7 Reasons Every Small Business Should Hire A Social Media Manager

7 Reasons To Hire A Social Media Manager | Image Source: Pexels

Most Nigerian, African, and other businesses around the world still don’t understand the importance of social media marketing. They believe that just positioning their business, or to be more specific, renting a store in the right environment would always guarantee their sales numbers continue to grow.

The truth is the offline market is dwindling and the competition is now going online.

Today, billions of people around the world spend their days on social media. They go online to do everything from gossiping to reading news, checking out the latest trends, and in the process, finding out what their favourite brands are up to.

The social media market is too large to be ignored, and taking it on can be really difficult for an inexperienced small business owner.

From wanting to find more customers, growing your sales, building a reputable brand image, hiring great employees, and more, here are 7 reasons every small business needs to hire a social media manager:

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1). More Time To Grow Other Critical Parts Of Your Business:

Social media will eat up a lot of your time. A whole damn lot! So planning your approach to it must be very strategic.

While you want to give your business a strong social media presence, you also want to ensure that the current way you gain more customers remain intact, the way you build relationships with your clients remain unchanged, and no matter how much time or effort is dedicated to your social media plan, your business revenues continue to grow steadily.

To achieve this, the best course of action is to hire a social media manager. An experienced one will prepare a good social media strategy for you, execute as stated in the plan, and in the process, bring far more value than you presumed to your business, while you focus on building every other part of the business.


2). Boost Your Brand Image:

Reputable companies like Jumia, Konga, MTN, and the likes have built a strong reputation on social media. Many other small businesses are not left out, as more people have to come to know and trust them because of their influence on social media.

By hiring an experienced social media manager to manage your company’s online presence, your brand would be promoted in front of the right audience and depending on how experienced the social media manager is or not, your brand’s image could have a tremendous boost and someday become a household name.

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3). Find You More Customers:

As you promote your business online, more people will come in contact with your brand, and the perception your promotions carry will determine if they convert into paying customers.

Converting people who encounter your brand online is no easy feat, and for this, you need an experienced social media manager to help you through it.


4). Communicate Better With Your Customers:

Social media gives you the power to talk to your customers in their comfort zone. It could be through direct messaging with customers that have inquiries or complaints, making frequent timeline posts that send a valuable message, or even communicating with them on Instant Messengers like FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

People don’t just want to be listened to, but also want to know their opinions matter. When you talk to your customers and make them feel heard, welcome, and important, you’d slowly cause your customers to build an emotional connection with your brand, and in the process, turn them into loyalists.


5). Grow Your Sales:

In the hands of the right social media manager, your online sales could record amazing revenue growth, remain the same, or fall apart.

Proper social media marketing can be an invaluable tool for small business owners to use to grow their income without spending so much on advertisement and more. To achieve this, handing the task over to a brilliant social media manager is key to hitting your targets and transforming your business as you know it.

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6). Find Amazing Employees:

Social media is another place to find amazing employees. Ideally, the first place to start would be LinkedIn. Here many individuals list their skills, length of experience, and much more. Some also engage with the network and in the process show off what they’re made off.

By leveraging social media as a tool to facilitate growth in your business, you can find and hire great employees you’ve been looking for without having to put out a newspaper advert or the likes.

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7). Kill The Competition:

Your social media plan if executed well can kill the sleeping competition. Period!

With so many businesses having a lackadaisical attitude towards taking their businesses online and building a strong social media strategy that will facilitate their growth, you can get far ahead of them by using an experienced social media manager to steal a lot of their customers before they realise they’ve fallen behind in the market.


What are your thoughts on these 7 reasons every small business should hire a social media manager? Let me know by leaving a comment below.