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A few months ago, I decided to start writing about the challenges entrepreneurs in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world face, based on my own personal experience and available market research. The drive led to the first article. One article became two articles. Then 4 articles, 20 articles, 50 articles, and now well over 100 articles.

Today, I feel a stronger drive than when I first started, to constantly add value to a reader’s life and entrepreneurial journey, through writing a new article every few days. The outreach has been amazing, and I’m most grateful to you all for this.

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Your appreciations and encouragements through the daily phone calls, hundreds of emails and thousands of comments, have shown that we’re heading somewhere.

The mere reason that every article goes on to help one or two entrepreneurs facing challenges in their various businesses is enough to continue this journey till every entrepreneur hasn’t just gained valuable information from the blog, but has also succeeded in their various endeavours.

For all these, I say THANK YOU!

It’s not been easy running the blog all alone. Talk less of replying almost every email, comment, and answering every phone call. To those I was unable to reply, I sincerely apologise and will try harder to never leave any email unattended to in the year 2017. If engaging with every single member of the blog would add more value to others who read but don’t comment, I’ll gladly sacrifice more time and put in the effort.

But then again, your influence on the blog did not go unnoticed, because the international community has been watching. And as of today, has been ranked by FeedSpot as the 31st top startup blog on the entire internet. This list is updated weekly. But as of today, is number 31. On FeedSpot Top 100 Startup Blogs On FeedSpot Top 100 Startup Blogs On FeedSpot Top 100 Startup Blogs

I entirely owe this remarkable achievement to every single one of you readers, and I’ll dedicate the year 2017 to ensuring that you don’t just gain great value from reading the blog, but that you also gain some amazing incentives the blog will introduce for regular and new readers.

But then, I need your help to achieve this feat. And so I put out this question to every single member of the blog:


What would you like to do or focus more on in 2017?


Could it be hosting events and workshops? Having live interviews with your role models? Monitoring and writing a periodic list of top performing small businesses in their sectors? Writing about more lucrative revenue models? Or adding something entirely new that would make the blog experience more valuable to anyone who visits?

Your opinions are largely welcome, and together, I believe we can have an amazing 2017!


Please leave your suggestions in the comment box or fill out the short survey below. Every opinion is highly valuable. Thank you!

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