you’re an introvert with great social media engagement skills, you could start a social media consulting business. You could first offer a couple of free services to build up a track record, then offer high-value services to much larger organisations that would pay you a lot of money monthly to help them reach their social media goals.


8). Professional Writing:

Professional writing services are a great remote writing opportunity to take advantage of. These could range from content writing to business plans, proposals, resumes, and much more.

As a professional writer, you could market your services online and deliver your client’s works to their email addresses.

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9). Landscape Photography:

Landscape photography is a form of photography that involves taking amazing photos of landscapes in beautiful parts of the world either for resale or other purposes. The best part of this is the locations are usually secluded and have almost no other person there when you’re taking the photos, making it a perfect private opportunity for introverts


10). Online Tutoring:

Online tutoring involves teaching people various topics but via the internet. It could be a language course, leadership course, academic course and much more. But it involves engaging with a student remotely and not face-to-face in real life.

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11). Graphic Designing:

Great graphic design is mostly done in great privacy, as designers need silence and inspiration to come up with their best job yet. By venturing into graphic design, you’d have enough space to let your mind run wild so you can deliver great works to your clients.


12). Book Authoring & Publishing:

The greatest book writers spend years in solace writing inspiring contents—whether a novel, business book, or the likes. They spend a lot of time writing their books with the hopes of eventually earning thousands or millions of dollars, or in the case of the author of the Harry Potter book series, billions of dollars upon publishing their materials.

If you’re a creative mind, have a skill that people could learn greatly from, and can write darn well, you could start authoring and publishing books.

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13). Florist:

Florists spend a lot of private time designing and working on flowers and plants for their clients. When they do this, it is done in privacy without any distractions, and so, can be a great opportunity for introverts to explore depending on where they are in the world.


14). Massage Therapist:

As a massage therapist, introverts could work on just one client at a time in a private room without needing a lot of distraction or people present.

Depending on where this service is offered, it could be lucrative or not.

15). Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce business where a person has products listed on their website for sale but procures from a manufacturer based in a place like China whenever an order is placed for shipping and delivery to the client.

In this scenario, the entrepreneur doesn’t actually own any physical products nor storage facility. All they have is a website, a supplier in China that sells a certain product, and prospective buyers.

With the dropshipping model, you never need to meet the client nor see the products but can make deliveries to people located all over the world. All you need to do is to research a highly demanded product, find a manufacturer that supplies it at very cheap prices, and procure & ship anytime an order is placed on your website.

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16). Proofreading & Editing:

Proofreading & editing is similar to most professional writing services, but primarily involves helping people who are not so good at writing to proofread and edit their articles, projects, and works. There’s a huge industry for it and you don’t get to meet people in person as the request could be placed over the internet.


17). SEO Consulting:

SEO consulting is growing faster than ever before because companies are looking for cheap ways to promote their businesses on the internet without having to spend thousands of dollars monthly on advertisement.

In the United States, for instance, SEO consultants earn thousands of dollars monthly or per project and depending on what part of the world you’re in, you too could, provided you can add the same great value the well-known experts do at a lesser cost.

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18). Art & Antiques:

The art industry is huge. Whether it is for drawing, painting, selling antiques, reviewing art projects, and much more, the number of people interested in art worldwide is growing every single day.

If you’re a creative mind who has a great knack for art and antiques, you too could venture into the same industry.


What are your thoughts on these 17+ well-paying jobs & side hustles for introverts? Let me know by leaving a comment below.