18 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria, Africa, Or Worldwide

18+ Realistic Ways To Make Money Online
18+ Realistic Ways To Make Money Online | Image: Pixabay

Starting a regular brick-and-mortar business is not a great option for everyone because of the physical presence required to make it work and grow. But online businesses on the other hand remove all those barriers.

The presence of the internet has created a lot of opportunities that were nonexistent some decades ago. More so, the internet has significantly bridged the gap between businesses and their customers, causing the marketplace to widen beyond expectations and also helping even traditional companies to advance their businesses.

Perhaps, the best part of some small scale online businesses is that they are open to all and require little capital to start up.

So, if you’re looking to start a side hustle or a full-time online business of your own that will work, here are 18 realistic ways to make money online:

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1). Copywriting:

Copywriting involves creating written content for marketing and advertisement purposes. Brands and large businesses understand the need for copy to convince their potential customers and ultimately drive sales.

Copywriters all across the world generate a lot of money working with big brands and SMEs.

For the most part, you don’t need substantial startup capital to enter into the copywriting business. However, you need to acquire the necessary copywriting skills, have a computer, a working internet connection, and sign up on freelance websites like Fiverr.


2). Social Media Management:

The digital space is literally becoming the new living space. People now spend more time on the internet than anyone would have considered possible decades ago and as a result, smart brands and businesses hire the services of social media managers to help them take their products and services there too to meet their market where they hang out.

This is where social media managers come in to play. They are experts who manage a brand’s activities on the internet. They create and post relevant content, engage followers, study the behaviour and preferences of the clientele and make viable decisions.

To make money from social media management, you need to be skilled, creative and versatile with various social media platforms and digital tools.

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3). YouTube Vlogging:

Vlogging is one interesting way to make money online. For example, you could start a YouTube channel and make engaging videos on topics you’re passionate about.

Other platforms where you could take up vlogging are Instagram and TikTok.

You could start vlogging with just basic gadgets such as your mobile phone, a camera and a laptop for quality editing. The more engaging your posts, the higher your chances of building a great fan base which could lead to you generating funds and securing sponsorship deals.


4). Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a third-party system of selling products through referrals. It is a performance-based marketing method of earning commissions for every referred customer that buys the product in question been traded.

To make the best of affiliate marketing, you need a website or platform that generates large traffic. Once you can reach a wide audience you place ads or content on the platform to promote the goods you’re selling for a commission in return.

Each time someone buys through your link, you earn a commission.

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5). Dropshipping:

In simple terms, dropshipping involves shipping goods from the supplier directly to the end-consumers. It is like the traditional retail service, but, in this case, you don’t have to stock or handle the products.

Once the client completes the order, you forward the order information to the vendor who ships to the buyer.

Dropshipping is a way to bridge the gap between buyers and vendors. To start a dropshipping business, you need a good website where people can make orders. You put up products available at vendor shops you network with and process and deliver the purchase when someone makes an order.


6). Digital Marketing:

The digital marketing business is wide, with various sections like SEO marketing, E-mail marketing, and more. To get started, you could focus on any sub-section that suits the products you sell.

But then, you don’t need to have a physical office to start a digital marketing agency. You could sell your services online directly for recognized businesses in your region and make a full-time business of it.

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7). Graphics Design:

Visual designs appeal better to web users than words, especially when the aim is to persuade them to take an action. To this end, graphics design is a lucrative way to make money online as online brands and more are constantly looking for designers to create engaging content for them.

While it takes no exact capital to start, you’d still need to get a computer, internet connection, and thousands of hours of practice to enable you be creative enough to deliver on jobs given.


8). Photography:

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a studio to start a photography business. Photography is now one of the top-rated skills for making money online.

It doesn’t matter where you are! As long as you can create high-resolution images, you can put them up for sale on platforms like Shutterstock and also promote your creative works on social media to draw the attention of brands for possible partnerships.

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9). Online Tutoring:

With the advent of the internet, learning has become easier and more learner-oriented. With free tools such as Google Meet and Zoom, you can organize effective real-time classes. These platforms support both audio-visual and textual conversations among people separated by distance.

Companies and brands already use them for conferences, negotiations, and other vital meetings. You could use them to organize advanced classes on skills that benefit lots of people and have them pay to enrol.

You can also create and sell course on platforms like Udemy.


10). Content Creation:

Content creation comes in various forms, which are all realistic ways to make money online. Common content created include comedy, product reviews, musicals, motivational posts, and more.

First, identify a niche you have a natural talent for and setup an account on a platform that can expose you to a large audience looking for the content you have to deliver.

Content could be textual, video or audio. It just has to be in the format that your intended audience will find easy to consume.

When you build a large follower base, you can earn income from advertisements, selling merchandise, and much more

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11). Selling On Online Marketplaces:

Selling products on popular online marketplaces is an effective way to make money online on a regular basis.

Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Jumia and Konga in Nigeria have built a reputation and a large clientele. You can capitalize on the popularity of these platforms to sell your products to their network and get consistent sales.

Moreover, you don’t need to have products of your own before you can start trading. You could agree with several local vendors and put up their products on Jumia or Konga.

After each sale, you get your commission. No hassles involved.


12). Blogging:

Blogging passes as a hobby but it is one of the most realistic ways to make money anywhere you are. It is less demanding than operating a website but could be equally financial rewarding. All you need to is set up is a simple user-friendly WordPress blog.

After this, create engaging posts and as your subscriber base grows, you can earn income from ads, online courses, professional services, affiliate marketing, and much more.

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13). Proofreading And Editing:

If you have a great talent for checking and correcting grammatical errors, you could start a proofreading and editing service on a freelancer platform and make money online.

Proofreading and editing involve checking content for errors that make it difficult to understand for the readers. You could also proofread web content for web owners and get paid for it.

Proofreading and editing requires a great deal of proficiency and skill.


14). Professional Consultancy:

Starting a digital consultancy service can be a great way for you to make money online.

Professional consultancy describes the service of rendering expert advice in a particular field or discipline. Consultancy services include career advice, business tips, relationship matters, academics, jobs, and other key parts of business society, and life in general.

To start a consultancy service, you need to select a niche where you have a lot of experience. You can then next set up a website or social media account where people can book your services.

To convince people of your expertise, you need to show proof in the given field. Client testimonials, certifications, conferences attended, researches conducted, courses learned, and more are vital information that can earn you public trust.

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15). Influencer Marketing:

Social media influencers are people with very large follower numbers who are popular for many random reasons, whether meaning full or not. Sometimes the followers of a social media influecner can run into millions or hundreds of millions.

Large corporations and brands, as well as SMEs, depend on social media influencers for massive ad reach. According to statistics, some marketers spend as much $100,000 to $500,000 on influencer marketing per year. While some others spend millions of dollars yearly.

To make money from influencer marketing, you need to build a lot of social media followers. Identify your platform of interest, and grow it with engaging content and other strategies. When you’ve gained enough audience, brands and marketers will come to you for ads and sponsorship deals.


16). Starting A Podcast:

If you have great oratory skills and a great skill or knowledge to share, creating podcasts might be a remarkable way for you to make money online. Instead of reading texts on a blog, some people prefer to listen to engaging audio content.

To get started with podcasts, create an account with a podcast host site. Identify your niche of interest, create relevant and engaging content and publicize your podcast channel. Over time, you’ll build a large audience and take up paid ads besides funds generated through traffic.

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17). Software Development:

Software developers are in high demand in the digital space, and that means literally everywhere! They developing web applications, mobile applications, various software tools, and much more as required by their clients or society.

If you’re a skilled software developer, you can market your service on freelance platforms, build a solid track record, and earn more income consistently from various projects.


18). Cryptocurrency Trading:

Cryptocurrency is the future of the global finance industry. Several countries and industries have adopted, and continue to adopt the use of crytocoins for daily transactions.

Like every other finance activities, trading cryptocurrency involves a level of risk and requires solid technical know-how of the industry.

Notwithstanding, crypto trading remains one of the most realistic ways to make money online and is open to all.

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To Sum It Up

The digital space has expanded a lot to accommodate many diverse legitimate and realistic ways of making money online. By making the best use of these opportunities and growing them into a full-time business or side-hustle, you can be generating substantial income online.


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What are your thoughts on these 18 realistic ways to make money online in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere else around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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