How To Market Your Farm Products In Nigeria: 10 Ways To Get Distributors

How To Market Your Farm Products In Nigeria To Distributors: 10 Ways To
How To Market Your Farm Products In Nigeria To Distributors: 10 Ways To

With thousands of individuals making investments in agriculture, a lot of people wonder how they’d sell their farm products. Generating high revenues and eventual profits is never an easy feat for any business, but knowing exactly what you’re doing and what you plan to do next will determine how successful you’d be on the long run. Knowing how to sell your farm products is one very important reason you must prepare a business plan for your farm business. Whether you’re asking questions on how to sell your poultry farm products, or how to sell your goat farm products, or how to sell your cassava farm products, and more, this guide will show you how to successfully sell your farm products in Nigeria and get it in the hands of the consumers.


Here are 8 ways to market your farm products in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world:


1). Identify Your Farm Market:

Before you start a farm, grow your farm products, and start marketing, the first and most important thing you need to do is ask yourself this question: what does the market want? The farm products your market wants is more important than the farm products you want to grow. Once you’re growing what the market wants, finding customers and distributors for your farm products will be a lot easier than trying to sell a farm product a lot of people are not interested in.


2). Join Farm Associations:

It’s important you belong to several farm associations. Being a part of such associations will keep you up to date with the trends affecting the farming business in Nigeria. Associating would help you know of new market trends, potential customers, disease outbreaks, tax regulations, and a lot more. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Joining farm associations is a cost-effective way to stay in the middle of the market trend, and subsequently increasing your sales because of your access to the right information. An example of a reputable farm association in Nigeria is the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN).

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3). Supply To Food Markets:

Commercial food markets are a great place to find retailers. With thousands of traders regularly trading farm products ranging from tomatoes, to yams, rice, and much more at retail prices, you could approach them, make them aware of your farm’s existence, and how you can offer them a better deal than their existing suppliers. You can also find distributors in the markets that’d want the ability to resell your farm produce in large quantities, and at the right price. With a hold on some key distributors, you can move your farm products as fast as they are harvested.


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4). Supply To Hotels & Restaurants:

Hotels & restaurants collectively process thousands of tons of food items everyday. These food items are generally farm products like rice, plantains, beef, tomatoes, and more. Approaching restaurants and offering to beat their existing supplier’s prices is a good way to start. If you can also guarantee that the farm products you supply them would mostly be fresh crops, you’d sign on a restaurant or two in a short time.

In summary, find reputable restaurants, offer them fresher crops, & beat their existing suppliers price to be in business.

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5). Supply To Brick & Mortar Stores:

Brick and mortar stores like Shoprite, and the likes are always on the lookout for new farm produce distributors. The excessive sales and revenues they generate, causes their suppliers to be unable to meet their demand. You can approach large stores and advertise your farm products to them. If they confirm your farm products as genuine, fresh, healthy, and large enough to cover a chunk of their needs, you just might have signed yourself a big client. Make your farm products appealing, and they’d never stop ordering from you.


6). Supply To Homes & Offices:

Many individuals are mostly busy at work during the day, and as such, never have real time to go out to the market to purchase food stuffs and other farm products. The same applies to homes with bachelors, or pregnant women. These kind of households find it difficult to constantly visit the market. Marketing your fresh farm products to these individuals is a profitable feat. An example of a Nigerian startup that delivers fresh fruits to individuals at work is They run a subscription based service to deliver fresh foods within certain intervals to individuals that choose to subscribe to their service.

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7). Own A Retail Store:

Setting up your own personal brick & mortar store is one great way to escape the middle man, and cut costs. By starting a store of your own, you can generate retail value revenues from your crop sales. This is a good route to sell your farm products for a higher value.


8). Partner With Online Grocery Stores:

Online grocery stores like and are great stores to sell your fresh products on. Partnering with them to constantly deliver fresh farm products like fruits, frozen foods, and more is a good way to move your farm products fast.

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9). Setup An Online Store:

With the vast e-commerce trend gradually becoming a norm in Nigeria, “in all thy starting, start an online store”. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money in promoting your online store as seen in this article here, but you can start small and grow your online fresh food store over a long period. With a weigh lesser population in this niche, you’d turn in some revenues over time.

You can set up a personal online store quickly on WordPress. Starting for as low as only $3.95 per month, anyone can follow this link to create a WordPress site in minutes for a really cheap rate (this low price is only through my link). In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a free website domain (a $15 value), a free site builder, and a 30-days money-back guarantee through my Bluehost link if you purchase, at least, 12 months of web hosting.


10). Export Your Farm Products:

Exporting farm products is a way to generate large sales, especially from rare crop products. Exporting barleys for instance to foreign alcohol production companies will turn in a lot of revenues. This is also a good way to get paid in Dollars, which when converted to the local currency in Nigeria or any other African country, gives a better value, than if the farm products were sold locally.


How else can farmers better and faster market their farm products? Please leave a comment below.


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  1. Edom, Thanks for your educative and informative presentations, one way suggested to sell and market farm produce is through export, getting a reliable importer is always a problem, can you suggest ways of getting importers for these products

    • Hi Kayode,

      You can start by researching online for companies that import items, then send them emails.

      You can also talk to the Nigerian Export Promotion Council for advise.

      Thank you for asking.

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  9. thanks for the knowlegde , i hv backyard farm which i hv almost 300boiler for sale but the market hv not been encourage me , in which am thinking of qiute the bussine ,pls i need a constant buyers which will make the bussine encourage to my,because i love the bussines.pls u can contact me on 08167793997

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