25+ Valentine-Related Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria Or Africa

25+ Valentine-Related Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria Or Africa
25+ Valentine-Related Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria Or Africa |Iage Source: Pixabay

Valentine’s is a season of celebrating love and sharing gifts in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Everywhere around the world, billions of people celebrate their loved ones in different ways on this day, creating a multi-billion dollar industry for prospective entrepreneurs to take advantage of. The valentine’s season offers a lot of interesting and lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs. While it is a periodic occasion, it could be the start of a successful business.

If you’re looking for business opportunities to take advantage of during the valentine’s season, here are 25+ lucrative valentine-related business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. 

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1). Gifts Delivery: 

Gifts are mediums of cementing the bond of friendship and expressing love. It is the glue that holds relationships together and it never goes wrong to express one’s feelings for others. Gifts, however small, have proven potent in resolving issues because they come from the heart and during valentine, people love to send surprise gifts to their loved ones.

Gift delivery is a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on, as you can build a business delivering gifts to people’s doorsteps on behalf of others. 


2). Photography Business: 

Memories live with us and will only continue when we are no more if they are documented!  Photography is one way of creating lasting memories. It is an art that will remain relevant for a long time. As people make memories during the valentine’s period, they love to capture beautiful moments and preserve them forever.

A photographer can make a fortune from this business. All they need is a good knowledge of this art, moderate startup capital and a great customer service relationship. 

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3). Cake Baking Business: 

In recent times, celebrations of any sort now require “the icing on the cake”. Interestingly, this icing now comes with presenting cakes of all shapes and sizes. People go out of their way to stamp indelible memories into the hearts and minds of their loved ones by giving out cakes to show how valuable the celebrant means to them. Even better, the cakes are now designed in amazing ways to wow the celebrant.

If you want to start a cake-baking business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world, you need to learn the basics, purchase the necessary tools and, of course, have a touch of creativity in your work to amaze both prospects and clients.

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4). Fashion Boutique Business: 

Looking good is good business. During valentine, people love to look their best to make great impressions. Therefore, to make a great fashion statement, they need the right clothes and accessories that fit the right occasion. With the right capital, a suitable location and a good online presence, you’re on the right track to starting this lucrative business. 

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5). Makeup Business: 

The world of makeovers is evolving. The need to look good cannot be understated. Today, people of all ages make a living out of the fashion business both during and outside valentine’s. The best part is you can start this business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world with moderate capital after getting the right creative training.

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6). Date/Event Planning Business: 

Most people who detest poor quality have their events planned by professionals. Events like get-togethers, welcome parties, send-offs and others require proper planning. During valentine, people need the help of professionals to plan small parties, get-togethers or hang out with their loved ones. So, if you have what it takes to plan a hitch-free event, then this might just be for you. 

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7). Wedding Proposal Planning Business: 

‘Love makes the world go round’, so goes the saying. And just as love is a beautiful thing, so also is a well-planned proposal. A proposal combined with a lovely valentine’s outing can make a lasting impression. And some people prefer to surprise their loved ones with proposals during valentine’s.

Pulling off this ‘pleasant surprise’ demands tact to make it memorable. Therefore, people require the help of professionals to ensure the proposal is memorable.


8). Gift Shop Business: 

A gift shop business involves selling varieties of gift items. This business can be a goldmine if the right items are put in place and the store is setup in the right location. During valentine’s and other seasons of celebration, people are often at a loss for what gifts to buy for their loved ones. If you can have these items in your store and also promote them online, you can build a successful business around this in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


9). Valentine Concert and Shows: 

Organizing shows and concerts is another lucrative valentine-related business idea in Nigeria and Africa. Depending on the locale and resources involved, people will love to watch their favourite singers perform during the season of love. 


10). Open a Restaurant: 

A restaurant business thrives across all seasons. But it can equally be a lucrative valentine-related business. During valentine, lovers love to treat their loved ones to special treats at exclusive high-end restaurants, thereby driving up the traffic in restaurants during this period.

Establishing a restaurant in a lovely comfy environment puts the business at a good advantage both during and after valentine’s. With exotic local and foreign dishes, substantial capital and a suitable location, a restaurant is good to go. 

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11). Open an Online Store: 

An online store can be a great valentine-related business. The growth of online businesses cannot be ignored. Today, people find shopping online convenient and relatively easy, and so, an entrepreneur can generate legit income from the comfort of their home. You can open a one-stop shop online for personal and valentine-related items and promote them before, during, and after Valentine in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world


12). Travel Planning Business: 

Valentine’s is another opportunity for travel enthusiasts to explore their interests to visit new places. Similarly, people choose to surprise their loved ones with trips to exclusive towns and countries, and this creates a business opportunity for travel planners.

Individuals with a good knowledge of countries’ travel policies, travel restrictions, and fun locations can make good travel planners. 


13). Transport Business: 

The travel sector is a broad one with a lot of opportunities, but there are more during valentine’s and other festive periods. People travel a lot with several modes of transportation. An entrepreneur with sufficient capital can start a basic transport company to cater to the needs of travellers before, during and after the Valentine festive period across various levels, ranging from the shuttle to interstate travel.

Typical examples are the Uber business and local shuttle taxis. However, this business requires proper licensing and registrations. It is also necessary to get insurance. 


14). Jewelry and Ring Retail Business: 

People now make a statement with accessories and these accessories could also serve as excellent valentine’s gifts. The jewellery business is a high-profit business during the season of love. While this business comes with risks and requires expertise, the profits involved compensate for its demands. 

With sufficient capital in place, you can target the right audience through ads. For beginners, it is advisable to work with veterans in the business to avoid stocking substandard jewellery. 


15). Serenading Business: 

People go the extra mile to surprise their loved ones on their special day. They engage the services of trumpeters to stamp the occasion with lovely memories. So, why not make a living from this and get pleasantly surprised?

For Instrumentalists and others in the field, this business involves minimal resources. One could start a serenading company and employ the services of instrumentalists, writers and singers, among others.


16). Poem Writing: 

Here is a business opportunity for creatives to make money from the season of love. Lovers and spouses sometimes love to gift their loved ones poems expressing their feelings. Since most people are not great with words, they contract this out to poets. 

This business does not require capital. With brilliant poetic skills, one can write amazing poems and get paid handsomely in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world


17). Tour Guide: 

Having a great knowledge of tourist centres can equally make a good valentine-related business idea. Particularly for people who live in tourist areas and old towns with a lot of places of attraction, showing tourists around can make a great source of livelihood. 


18). Ice Cream Production And Retail Business: 

People snack on ice cream at get-togethers, birthday parties, welcome parties, send-off parties, among others. The same is true of valentine’s seasons. Producing ice cream and selling in lovers’ spots, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and much more, can generate a lot of income. 

With moderate capital, adequate publicity and a great physical and online presence, you can give this business the push it deserves and make a fortune.


19). Musical Performance Service: 

Musical groups and bands can make a lot of money from the valentine’s season. They can organize shows or partner with event organizers to participate in valentine’s concerts for a fee. Valentine offers lots of shows and concerts to participate in, so it is a highly lucrative period for musical bands in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world


20). Flower Retail Business: 

This is another lucrative valentine-related business idea in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. People send flowers to their loved ones to show appreciation and express love or wishes among others. The role of a florist includes grooming flowers and making them available for sale. 

Florists can also network with gift shop operators to distribute their flowers and sell them to buyers. 


21). Baby Sitting Services: 

Babysitting is a profitable business during and after valentine’s. On valentine’s nights or during the valentine’s period, couples go to places a lot without their kids. On such occasions, they need the help of nannies and babysitters to keep the kids’ company during the travel period or on valentine’s nights. 


22). Arts Painting Service: 

Professional artists can make money from the valentine’s season. People looking to gift their loved one’s art and paintings. As an artist, your role is basically to paint or design breathtaking artistic paintings that depict different emotions or nature. Such paintings can be put up for sale on digital platforms or local art shops.

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23). Hair Styling Service: 

The hairstyling business is one of the most indispensable businesses during valentine’s. Everyone wants to look their best for the season. As a result, hairstylists are in constant demand during the valentine season. 


24). Hotel Business: 

Before, during and after valentine, the hospitality business is one whose presence cannot be ignored in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. It has been and continues to create a fortune for individuals, societies and countries. So, joining the train of hotel owners can be a profitable venture for you if managed well.

The hotel business enjoys massive patronage during valentine’s for various purposes, ranging from lodging to concerts and shows.


25). Gift Wrapping Service: 

Wrapping gifts can fetch you an income during valentine’s. With a good network, and little or no capital, you can venture into this unexplored business and build an influence in this niche if you can showcase creative wrapping skills on social media.

It is advisable to network with gift shop operators because they are in close contact with people who would most likely need gift-wrapping services.


26). Graphic Design Business: 

Graphic design involves using visual content to communicate messages or solve problems. It can also be a profitable business idea during valentine’s as brands and businesses want to publicize their services; shows organizers need flyers to advertise their program, and much more. 

The need for graphic design is endless in the workspace. If you can indeed combine graphics, words, images and ideas to create a masterpiece, you might have all it takes to start this lucrative business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


To Sum It Up 

Valentine’s can be an interesting season of love but it is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start and grow a successful business. Every February 14th, people need a lot of services to make the annual celebration of love a worthy one for their family or better half. If you’re looking for business opportunities to start during the valentine’s season, here are 25+ valentine-related business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 25+ lucrative valentine-related business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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