35+ Lucrative Service Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa

Starting a business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world doesn’t always require a lot of capital or extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship, especially in the service industry. There are many businesses in the service industry which require just trained and sometimes untrained skills. And this industry is so large, which is was why as of 2019, the services industry was worth well over $1 trillion.

With opportunities in various sectors, including professional services, consultancy services, industrial services, non-industrial services, and much more., there is room for almost anyone to start a business in the service sector, irrespective of skills or capital strength.

If you want to start and grow a profitable service business, here are 35+ lucrative service business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Copywriting Services:

Copywriting is a service business idea that boosts brand activities, especially on the cyber scene. Brands and businesses require professional copywriters to curate ad content, newsletters, landing pages, social media content, and much more.

Although you don’t need capital to start this business, you need to learn copywriting skills and make yourself valuable to brands and businesses in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


2). Event Planning:

Events and ceremonies are commonplace in Africa. Virtually every weekend, people hold a series of events including wedding ceremonies, funerals, birthday parties, and conferences, among others.

For proper organization and a hitch-free event or ceremony, event planning is now in great demand across Nigeria and other parts of the world. To build a large clientele, you can leverage the internet and network with other event planners in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


3). Automobile Repair Service:

A service business idea that comes with the growing importation of automobiles in Nigeria is the automobile repair business. Vehicles require both maintenance and repair services after a period of regular use.

To start this business, it is important to be well-trained in automobile repair and get a good site for repair operations.

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4). Plumbing Services:

Plumbing services encompass all pipe works in both residential and industrial buildings. This includes basic pipe repair and maintenance services as well as pipe installation. Plumbing is a service business that requires updated professional skills. Individuals in this line of business require continuous training and practice.


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5). Electrical Services:

Like plumbing, electrical services are an essential service business in high demand everywhere in the world. However, people in this line of business have to be professionally trained because electrical works are high-risk activities that could expose both servicepersons and clients to danger if not well managed.


6). Mobile Phone Repair Business:

Mobile phone repair is a service business that enjoys a lot of patronages in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Mobile phones and other basic gadgets require repair and maintenance services from time to time.

Once you’ve undergone training and have a physical business location of your own, you can engage in mobile phone repair services.

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7). Home Painting Services:

Home painting is a significant part of home design and interior decoration services and is a creative way to reflect the interests and personality of the homeowner. As a skilled and creative painter, you can make beautiful creative designs on clients’ home walls and get paid handsomely for them.

You can also recommend painting styles and ideas for peoples’ homes and offices where necessary.


8). Digital Marketing Services:

Digital marketing involves all forms of selling and buying on the internet, and its growth has driven many businesses to take their products and services online so they can reach as many people as possible.

There are a lot of digital marketing services, whether or not they have a traditional store of their own. You can also make money from digital marketing just by processing orders as a third party.


9). Interior Decoration Business:

Interior decoration is a broad sector with a lot of business opportunities for interested individuals. It involves creating beautiful decorative ideas in homes and offices using basic materials.

Interior decoration ranges from wall art to furniture setup. The wider your scope of operation, the greater your chances of getting more decoration contracts.

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10). Gym Centre Business:

Fitness enthusiasts can also benefit from this service business idea. With some capital in place, you can open a gym and equip it with essential workout tools.

More so, situating your gym facility in a well-trafficked spot in town gives you a good market advantage.


11). Daycare Business:

Starting a daycare business in Nigeria or any other part of Africa requires proper licensing and registration for legal reasons. Plus, it is important to locate your daycare in a busy city with a lot of working-class members.

As you build good referrals over time, you’ll get more clients and generate more income.


12). Makeup Studio:

The makeup studio business is key in many other beauty, events, and entertainment businesses. Photographers, modelling agencies, actors, video vixens and much more all require the services of makeup artists.

Similarly, individuals also need professional makeup for special occasions such as weddings and birthday events. With a large and growing market, the makeup studio business is a lucrative one for skilled entrepreneurs to venture into.

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13). Food Delivery Business:

The continuous urbanization of towns and cities in Nigeria has created the need for food delivery services. While this can be a novel business depending on how you package it, it is one of the service business ideas that have come to stay.

Food delivery personnel can partner with eateries and digital kitchens to deliver meals to end clients. Or they can cook the meals themselves before delivery. Either way, an individual can make a living by just delivering food to buyers across town.


14). Catering Business:

Catering is a service business that has been in existence for a long time but is fast evolving. Unlike the traditional practice in which catering companies would typically wait to get contracts, caterers now make food and snacks and deliver them to buyers anywhere in the town using the services of delivery agents.

However, networking with event planners also puts caterers in a good position in the industry.


15). Dog Walking Service:

Dog walking is one of the most common pet business ideas everywhere in the world. Most dog owners like celebrities and public figures who do not have the time to walk their dogs contract the services of dog walkers.

Dog walking is necessary for proper dog health and to avoid boredom which might cause unruly pet behaviour.

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16). Photography Business:

Although photography has been in existence for decades, it has evolved over the years and is now one of the most lucrative services business ideas.

Gone are the days of waiting to cover events; photographers now make money from several different means, including selling their images online, selling printed images, photoshoots, working with brands and other businesses, and much more.


17). Errand Services:

Yes, there is a modern business in running basic errands. Entrepreneurs, executives, brands and other working-class people often use the services of errand personnel. Such services include basic delivery, shopping, posting and retrieving mail, etc.

You don’t need any capital to start an errand business. All you need to do is register with a reputable errand agency and you’re good to go!


18). Mobile Toilet Rental Business:

As health consciousness increases, members of the public see the need for proper waste collection and disposal, especially at public events. Hence, most high-class events and temporary construction companies now rent mobile toilets.

Although this business could use more attention in Nigeria, it is a lucrative one and it is a way to maintain public hygiene.

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19). Translation Services:

Translation services is a growing service business, and this is easily understandable. International trades and transactions, tourism as well as immigration are some of the occasions that call for translation.

Besides working as a personal translator for an expatriate, you could create a translation app or website where you can offer online translation services or translate movies into other languages.


20). Editing And Proofreading Services:

Internet users, students, brands as well as large corporations, all require professional editing and proofreading services for various purposes, ranging from academic to business. As a proofreader, it is your job to proofread for grammatical, semantic and other errors and to adjust the content to suit the intended purposes.


21). Tailoring Services:

The fashion industry is full of innovative ideas and established fashion houses. Notwithstanding, there is always room for new practitioners. After learning the trade of tailoring with a focus on fashion design, you can set up your brand and make beautiful outfits for clients.

You could also lobby for contracts from schools, hotels, companies and other institutions that require uniforms.

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22). Virtual Assistance Services:

Business executives, officials, and digital brand managers, among others, require the services of virtual assistants to relieve their voluminous workload. With digital tools, virtual assistance is now practical and easy.

Anyone with some time on their hands can delve into this service business, but it is often recommended for students and tech-savvy individuals.


23). Gardening Services:

Gardening is an old service business, but the development in home design and construction has forced massive improvements in gardening as well. Large apartments do not leave their gardening services to just one person with little skill. They prefer professional gardeners.

Hence, you can start a gardening service agency and employ the service of expert gardeners for optimal performance in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


24). Laundry Services:

For most people, laundry is a time-consuming task they would rather contract out to professional laundrymen and women. Starting a laundry business in the busy, heart of town is a good way to position yourself for the existing market.

With sufficient equipment and manpower, you’re good to go.

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25). Graphics Design Business:

Graphics designers are in high demand across all sectors, both traditional and digital. From logo to product label design, virtually every business needs the services of graphic designers.

As a graphic designer, you can also work with content creators and web designers. The opportunities are endless.


26). Car Rental Services:

Car rental is a service business associated with the automobile industry. Immigrants and tourists often need cars for basic transportation as they go about their activities without seeing the need to buy one. This is where car rental becomes important in places like Nigeria, Africa or many other places around the world.


27). 3D Floor Installation Services:

As part of interior decoration, homeowners sometimes prefer creative 3D designs for their floors. 3D designs are products of cutting-edge technology and therefore require the services of professionals to install.

You can work with 3D producers or start a personal installation business. If you can target the right market, you’ll be in business for a very long time.

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28). Resume Writing Services:

Students, graduates, scholars and other categories of career people need great CVs or resumes for different purposes. Resume writing services include writing from scratch, updating or reviewing. Anyone with great writing skills and a good knowledge of CV writing can start this business.

Meanwhile, putting up samples of your work will assure potential clients of your expertise in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


29). Bookkeeping Services:

Bookkeeping is an essential business in the service industry because all businesses, including SMEs and large corporations, need this service. Despite the creation of bookkeeping software tools, bookkeepers cannot be entirely replaced.

You can operate an independent bookkeeping company and work on a contract basis.


30). Car Painting Services:

Auto painting is important. Car manufacturers and auto dealers need painting to increase the face value of their cars before putting them up for sale. Similarly, car owners also choose to repaint their cars after some time to reflect their interests or personality.

With the widespread demand for car painting services, you could start one too in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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31). Software Engineering Services:

Software engineers deliver services like creating websites, mobile and computer applications, and programming software tools. Such tools are needed to make digital tasks possible and easy. Hence, software engineers are always in high demand.

To offer software engineering services, you can work from home but you need to build a strong digital presence and a rich portfolio.


32). Private Coaching And Tutorial Services:

To boost their kids’ and wards’ academic performance, parents and guardians need the services of tutors and academic coaches. This is one service business that is also available to undergraduates and students, and not just school teachers.

With good recommendations and subject mastery, you can make money from private coaching in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


33). Vehicle Towing Services:

Vehicle breakdowns are common occurrences in Nigeria and other parts of Africa due to reasons such as dead batteries, collisions, bad roads and so on. As a result, car owners are left with no choice but to contact tow vehicle companies.

It is recommended to situate your tow vehicle business in a major city where there is massive car traffic.

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34). AC Installation Services:

Homes, hospitals, public buildings, offices, and much more all use air conditioners as a way of regulating the weather. Hence, they require professional AC installation services.

Starting the AC installation service requires training. Plus, you can choose to work with an AC retailing company or start your private company dedicated to AC installation.


35). Vulcanizing Services:

This is a service business that requires very little capital. Across the streets in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, there are workmen known as ‘vulcanizers’ who specialize in pumping and repairing tyres.

This is an essential service and it gets a lot of patronages all across the region.


36). Data Analysis Services:

Data analysis is a major step in research in academia. As a result, researchers are always on the lookout for an expert data analyst who can adequately process and interpret scientific data. However, data analysis requires a deep knowledge of the methods of analysis.

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37). Professional Cleaning Service:

Offices and most homes require the services of professional cleaners. You can set up a business in this industry, reach out to organisations and busy professionals, hire a couple of cleaners and assign them to different clients that require your services.


To Sum It Up

While some service business ideas require a full business registration, many others are easy to start from the comfort of one’s home, thanks to the internet. More so, they mostly do not require a lot of capital and are available to people across different educational backgrounds.

If you want to start and grow a profitable service business, you can choose from any of these 35+ lucrative service business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative service business ideas in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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