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Some Wecyclers Staffs | Top 3 Recycling Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria

There’s nothing more exciting than having fun and making money while at it. When it comes to recycling, it’s about of keeping your environment clean and generating income at the same time. Recycling is the perfect example to use when stating that people see gold right in front of them, yet they do not know it. Recycling business ideas and opportunities are largely overlooked because of the low awareness surrounding the industry in Nigeria.

The amount of garbage generated in Nigeria everyday spans in thousands of tons. These garbage causes a major headache for the country and the general well being of the people living in it. While health concerns are a major issue with garbage littered all around, financial gain is a big plus for a few daring individuals that cannot only see the business opportunity in collecting the wastes, but can also strive to keep their environments clean.

When a lot of people hear about recycling, they majorly think about setting up a factory, buying large recycling machines, and a lot more discouraging thoughts. The few who realize that sourcing recyclables for recycling factories could also be highly profitable without setting up a factory, take the plunge and profit from the venture in silence. A perfect example is Nigerian born Bilikiss Adebiyi, the CEO of Wecyclers. She only sources recyclables and doesn’t own a recycling factory but, generates millions in revenue every month.

When collecting recyclable waste, the savvy individuals in the business filter exactly what they want. You can decide to collect only plastic waste, only aluminum can wastes, only rubber wastes, any other type, or all of them. Executing recycling business ideas that focus on the collection of a particular type of waste keeps the recycler’s business streamlined, makes waste collection easier, and increases the chances of profitability. If you’re looking for profitable recycling business ideas and opportunities to invest in, in Nigeria, this article is going to prove highly informative to you. It’ll cover only the major top three recycling waste collection opportunities in Nigeria, so you can get started as soon as possible.


Here are the top 3 waste collection recycling business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria:


1). Plastic Recycling:

There’s almost no vicinity in Nigeria where there aren’t hundreds of plastic wastes lying around and causing environmental hazards. Every local government has it’s own fair share of this pollution. On an average, over one thousand plastic wastes are dropped on the floor at frequented bus stops in Lagos, Nigeria, every 6 hours. With the large volume of plastic wastes been piled up in such areas, cleaning up these environments on an hourly basis would be a full scale business for anyone who takes a plunge. The volume of plastic waste generated cannot be easily managed by any plastic waste collection center. So there’s always room for more.

Thousands of occasions and events are held everyday in the country. These occasions and events contribute immensely to the volume of disturbing plastic wastes that are generated. With an excessive volume of these recyclables piling up every minute, plastic recycling keeps growing into a larger industry of it’s own. The pile up trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and in five years, about ten times the volume of plastic wastes piled up today would be generated then. Making the industry a more volatile one.

With a genuine interest in plastic recycling, what can you do about the volume of plastic wastes been piled up in your environment? The smart answer for a savvy entrepreneur is simple: Start collecting the plastic waste! By starting with your current environment, you could be a major player if you play your cards right. Find out if there are associations and local laws concerning recycling and waste collection if you want to start, and enjoy the financial benefits while you keep your environment clean.


2). Paper Recycling:

The volume of paper wastes piling up are already out of control. With millions of students and pupils in the country buying, using, and disposing notebooks, paper wastes disposal keeps exploding. This trend is inclusive of the newspapers people read on a daily basis, papers used to wrap food items, and a lot more.

Everyone generates paper waste everyday. It is almost unavoidable. With this explosive trend, collecting paper waste is a great way to venture into the recycling waste collection business. Find recyclers that want paper recyclables. Find out the exact type they are more interested in, and start collecting them. Doing this will not only make you money, but would also keep your environment clean.


3). E-Waste Recycling:

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E-wastes, also known as electronic wastes, are pretty much electronic devices like monitors, printers, etc, that have been used and dumped for disposal. Piling up electronic waste would seem to be utter disorganization because it’s never a funny sight. But behind all these, is a great opportunity. E-waste recycling is the most profitable of all three mentioned, but the trickiest to get right.

Electronic waste aren’t exactly always lying around like plastic waste. They are majorly domiciled indoors in homes, businesses, factories, and the likes. Getting these wastes would largely involve creating a financial awareness for it, where people that own the waste could make some money selling them to you, after which you finally resell them to the final recycler. Identify a key location where there’d be a large concentration of electronic waste and, place yourself as a key collector. You’d majorly have to pay for almost all the electronic waste collected. Although electronic waste is the trickiest to source, and the most capital intensive, if you can successfully gather tons of it, you’ll have a higher return on investment.


These 3 recycling business ideas and opportunities have been proven time and again to be profitable by various Nigerian and other entrepreneurs around the world.


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