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In 2016, was founded on the premise of enlightening new and existing African entrepreneurs on how to start, run, and grow a successful business. What started as a personal blog is now fast-changing into an encyclopaedia of business information for entrepreneurs, and so, our goals have now changed, as we’re more than ready to serve the startup community beyond what we’ve already delivered. To successfully do this, we need your contribution, especially if you’re a writer! now accepts guest posts and contributions for the blog from bloggers, authors, expert writers, and pretty much anyone that has valuable information to pass based on their own personal experiences, market trends, and how the general economic landscape affects businesses.

For now, we’re only accepting articles targeting entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and across the entire continent of Africa. If you’re not based in Africa but can contribute guest blog posts that are universal to any entrepreneur irrespective of their location around the world, you’re more than welcome to submit an article.

But before you send in your article, here are some very important things you need to know:


Who Are Our Readers?

Our readers are people contemplating starting a new business, new entrepreneurs, and successful entrepreneurs that have ran their businesses for several years.


What Type Of Articles Do We Accept

The articles we’ll consider for posting must have a tone that is appropriate for and must be written by a person and not a PR department. We prefer articles that are based on personal experience, introduces new ideas, and centres around entrepreneurial topics that engage our readers. Generally, we prefer articles from entrepreneurs.

When you write about your own business experience to support the ideas in your article, any outright self-promotion will prevent us from publishing it or accepting future articles from you. The same condition goes for complete jargons or blank assertions.

We’ll give a very high preference to articles posted by individuals who are experts or leaders in their industries. We’ll also give preferences to expert writers who regularly post comments on

To have a very good idea of the type of articles we may accept, please read through the blog’s posts to get a clearer picture.


What Do You Stand To Gain For Writing Guest Blog Posts For

  • It places you as an expert in the business community.
  • It builds your portfolio and credibility.
  • It increases your exposure and brand awareness.
  • It builds your personal brand.
  • It gives you a great networking opportunity.
  • You stand a chance to someday become a paid writer for
  • Depending on your level of expertise, experience, and proven track record, you may someday be invited to speak at one of our events.


What To Expect If We Accept Your Article

We review all submitted articles once a week. Due to high volumes, we may not be able to respond to everyone on time, but we’ll eventually respond.

For articles we do wish to post, here are some things you need to know:

  • We reserve the right to edit or completely rewrite the article for style, tone, or substance.
  • Your headlines are subject to change.
  • We will add links for context.
  • Images will be added at the discretion of

All articles submitted must not have been posted elsewhere. We will only accept original articles that are not anywhere else online.


How To Submit

We only accept articles that are between 900 to 2,000 words long.

Ready to submit your guest blog post? Please complete the article pitch form below:

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