How To Rent A Professional & Affordable Office Space In Lagos For Just 15,000 Naira

How to rent an affordable office in Lagos
How to rent an affordable office in Lagos | Image Source: eespace

Renting an affordable office space in Lagos can be a pain in the neck for most entrepreneurs. You’d usually spend a lot of time checking out different locations, assessing various prices, and eventually ending up frustrated because you couldn’t either get a great spot for your corporate work or the prices of all the potential office spaces you found were just too expensive. When looking into an office, you’re going to be planning what will occupy the space you’re about to rent. If your office is big enough, you may find some companies installing a vending machine in a staff room to allow staff to get a hot beverage while on a break. Additions to an office can improve the working environment for employees.

This unfortunate reality every small business owner or freelancer has to go through in finding a great office to carry out their operations, appear professional to their clients, and enjoy the clemency of a quiet and focused environment causes many to continue to work from home, and when meetings come up, they’re forced to either meet up with their clients in public places, or not at all—making them lose both money and credibility.

But with the expensive states of office locations around Lagos, did you know you could rent a highly professional and affordable office for just 15,000 Naira monthly? And best of all, these offices will almost always come with manned Reception Desks, with a personalised service. You’re going to want to make sure that the heating and cooling systems are all up-to-date and don’t’ require any additional maintenance that might hinder on your businesses accounts! It could be worth having a look into a go home heating tankless water heater which is recommended as it’s a hassle free process.

Yes, You heard that right!

The reality of paying for expensive offices comes to an abrupt end if you use the eespace co-working hub. The only downside is the coworking hub is located at Ogba, but if you’re within the Ikeja/Agege/Ogba environs, paying a light fee of 15,000 Naira monthly to get a professional office that’s very standard and would make your clients place a higher value on your worth to their business is one of the best bets you can make.

But then, don’t just take my word for it. Here are some amazing photos of how this extremely affordable co-working hub for new startups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of, looks like:

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The Co-working corner:


The Private Office Corner:


Some other benefits of the co-working hub every freelancer or small business owner must take advantage of are:

  • You enjoy and don’t get to pay for uninterrupted power supply—saving you thousands of Naira you would have spent monthly on generator fuel and maintenance, while not forgetting to mention the fact that you would have spent over 100,000 Naira in just trying to purchase a standard generator set that can power your office and carry your air conditioners.
  • You get to have unlimited, reliable internet access with no data cap, instead of having to pay for internet connection monthly, which could have been anywhere from 10,000 Naira to 25,000 Naira monthly.
  • The co-working hub is in a very strategic business location at Ogba
  • The ambiance and serenity of the co-working hub will make you several times more productive
  • There’s a conference, meeting & seminar room to cover every needs you may have.
  • The air conditioned state of the co-working hub will make your clients feel comfortable
  • The work environment is very colorful and friendly.
  • You get to pay 15,000 Naira monthly to have access to every benefit, which will ensure your business grows faster than it would have.
  • You can rent a private office for you and your team of 5 or more, for just 45,000 Naira monthly.
  • You can pay for a virtual office for 50,000 Naira yearly so you can simply just use it for your meetings.
  • It has an amazing studio for you to shoot professional videos for TV programs, VLogs, or any other purpose. And their voice over service makes creating amazing podcasts a reality for so many people.

The amazing benefits the eespace co-working hub offers small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who don’t have enough money to rent an office but still want to be able to meet with high profile clients in a very professional and affordable environment, makes starting and growing a business very easy and more realistic.

It saves you over 50,000 Naira on monthly expenses which you would have incurred on utility bills, generator fuel & maintenance, monthly internet connection fees, and countless unknown expenses that come up every month while running an office. All these are avoided for just an extremely affordable fee of 15,000 Naira monthly.

Irrespective of the fact that you’re getting free electricity and internet connection 24/7 at the office, it provides a perfect networking opportunity for you, since you’d meet other entrepreneurs who are not just doing different things, but have different business networks and connections.

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To Sum It Up

The eespace co-working is too good to be true, but fortunately, it is. With so much to offer and so much for entrepreneurs to gain financially, professionally, and in many other areas, this co-working hub is the right place for any small business owner, freelancer, or medium sized business to be.

So if anyone tells you that renting an office space in the Ikeja/Agege/Ogba environs is too expensive, remind them that they can get even far more than the benefits they could have gotten from their own offices and also save over 50,000 Naira monthly, by only paying a token of 15,000 Naira monthly at the eespace co-working hub at Ogba, in Ikeja, Lagos.

Indeed, this is a small price to pay for your success!

You can visit the website here and probably book an inspection tour for your own benefit.


What are your thoughts on how to get a professional office in Lagos at the eespace co-working hub for just 15,000 Naira monthly? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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