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Product packaging originally had the sole purpose of protecting the item during storage and sale, but was eventually overshadowed by the package’s remarkable ability to influence potential buyers’ purchasing decisions; making companies now more interested in product packaging as a sales tool, than as a container for their products.

Any entrepreneur, business, or salesperson should pay close attention to product packaging because it is now primarily used as a marketing tool and a way of reducing promotional costs, or as a means of building an identity in the minds of your prospective buyers. It’s also worth looking into Wholesale Packaging as these can often be tailored towards your marketing.

This makes the design of product packages a crucial part of any product strategy. And so, businesses must pay attention to the fact that a prospect’s buying decision will be affected by some or all of the following aspects of product packaging:

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1). The Color of The Package:

For starters, a package’s color helps to establish a brand identity—especially if the product is already associated with a specific color—and so, helps in making the product stand out amongst other competing brands.

An example is to imagine a shelf full of different products, all using drab brown packaging or similar earth-toned colors. A product that uses bright neon colored packaging will immediately stand out and catch the attention of a buyer first.

Asides being able to draw attention, colors are proven to have a notable effect on people’s perceptions; making the art of selecting the right colors for a package, vital to its success.

For instance, different industries tend to gravitate towards specific colors because of their associations with certain beliefs and emotions: white and black are both associated with power, blue inspires trust, green inspires calmness, and red denotes energy and passion.

Companies can take advantage of these, depending on the product they are selling.

An energy drink, for instance, will be more appealing to a potential buyer if placed in red packaging, as opposed to a green package.


2). Packaging Material and Quality:

There are numerous ways a packaging material and its quality will influence a person’s buying decision. Companies can design product packs that look “premium” and expensive, or they could go with packaging that looks inexpensive. This allows them to cater to different buyers with different mindsets, as there are buyers who equate price with quality, and so, will be more attracted to a “premium” packaging, while there are those who are specifically looking for a bargain and will naturally check out products with cheap-looking packaging first.

The quality of the packaging used can also inspire confidence in buyers, and make them more likely to make a purchase. A shoddily-packaged product will most likely be dismissed as poor in quality or subpar, regardless of the actual quality of the product inside. Find Out More about cardboard packaging and crate hire for your business.

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3). The Presence Of A Logo and Brand Name:

The presence of a brand’s logo will help a lot in influencing a purchase from a potential buyer.

There’s a subtle effect that a good logo has in helping to establish credibility, therefore, inspiring buyers’ confidence amongst consumers. But more realistic is the fact that people build emotional attachments to specific brands, and a logo is one of the most effective ways of evoking this emotional response.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with apparel, as the presence of a specific brand logo will usually be the deciding factor in whether or not a consumer wants the product, and exactly how much they are willing to pay for it. The Apple logo on Mac computers is also a great example, as their presence alone automatically gives a product a “premium” feel, making consumers more willing to pay a higher price, as opposed to a generic computer brand with similar or even better specs.

The Apple logo on Mac computers is also a great example, as their presence alone automatically gives a product a “premium” feel, making consumers more willing to pay a higher price, as opposed to a generic computer brand with similar or even better specs.


4). The Presence of Information:

Discerning buyers tend to place great importance on the information provided on a product’s packaging. A manufacturer can take advantage of a packaging’s real estate in order to present information that will help convince a buyer.

In cases like these, simply providing pertinent product information—such as unique features or ingredients—in legible, attention-grabbing ways can spur potential buyers into making a purchase.

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5). Typography/Font Choice:

Font choice is a very important aspect of product packaging design, and works hand-in-hand with color selection. Like color, the right font can be used to draw in consumers, but more than that, it is also the vehicle in which supplementary information is delivered to a potential buyer.

The text on packaging needs to be legible and easy for the eyes to read, as packages that aren’t, are likely to frustrate customers and make them move on to a product with easier-to-read packaging.

Basically, prospects only take a few seconds on average to judge whether or not a product is what they need. Font choices that are difficult to read will increase the amount of time needed to peruse the packaging, and could cause you to miss that golden opportunity to convince a prospect to make a purchase.


6). Packaging is a Precedent to Product Perception:

It is important for businesses or brands to think of a product’s packaging as an extension of their sales and marketing strategy. It works under the same principles as an advertisement, in the sense that the packaging will be used to present value proposition—the right packaging will be able to present itself as the right product to the right target customer.

In a way, packaging is even more effective than an advertisement for a lot of products, because the dynamics are more conducive to impulse-based purchases.

In a lot of scenarios, people can end up buying a product they don’t really need, simply because the packaging’s design is highly compelling and effective.

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In a Nutshell: Packaging is Every Bit as Important as the Product Itself

At the end of the day, it is important for any company or manufacturer to pay close attention to the packaging of their product. While it is true that the contents are ultimately what the buyer will latch onto, packaging will decide whether a buyer even decides to look at your product.

If you are unsure on the best way that you could package your product do some research on what other relevant companies are doing. Getting another persons opinion on how you should package a product is always a good thing, especially when it’s from a company that specialises in branding products. I would, therefore, recommend using a design agency as they can create packaging designs that will attract audiences to your brand, there are plenty of design agencies online to choose from.

The wrong package design means you won’t even get your foot in the proverbial door, making the actual quality of the product irrelevant in many cases.


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