35 Profitable Business Idea For The Creative Industry In Nigeria And Africa


35+ Profitable Business Idea For The Creative Industry In Nigeria And Africa
35+ Profitable Business Idea For The Creative Industry In Nigeria And Africa | Image: Pixabay

What used to be known as the creative industry has evolved into new forms across the globe. Creativity has now expanded beyond the basic arts of drawing, writing and painting as motivated by the internet. Skit-making, social media management, and creative copywriting are only a few examples of business opportunities in the modern creative industry.

The Internet is fast becoming the new market for business owners. Most of the profitable business ideas for the creative industry that will be discussed below can be operated remotely without the need for a physical store. These business ideas for the Creative industry is for all creatives regardless of their interest or skill set.

If you’re looking for business opportunities in the creative industry, here are 35 profitable business ideas in the creative industry for anyone to start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). SEO Writing:

Five out of six businesses own a website, so there is a need to optimize their website to reach a wider audience. As a search engine optimization expert, you optimize and analyze websites for the company’s search engine ranking.

To start this creative business idea in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world., you could own a blog or have a portfolio that will indicate your expertise. You can also work with brands and web owners on a contract basis.


2). Designing Stencils:

Detail-oriented creatives will love to explore designing stencils as a business idea. This has to do with creating beautiful stencils for the decoration of walls. However, you can also create stencils for clothing and accessories.

This profitable business idea for the creative business idea is majorly about creating and selling. The designer can sell without a physical store. You can make use of your social media pages or website.


3). Social Media Management:

Social media management has to do with helping businesses, celebrities or organizations manage their social media pages. As a social media manager, you create content for your client’s social media pages and help them engage their followers.

However, you can also add teaching and consultation to your services. You can teach people how to manage their social media pages and generate a lot of income from it in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world..

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4). Graphic Design:

This creative business idea is about creating logos, flyers, posters, and billboards for small business owners and large firms in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.. Graphic designers create a visual identity that will connect business owners with their clients.

A graphic designer needs to possess analytical, creative, technical, and artistic thinking. The thinking process is a determinant of good graphics.


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5). Copywriting Business:

Copywriting is a creative skill that most business owners outsource. Copywriters create great copies for business owners, web owners and so on. The initial interaction that clients have with businesses comes from reading, hence, the high demand for copywriters.

As a copywriter, you can earn as much as $500 to $5,000 per month in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.. It all depends on your skills and network.


6). Language Teaching:

Language teaching is a creative business idea that has to do with teaching a particular language. Second languages position people for job opportunities in other parts of the world. Hence, people are willing to learn more languages as a second language or foreign language.

If you are fluent in a language, you can teach it. You don’t have to teach various languages. You just have to find a creative way of teaching one and creating resources that will guide your students.

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7). Music Teaching:

This profitable business idea for the creative industry involves teaching people the fundamentals of music. Individuals who might be interested in learning music as a career development path make up a market for this creative business. Similarly, you can teach in schools.

It could be how to sing, or how to compose music. The content of the teaching is dependent on the curriculum of the music academy. Whatever the case is, teaching can music is a reliable source of income in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


8). Package Design:

Similar to graphics design package design involves giving a product an appealing outlook to boost sales. A package designer designs labels for products, putting into consideration factors such as the use of the product in question, the target customers, and much more.

Your history and experience as a package designer will create more opportunities for you. So, ensure to create a digital portfolio.


9). Video Production:

Video production describes the act of creating videos for a known purpose for business owners or firms. Videos are an effective way of communicating, informing, and entertaining consumers. They are more convincing than images and textual forms.

You can start video production from the comfort of your home but it is important to study video production and stick to a particular niche. The more experience you get in the business, the wider your clientele will grow in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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10). Craft for Kids:

Teachers and parents get overwhelmed sometimes. Need for crafts to keep kids busy is in high demand. Craft for kids is about creating fun, engaging play items that will keep the kids busy. If you’re excellent at creating crafts from simple materials, this could be a lucrative business for you in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

However, ensure that simplicity is the core of your craft. You may need to learn how to make some crafts that are in high demand.


11. Furniture Upcycling And Repair Services:

This has to do with using the right strategy to fix furniture that is damaged. Most people no longer always trash old furniture. They restore or recycle old into new objects.

As a furniture repairer, you do not only need furniture skills, you need to be confident and creative too. The business also requires your ability to come up with great recycling or upcycling ideas.


12. Opening An Art Gallery:

The art gallery is a place where works of art are displayed for sale. Art galleries are significant components of the creative industry. To open an art gallery, you don’t necessarily have to be an artist yourself. You can buy from artists and display them or invite artists to advertise their works in your gallery. You can also charge people a lower fee for checking and taking pictures with the work of art.

Similarly, you can resell certain artworks, depending on the value of the item in question.

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13). Leasing Musical Instrument:

The rate at which the music industry is rising has made the demand for musical instruments high. Singers and concert organizers will likely not have all the needed instruments and this makes room for the musical instrument rental business

In addition to renting out instruments, you can also teach how to play the instruments. Either way, you stand to generate a lot of profits over time.


14. Coaching:

Coaching is vast. It has to do with having an understanding of a particular subject and then helping individuals that require knowledge in that particular field to find balance through teaching and resources.

The coach needs to focus on a particular niche. You can be a life coach, health coach, relationship coach, business coach, and much more in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


15). Website Development:

A website developer develops a website using computer code. Companies, organizations, individuals, and so on all require websites for their respective activities.

Web development can be done remotely while some firms may require their developer to be present at work. You can also earn $500 to over $10,000 monthly as a website developer in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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16). Photography:

Photography is another lucrative business idea in the creative industry. It requires setting up a studio with a beautiful background and accurate lighting for different kinds of photo sessions. With great cameras and a good computer for editing, you can make impressive photos.

Besides working as a contract photographer, you can also create amazing images for sale on digital platforms.


17). Resume Writing Services:

Resume writing involves helping people write their resumes or rewrite resumes for young professionals. Resume writers also write cover letters and often provide the needed information that will help their clients scale the interview.

As a resume writer, you need to possess good writing skills and be detail-oriented. This lucrative business idea can be done remotely.


18). Event Planning:

This has to deal with planning, and coordinating all kinds of an event for a client. Event planners hold huge responsibility for the success of an event.
As an event planner, you should pay attention to details and learn how to be calm when things go unplanned.

As much as you have a great network, you may not have to worry about getting clients because events are commonplace in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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19). Box Making:

Packaging has taken a new turn. Boxes are not only used for cakes now but also for packing gifts, hair products, shoes, and the likes. Making a handmade customized box for business owners and firms is a creative and lucrative idea.

Before you start making boxes, you need to acquire the needed skills and knowledge through YouTube videos, online classes, physical classes, or consistent practice.


20). Interior Design Business:

Interior designers understand how people relate to design and its physical space. Designers are always learning about design trends to satisfy their clients. Also, a designer may choose to pick a specific niche or combine the two known niches (commercial and residential).

To make your mark in this creative business, it is pertinent to keep learning so you can stay on the radar. Building a strong and powerful online presence will help attract clients in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


21). Baking Services:

There is high demand for baked foods. If you enjoy baking, you should consider this creative business idea. As a baker, there are various things you can choose to bake. If you have the basic knowledge required and enough manpower, you can choose to bake varieties like cakes, bread, dessert, and the likes in any shape or form.

More so, you may choose to use a physical store or right from tout home. Plus, you can sell online or sell to bakery shops around.

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22). Fashion Design Or Clothing Line:

This profitable business idea allows creatives to create their fabulous unique clothes which could be natives, tee shirts, hoodies, polo, and so on. The kind of clothes or materials used is dependent on the creator and the brand.

The clothing line might be a little competitive but once you have a flair for fashion and you are creative about it, you will establish your market and make a lot of profits over time in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


23). Consultancy Services:

Consultants are experts in a specific field who advise a firm or individual. Firms hire consultants to identify a particular problem and teach or supplement the staff. However, a consultant may choose to work remotely.

It is pertinent to pursue excellence so clients can refer you and you can also retain clients. Sharing helpful tips on your personal social media pages will help you stand out as well in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


24). Internet Skit Making:

Skit-making is a new trend in cyberspace. Content makers are smiling at the bank for creating funny and engaging videos. If you can think of funny ideas or act out funny scenes, you can consider skit-making by developing your ideas, writing your scripts, and acting them out.

More so, you need great video editing skills to make your content as short and relevant as possible. Over time, you’ll build enough engagement in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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25.) Blogging:

Blogging involves writing a series of topics on a particular niche that will be published online for your target audience. It requires frequent updates and engagement from readers. You may choose to use informal language if your niche allows you to.

Once you build your audience, you can market your product or other products. A blogger with a huge audience can become an influencer.


26). Painting:

Distinctive features for fine homes and office spaces are about the outlook. In other words, how the office area or home is painted or decorated with paintings. Painting is one of the creative business ideas that do not require a physical shop.

You can establish your presence online and get contracts. If you have a portfolio to show, you’re can make money from painting in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


27). Pottery Making:

While old creative ideas are getting unpopular, pottery is still in high demand. There are a lot of opportunities for pot-making as there are few pottery studios that design and create pots. To get started, learn how to create and design a pot.

More so, you can earn more money by teaching people how to mould a pot and other pottery items in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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28). Website Content Writing:

Most business owners and firms own a website for their brand and there is a need for great content that will communicate effectively to website visitors. However, it is important to know that website content writers are different from website developers.

Website content writers are responsible for the website’s content, while developers create the websites. As a web content writer, your role is strictly to create engaging and informative content for web publications.


29). App Development:

App development is the process of creating mobile apps that will solve a particular problem or meet a particular need. An app developer should aim to meet the user’s needs. You don’t need a physical store or a high capital to start app development.

If you have a laptop and internet access, you can create apps and put them up on Google Play for download.


30). Tattoo Parlor:

The tattoo remains a trendy fashion. Many people are acquiring more than one tattoo, hence the tattoo industry is on the rise with only a few good tattoo parlours to meet the need in Nigeria.

You can also open a tattoo parlour in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. All you need is a physical store as well as the devices for drawing tats. You may also want to consider home service.

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31). Makeup Business:

The market for makeup business is huge even though they are mostly females. If you always make your clients look their best, they will easily refer you to others. Celebrities, actors, models, and so on, are only some of the categories of always in need of makeup services.

What’s more, starting a makeup business requires little capital. Success depends mostly on your ability to satisfy your clients and build a large clientele for yourself.


32). Face Painting:

Face painting is one of the fun activities in parties and carnivals. Starting a face painting business comes with a ready market. All you need is to target the right audience at the right time. Student communities, associations and other youth groups are some of the potential clients of a face painting business. You can also work with models and creative photographers. The opportunities are endless in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


33. Tie And Dye Business:

Tie and dye is the method of creating patterns on textiles by preventing some parts of the fabrics from absorbing dye. This creative business keeps being in vogue and there is a steady increase in its demand.

You can start a tie and dye business from your home without a physical store. You can also leverage social media to showcase your craft.

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34. Knitting:

Knitting involves creating beautiful hand-knitted wear such as gowns, beachwear, and sweaters. The products that can be created from knitting are endless. It depends on creativity, the availability of materials, and knowledge.

You can create a website or digital store to showcase and sell your items. You can also distribute your craft to local vendors and stores at markets.


35). Basket Weaving:

Weaving baskets is an incredibly lucrative business idea because more people now use baskets for decorations. If you do not know how to weave a basket, you can see some tutorial videos on YouTube or read and learn about them.

The best part about starting a basket weaving business is that it is also a fun activity. You can do it as a part-time activity or hobby and make a lot of money from it.

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To Sum It Up

There is no end to the number of opportunities available in the creative industry in Nigeria and other African countries. Success lies in being innovative and solving one problem or another for as many people as possible. If you’re looking for great business opportunities in the creative industry, you can choose from any of these 35 lucrative creative business ideas discussed above. With a great strategy and execution, you can build any of these ideas into a successful business.


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What are your thoughts on these 35 lucrative creative business ideas you can start anywhere in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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