How to Receive Your Affiliate Income Anywhere Around The World

How to Receive Your Affiliate Income Anywhere Around The World
How to Receive Your Affiliate Income Anywhere Around The World | Image Source: Pexels

The rise of affiliate marketing and the impact it’s having on the financial status of many online marketers has only continued to grow. In several parts of the world, the average affiliate income of the most popular bloggers has risen to about $1,000 a month, with some bloggers earning as high as $100,000 to $500,000 monthly in affiliate income in places like the United States.

These astronomical figures continue to show the prospects that affiliate marketing has for people who want to work from home or organizations who intend to run affiliate programs in a bid to generate more sales from rewarding hundreds or thousands of marketers who join their programs to earn a reasonable affiliate income.

But despite these amazing figures, affiliate marketers in countries in Africa like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and many other places around the world either have few means of collecting their affiliate income or are caught up in a difficult situation when trying to claim their affiliate income.

If you want to venture into affiliate marketing or are already an affiliate marketer, here are the three most common ways to receive your affiliate income.

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1). Payoneer:

A Payoneer card is a debit card tied to a United States bank account that you could use to receive your affiliate earnings and withdraw it anywhere around the world. The Payoneer card is perfect for many people living in countries where Paypal is not accepted, as most affiliate programs that accept Paypal also accept Payoneer cards.

It is absolutely free to get a Payoneer card, and referring a friend to get one earns both you and that friend a $25 free credit to both your cards.

Whether you’ve made up your mind now to venture into affiliate marketing or not, it is important that you apply for the Payoneer card now, since it would take a couple of weeks to get to you wherever you are in the world—including Nigeria—from the United States.

Click here to get your free Payoneer card


2). Paypal:

Paypal is the most popular way to get paid your affiliate income. It is widely used by almost every affiliate program, is the most globally accepted payment processor, and is in full effect in many countries around the world. But despite Paypal having been in existence for over 17 years, they have still restricted people living in so many countries around the world, including Nigeria, from been able to receive money into their Paypal accounts. All everyone in these locations can only do is to simply just send money.

If you’re in any of the Paypal prohibited countries, you can get a Paypal account that can receive money by having someone you know in unprohibited countries to help you create a Paypal account there and send you the login details.

If instead you want to just create a Paypal account right away, click here.

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3). Direct Bank Transfer:

Most affiliate programs do a direct bank transfer whenever they’re making payments in tens or hundreds of thousands of Dollars. If your affiliate income has already risen to this point, then you’re already probably been paid via a direct bank transfer.

In this scenario, you’d have to provide your domiciliary account number, as this is where your payments would be made to. And you’d have to ensure you’re tax compliant for the affiliate program to confidently vet you and ensure they’re also in-line with their local laws when paying you your affiliate income.

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To Sum It Up

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways internet marketers earn money online. Many argue it is the most profitable online revenue stream, while others give credence to its high profits potential to generate thousands of dollars monthly for any online marketer. But while many aspire to make money from affiliate marketing, they have no clue on how to receive their affiliate income.

This article shows three ways affiliate marketers can receive their affiliate income and can be a yardstick to gathering the information you need on affiliate marketing.

If you’re still in doubt or not, it’s better you apply for a free Payoneer card now. Since it would take a couple of weeks to get you, you could have fully made up your mind on whether you’re going to venture into affiliate marketing or not by then.

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What are thoughts on these 3 ways to receive your affiliate income in Nigeria or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Nice to know Stan. I have some of my family members in the USA that could help me open a paypal acct. My question is won’t paypal block me if I login in a different country with a different IP address?

    • Hi Joshua,

      No they won’t. Although you’d be required to verify your identity from time to time with a US phone number, which should more likely be your relation’s.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. Hi Bro Stan, i appreciate your kind gesture in making sure we get the latest and real info about online and offline marketing strategies, Mr Stan i respect you. also i want to let our readers all over the nigerian that are here on this platform, the info you read here are authentic,. i have gotten my own Payoneer card and is real. follow the process and you will have yours

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