30+ Profitable Paper Craft Business ideas & Opportunities In Nigeria Or Africa

33+ Profitable Paper Craft Business ideas & Opportunities In Nigeria Or Africa
33+ Profitable Paper Craft Business ideas & Opportunities In Nigeria Or Africa | Image: Pixabay

A large number of profitable craft businesses are from paper. The preference for paper is mostly because it is relatively cheaper than most other materials and is easy to handle. Interestingly, the capital needed for most papercraft businesses is little. Also, there is a large market for the business because some of the opportunities are still largely untapped in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.

There are many profitable papercraft business ideas and opportunities that will enable you to create magic with paper in different ways. If you’re looking to build a profitable paper-craft business, here are 30+ papercraft business ideas that anyone can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Card Making Business:

The handmade greeting card market keeps growing annually. This creative papercraft business can be done from home, shops or office environments. Greeting cards may vary based on holidays in the year, but birthdays are constant.

To get started, incorporate some uniqueness and excellence in your handmade greeting cards. The content of the card is as important as the design of the card. If you are not skilled at writing catchy and well-written content, you can learn or employ someone.


2). Paper Mache Crafts Business:

You might have tried this papercraft in your elementary or secondary school. You can make any shapes you want with old paper (newspaper or books), water, and starch. Paper mache crafts can be in form of bowls, vases, baskets, and animal sculptures.

There are potential buyers online for these creative businesses. You just have to be skilled with your crafts and take good pictures of them. Creativity will attract buyers in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


3). Paper Quill Business:

This papercraft business idea has to do with cutting a piece of paper into strips, rolling, shaping, and glueing to form a decorative craft. Accessories can be made from paper quill beads. The paper used in quilling is text-weight paper or printer paper. Using coloured paper will make the quill more attractive.

Paper quill is a promising profitable business opportunity in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. It can be done with bare hands. For neater and more attractive paper quills, it is important to get some paper quilling tools.

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4). Customized Paper Bag Production Business:

Paper bags are customized bags for commodity packaging in supermarkets, bookstores, open markets, and others. Individuals can use paper bags to pack souvenirs at parties.

You too can start a paper bag production business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. If you do not want to own a physical store, you can sell paper bags on your social media pages or website. Customized paper bag production is one of the papercraft businesses that are in high demand.


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5. Paper Flowers Production Business:

Numerous creative items can be crafted from paper, one of which is paper flowers. It is always a beauty to behold. Paper flowers can be used to beautify the house, office, or car.

Before you start crafting flowers with paper, it is pertinent to acquire the necessary skills. The crafter should be patient and creative.


6). Paper Name Tags Production Business:

Starting this paper-related business requires creativity in crafting the shape and size of the tags. Paper name tags are used to reserve tables at various events and parties.

To get clients at ease and regularly, partnering with event managers will make it easier to grow. You can also leverage social media platforms for publicity.

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7. Open A Papercraft Studio:

A papercraft studio is like a store where everything about papercraft is displayed for aesthetics and selling purposes. Crafters can also produce paper crafts that will be displayed in the studio.

This business idea does not require the studio owner to be a crafter. The studio owner can employ a crafter or buy various paper crafts in bulk.


8). Papercraft Training And Instruction:

If you are a professional crafter and your teaching skill is top-notch, you can start teaching adults and students how to make different things with paper. Some schools and organizations are in need of this service in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

To start this untapped papercraft business idea, ensure you create different crafts. Showcase your crafts and hone your teaching skills alongside.


9). Paper Masks Production Business:

Production of paper masks is one of the craft businesses that allow the crafter to generate a lot of income during carnivals, birthday parties, Christmas Carol, and other children’s events. The paper mask can be in different shapes and can take the shape of cartoon characters or heroes. The shapes of the paper masks are dependent on the events or preferences.

Building a strong online presence and networking with the right individuals will help your business grow.

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10). Production of Folded Paper Art Frames:

Folded paper art frames are one of the must-have decorative items in homes, offices, schools, and stores. They are crafts that can be produced in large quantities and shipped abroad for sale.

If you want to start this craft business, ensure your paper art frames are durable and beautiful so you can retain customers and get referred.


11). Wallpaper Installation Business:

There are a lot of creative wallpapers that require the services of a professional wallpaper fixer. A professional will fix it appropriately to bring out the beauty embedded in the wallpaper.

This papercraft business idea is one of the crafts that anyone can start easily. With little training, you can set off today.


12). Bookbinding Business:

Bookbinding stays relevant with a huge market for sales, even though it seems old. As technology advances, the need for bookbinding increases and takes different formats too. Despite the introduction of e-books, individuals, businesses and corporations still require hard-copy books.

To stay on the radar in this business, you need to improve yourself by learning the latest style in the craft.

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13). Box Making Business:

People appreciate gifts that are well packaged in a box. They appreciate the creativity, colour combination, and exquisiteness that come with boxing gifts. Adding heartfelt wishes or letters in the box will exude love and warmth that will attract the client.

You can start this craft business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world if you have a knack for graphics, designing, and craft. You have to design the name tags or the letter in the box to enhance your creativity.


14). Scrapbooking Business:

Everyone loves to preserve memories of beautiful moments in their lifetime. Besides pictures, scrapbooks also serve this purpose. They are books that are similar to journals where personal or family pictures are arranged. Scrapbooks are a popular gift choice for anniversaries, graduations, and the likes.

Scrapbook production is a business opportunity with a lot of prospects for entrepreneurs. To make the most of this business, you need to be highly creative and innovative with decorative ideas.


15). Carton Production Business:

This is a profitable craft business opportunity that an aspiring crafter can start. There is a growing market for cartons because they are essential for packaging goods and products. Cartons can also be recycled after use. A crafter can decide to produce small cartons or big cartons that are used for shipping.

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16). Decoupage Business:

There is absolutely no limit to being creative with paper. Decoupage is the art of decorating specific objects by glueing coloured cutout papers and some other paint effect to decorate the object.

The cutouts can be a colourful old magazine or used paper. It all depends on how creative the crafter can be.


17). 3D Scrapbook Paper Wall Letter Production:

Almost all children’s birthday parties, baby showers, or other events have the 3D scrapbook paper wall letters used in describing the party. It is not limited to children’s events as it is used for bridal showers and other events for adults.

3D Scrapbook paper wall letters have a ready-made market in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world and it is in high demand.


18). Paper Flower Monogram:

If you are starting this business, ensure your paper flower monogram is attractive and durable. Durability will determine if your client will refer you and be retained. You can add scent to some of your paper flowers.

A lot of people appreciate paper flower monograms and are willing to buy them for various purposes.

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19). Origamic Architecture Business:

This craft business is not so popular but it is one of the highly profitable papercraft business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Origamic architecture is the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture. It involves using cutout and folded paper which is usually thin paperboard to represent architectural designs.

It is pertinent to acquire proper training and skills before starting this craft. Also, creativity is an important tool that will keep you in the market.


20). Paper Scroll Wall Art:

The paper scroll wall art is used to decorate venues for events. This craft should be made available in different attractive colors and should be neatly done.

This papercraft business idea requires collaborating with event planners and interior designers. Building a strong online presence will also increase your chances of making new clients.


21). Paper Party Treat Bag Business:

Party treat bags are one of the important items at parties. Although it is not common in Nigeria, it is one of the papercraft business ideas with a ready market in many parts of the world. Your target markets and customers are caterers, fast food restaurants, eateries that sell chicken and chips, and the like. More so, you can create and sell your party treat bag without a physical store.

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22). Paper Modelling Business:

Paper models can also be referred to as card models. They are constructed to form various objects mainly from sheets of heavy paper like card stock, foam, or paperboard.


23. Building Superquick Models:

Superquick models are still an untapped business idea but it is one of the papercraft business ideas likely to thrive in Nigeria as the fashion industry expands. Superquick models are a series of printed card kit buildings used mainly for model railways.

Building superquick models are profitable and it requires expertise to get started.


24). Framed Silhouette Arts:

This profitable papercraft business idea is timeless and useful for different purposes. Asides from its beauty and the way it beautifies homes and offices, it can be presented as a gift to loved ones.

You do not need a physical store to sell your framed silhouette art. You can display your craft on your social media pages or on a website.

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25). Paper Straws Production:

The paper straw market is booming daily as various regulations are enacted to restrict the use of plastic straws. Starting this papercraft business will make you stay ahead of the curve since the transition is still ongoing.

Educating customers and prospects on the importance of paper straws is a good way to attract more customers.


26). Paper Table Centrepiece Production:

Paper table centrepieces are often placed on tables for identification in an event or beautification. This business stays relevant because there is always a need to label tables at parties and public events.

You can start creating paper table centrepieces in your home without a physical store. Also, you can sell your paper table centrepiece online.


27). 3D Christmas Trees Production Business:

Although the market for 3D Christmas trees is seasonal, it is huge regardless. If you are creative with the production of paper 3D Christmas trees, you are bound to make money off the business during the festive season.

You would come across various Christmas trees during Christmas, but 3D Christmas trees are always a beauty to behold.

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28). Paper Hats Production Business:

This has to do with creating different shapes of hats for children. However, you can create hats for carpentry work and adults too. Paper hats can be customized for events like birthday parties and festivals. Detail-oriented and creative crafters will enjoy the production of paper hats because it comes with a lot of opportunities in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


29). Geometric Paper Bowls Production:

One thing that distinguishes tables in offices and homes is the use of geometric paper bowls. Pretty Geometric paper bowls add beauty to not only the table but the whole space both at home and work.

If your paper bowls are durable and attractive, you will sell them with ease and get referred to other clients.


30). Printable Arts:

This papercraft requires the use of a printer. You can craft miniatures, paper dolls, and 3D shapes with paper, scissors, glue, and tape. There are websites where you can download printable animal designs for free. You can also create printable templates for your craft.

Printable art won’t get your hands dirty while at it. There are online stores where you can sell your printable art.

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31). Start A Podcast On Paper Craft:

A podcast is an audio program that can be produced weekly, biweekly, quarterly or monthly. It all depends on the owner and the audience. The podcast could be based on content about papercraft or tips that will help crafters become better. You may invite other people to share their craft journey and experience.

You may also choose to use informal language or include a bit of lifestyle in other to keep your audience glued. Best part is that you can start a paper craft broadcast in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


32). Vlog on Paper Craft:

A vlog is a weblog that uses video as its primary presentation format. Vlogs have to do with visuals and audio, which makes it easier to learn papercraft. It is about creating video content on papercraft.

As a vlogger, you can teach your audience how you created a particular papercraft or share your experience.


33). Layered Paper Letter Wall Art:

Layered paper letter wall art serves the same purpose as 3D scrapbook paper wall art, however, it is not as demanding as 3D scrapbook paper wall art. Also, one requires more creativity than the other.

However, the fact that this business idea requires less creativity compared to 3D Scrapbook should not be an excuse for mediocrity. The success of this business idea depends on the ability to satisfy your clients and you can start the business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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To Sum It Up

Building a million-dollar business in the papercraft industry is all dependent on your expertise, creativity, and ability to acquire a lot of customers. Once you can create durable and beautiful papercraft, you will become a sought-after crafter and can also begin to export your craft to other countries.

If you’re looking for profitable paper-craft business ideas to start, you can start with any of the 30+ papercraft business ideas discussed above and incorporate more as your business grows.


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What are your thoughts on these 30+ lucrative papercraft business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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