10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start From Your Room

10 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start From Your Room
10 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start From Your Room

Starting a business in the past for any purpose usually involved renting a large office space, hiring a decent number of staffs, paying for unnecessary regulatory proceedings, and a lot more. Irrespective of whether the businesses started were going to be profitable or not, people had to go through these for anyone to take them serious at all, and not tag them as con-men.

While these fund-wasting processes occurred a lot in the past, it is now increasingly getting easier and more profitable to start a home based business than ever before.

People are now more trusting of what they pay for, even if they haven’t seen the individual or product. They believe that they’ll always get their money’s worth, and that it’s easier and cheaper to deal with businesses that can provide efficient services irrespective of their office locations.

If you’re thinking of starting a home based business but can’t seem to come around picking a great idea, here are 10 profitable home based businesses you can start from your room: 

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1). Laundry Services:

A laundry service can be started on a small scale from your home. Since a lot of people don’t have the time to do their laundry; especially men, whom are largely outrightly lazy when the laundry talk gets started, the opportunities the service provides remains vast.

You can start off in your neighbourhood by letting people know you run a private drop off laundry service. To make your offer more appealing, you could make your dry cleaning prices cheaper than other dry cleaners in the neighbourhood, so you can quickly take a good part of the market.

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2). Photography:

Photography is one profession you don’t entirely need to start up from a studio. The freelance photography industry is so large that a lot of individuals especially students, are playing a major role in it.

Some of these photographers are into food photography, newborn photography, wedding photography, family photography, landscape photography, and a lot more, but promote their service through their photography blogs, showing the quality of work they’re capable of.

While some of these aspects of photography may at some point require you own a standard photography studio, some professional photographers don’t, but rather take public stock photos for sale on stock photography websites.

For every time someone buys a photo they uploaded, they get paid. Their sales could also grow to as high as $1,000 to $5,000 a month, depending on the quality of the photos, the emotional connection people have to it, and how it meets a lot of buyers needs.

Some stock photography sites to sell your photos are DepositPhotosDreamsTime, Shutterstock, and several others.


3). Transport Management:

People venturing into the transport leasing business always experience a lot of problems tracking their drivers, ensuring they pay up on a regular basis, and holding them accountable for actions they take that can be detrimental to the vehicles or motorcycles they’re using.

You can take this stress off these car owners by running a transport management business. Here, you’ll not only hire better riders and drivers for your clients, but you’d also manage them, ensure your clients deliverables are always on time, and also offer a transportation management system for them to monitor their vehicles through.

The client ultimately pays per vehicle managed, and if you can manage 100 different vehicles a month, at say, 10,000 Naira monthly, you can earn 1,000,000 Naira recurrently every month.

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4). Event Planning:

The event planning industry in Nigeria is an extremely large one. Every day, an event is happening somewhere in the country with a sizeable number of people present. To setup and execute a standard event usually takes a lot to achieve, and so, people tend to require the services of an experienced event planner (or party planner) with a good track record.

You can venture into this industry by playing a vital role in corporate event planning, wedding event planning, and several other key event planning categories. 


5). On-Demand Food Delivery Service:

The food delivery industry in Nigeria, although new, has kicked off to a great extent. While many are focusing on delivering items ordered from various restaurants, a void has been left in the corporate on-demand food delivery sector.

What largely happens here is instead of people having to head out for lunch on a daily basis, you could offer your services to various companies telling them you can always deliver their lunch packs straight to them every day at a stipulated time.

To make this service worthwhile, you’d have to offer rich meals that are far better and cheaper than what is sold in fast-food restaurants, and ensure you always deliver on time, every time.

For every satisfied organisation, you move on to the next and the next, till you have a wide network of companies you deliver luncheons to everyday.

A local food delivery service is one home based business that can be done without renting a standard office space.

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6). Makeup Artist:

Professional Makeup artistry feels almost like a talent. There’s a reason many ladies are not able to offer the same level of professionalism experienced makeup artists do.

If you have a flare for experimenting with beauty products, you can attend a professional makeup course to hone your skills to perfection, then offer your makeup services, especially for bridal or wedding makeup.

By positioning your self as a professional makeup artist, you can have people inviting you to their homes, offices, and more, to make them up for various occasions and events for a fee. It is even more lucrative if you’re a well known bridal makeup artist, since the pay is usually high.


7). Custard & Pap Production:

The demand for pap and custard in Nigeria is extremely high. A lot of people prepare weekend meals with pap, which is mostly bought from hawkers or people selling baked beans.

You can start a home based business that produces pap or custard, repackage them, and distribute to super markets, stores, and even other traders.

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8). Graphic Design:

Graphic design is one creative business that doesn’t require the founder to leave their home. This home based business is usually just executed from the designer’s computer, then forwarded to the clients via email.

If you have great Adobe photoshop, illustrators, and general computer graphic design skills, you can start up a design agency.

First ensure your online graphic design portfolio is appealing, then you can promote your work and services on graphic forums, partner with web designers, and a lot more.


9). Social Media Marketing:

Any creative individual with a high social media following and engagement rate, can start a social media marketing agency. Your social activity shows to a great extent that you have the ability to consistently follow up a brand’s activity and in the process, build a strong social image for your clients.

Social media marketing is one great home based business you can start from your room. What you need is a rich social media presence and a creative team that can come up with a remarkable social media strategy for any client you take on.

With these in place, you can reachout to a lot of prospects via phone conversations, talk to them about how your team can effectively improve their social media promotion strategy, show them links to some of your works, and offer them a short free trial of your services.

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10). Plantain And Potato Chips Production:

Plantain and potato chips are staple snacks that a lot of Nigerians consume on a daily basis. Plantain chips especially, is one of the most demanded snacks, with a high purchase rate occurring in traffic jams.

You could fry these chips, package them in bulk, then send them out to distributors who would sell them directly to motorists, via vendor stands, supermarkets, and a lot more.

This is one home based business that a lot of people have failed to exploit.


What are your thoughts on these 10 profitable home based business ideas you can start from your room? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Stan Edom
Stan Edom
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  1. Thank you so much for these biz ideas. Please assist to shed more light on the transport management. How do I start?

    • Hi Dami,

      I’ll write an article about it sometime in the future.

      For now, you can do a google search to read more about it.

      Do lookout for my future article.

      Thank you for asking.

    • Buy a bus e.t.c give to a good driver but remember life is risk and in every business there is a risk . so try and no the risk in the business befor you start . thank’s .

  2. I find your articles interesting and informative.I will encourage youth in my neighbourhood to study them, and assist each other in implementing the tips. More grease to your elbow.

    • Thank you for the commendation and effort Ibrahim.

      I truly appreciate them.

      Thank you also for being a blog reader and have a wonderful time!

  3. on custard and pap production I think is a good idea but talking of packaging it how do I go about that? assuming I desire to be supplying it maybe in shops/homes, if in shops/malls don’t you think it will ferment and loose its real thirst? since it has to be fresh for edible intake

    • Hi Dayo,

      I’d suggest you first visit a Custard factory before you commence production.

      This way, you can learn a lot about it before you invest any sum.

      Thank you for asking.

  4. Wow, I find this very resourceful. I will share this and I hope to run something with Stan.

    I work with a team of 44 SMEs, the startups among them would definitely need this.

  5. Interesting write up. Your write-up is always a hit back to back. What I want you to write about now is about delivering of product from one State to another. I have a product that people normally order for in every part of the country but delivering is the problem I am facing. The cost of it is always high. Is there any way I can go about it?

    • Hi Isiaq,

      Have you tried using Ace?

      They’re pretty affordable and very fast.

      They’ll solve your delivery problems.

      And I use them too.

      Thank you for asking and for the commendation.

    • I can partner with U. Enugu.IMO.ABIA.rivers. contact me for delivery services. Pls let Your product must be accepted by security agencies. Thanks. 08154690970, 08061526103

  6. Hi Stan,

    This is a great compilation. Very authentic ways to make money from home. Making money doesn’t have to be difficult if people can surf the internet for helpful guides like the.

    Thanks for giving out yourself to help.

  7. thank you for sharing these tips. I think the plantain chips will work for me. what I don’t know is d life span before it goes bad.

    • Hi Lucy,

      The best way to find out is to visit a local environment where they make the plantain chips to ask questions.

      Given the vast amount of time and years they’ve put into the trade, they’ll give you the best answer.

      Thank you for asking.

  8. God bless you sir. I need ur help. I have ideas but can’t develope it. I studied electrical electronics. My Skills: house wiring. Inverter/solar installation. Computer maintenance and repairs. Electrician services. Pls advice me. Thanks

    • Hi James,

      I’d advice you either find someone who successfully grew a business from this skill to mentor you, or you should work for a company that does this, so you can learn from them.

      Thank you for asking.

      • Hii Stan I will like the laundry service in Abuja,still a bit scared if I can actually do it.need your advice on this.

  9. Hii Stan I will like the laundry service in Abuja,still a bit scared if I can actually do it.need your advice on this.

  10. I want to start up laundry service in Abuja, I have just few idea about it.i will need you too please advise me on how to go about it

  11. I thought opening a home laundry would be so bad for business but after I read your post Mr Stan I feel so motivated. Thank you

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