35+ Lucrative Interior Decoration Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa

35+ Lucrative Interior Decoration Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa
35+ Lucrative Interior Decoration Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa | Image: Pixabay

Tastes in interior decoration have evolved significantly from what they used to be many decades ago. Homeowners and real estate investors have introduced several innovative decoration ideas to suit their personalities, align with their moods, prep them psychologically for work and reflect their status.

As a result, more services are now needed in homes and office setups. These services have created a lot of business opportunities in the interior décor industry, and the sector is yet open to more. In 2020, global interior design was worth over $150 billion and is expected to reach well over $250 billion by 2027. This is a clear indication of the continuous growth and immense business opportunities lying in wait in the industry.

If you’re looking to join the interior design market, here are 35+ lucrative interior decoration businesses to consider in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Home Painting Services:

Home painting is a good place to start for individuals hoping to delve into the interior design industry. It is one of the most fundamental interior decoration business ideas that home builders and homeowners cannot do without in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

The best part is home painting doesn’t require any capital to start. An entrepreneur can start by networking with the right set of people and getting contracts. With time, they could expand their business to allow for more servicemen and painters.


2). Interior Space Planning:

Homeowners do not always have the luxury of time to brainstorm how exactly to go about their interior space design and decoration. Most homeowners have a vague idea of what they want and the factors to put into consideration. Hence, they prefer to communicate their ideas to professional interior space planners who can help them bring them to life.

To earn the trust of potential clients in this business, you need to build a public portfolio and mostly first work with personal recommendations from stakeholders in the industry.


3). Wallpaper Retail Business:

Wallpapers bring an extra presence to the interior space of any room. They are commonly used in offices, sitting rooms, corridors, public buildings, and much more. Hence, the business of retailing wallpapers enjoys patronage all year round.

An interested investor or entrepreneur can target supermarkets, art shops and local markets or take the wallpapers directly to offices and homes as well as other places where they are in high demand.

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4). Interior Lights Sales Installation Services:

Lights are a major component of interior decoration. They add a touch of ambience to any space they are used. Lights are equally used to set the mood in homes, offices, halls and much more.

Lights come in different forms including ceiling lights, chandeliers, track lighting, pendant lighting and so on. Each of these light types requires professional installation, maintenance and replacement services. An interested entrepreneur could start light installation services after acquiring the skills and technical know-how.


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5). Tiles Installation Business:

Tiles installation is a special-skill business that requires a lot of dexterity and time resources. Although it requires training, installing tiles is a vocational skill that anyone can learn within a short time.

To make the most of this interior decoration business idea, it is important to network with building constructors for regular contracts. You could also undertake tile removal and replacement services.


6). Home Office Setup Business:

With the growing number of remote workers on the labour scene, there is enough proof to suggest that employers now encourage their workers to work temporarily or permanently from home.

For high productivity, remote workers need comfortable office space in their homes. You can start a home office setup business that caters to this. The market is rapidly growing and it holds a lot of prospects.

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7). Decorative Flower Retail Business:

The demand for flowers in offices, homes and at events like weddings, conferences, and more, makes retailing decorative flowers one of the most viable interior decoration business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

In addition to artificial decorative flowers used over a long time, you can also deal in natural flowers for grooming or special events.


8). 3D Floor Installation:

3D floors are groundbreaking floor designs in the interior décor industry. They are beautiful and used in high-end homes and luxurious apartments. Installing 3D floors is a lucrative way to make your mark in the interior decoration industry.

With foundational knowledge and networking with the right clientele, you can make a lot of income from 3D floor installation.


9). Furniture Sales And Setup Business:

Furniture makes up an essential part of the interior setup of any room, ranging from residential apartments to commercial buildings like hotels and offices in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

Setting up furniture goes beyond the services of a carpenter. It requires careful organization and a good sense of alignment to ensure that the pieces of furniture make a comprehensive whole in the apartment.

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10). Ceiling Design And Installation Business:

Another lucrative option in the interior design industry is the ceiling design business. It is one of the high-skilled interior decoration business ideas available, but it enjoys constant patronage since ceilings are necessary.

Ceilings can now be styled and this adds a creative dimension to ceiling installation. An interested investor or entrepreneur can employ the services of trained personnel for this business and make a lot of profits in no time.


11). Floor Mat Retail Business:

Floor mats are not just used for removing dirt from the soles of shoes; they complement the beauty of the home and bring comfort to the feet. Homeowners prefer to install mats at their doorposts, bedrooms, sitting rooms or the entire apartment.

You can start a floor mat retailing business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world with little capital and low risks.


12). Mattress Retail Business:

While mats are optional items for comfort and decoration, mattresses are indispensable items in homes, hospitals, hotels, and much more. Selling mattresses is an interior decoration business idea open to anyone with adequate capital.

On the other hand, a buoyant investor can start a mattress-producing company in any town or city in Nigeria.

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13). Kitchen Cabinet Installation Business:

Kitchen cabinets can be styled to lift the face of a kitchen to reflect the class and style of the homeowner or hotel as the case may be. Organizing and installing kitchen cabinets can be a lucrative business with a lot of patronages if you target the right market.

You can also add production and sales of cabinets to boost your market chances or work with cabinet makers in the industry.


14). Curtain And Drapery Sales And Installation Business:

Curtains and drapery can be styled in several different ways to beautify the home, hotel, hospital, conference room or any other place where they are needed.

You can start a professional drapery sales and styling business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. They are available in different types and prices for everyone. Hence, the market is not limited to the elite class only.


15). Interior Decoration Consultancy Business:

Deciding on what elements should go into the interior decoration setup could be a teeming process for many homeowners to undertake. So, they often resort to seeking help from interior decoration experts.

If that is you, you can start an interior design consultation agency in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world and offer vital tips and advice on how people can set up their homes.

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16). Interior Décor Blogging:

Blogging is a versatile, yet inexpensive hobby that anyone can turn into a lucrative business, and the same applies to interior decoration. Interested parties in the interior design sector can combine blogging with any other interior decoration business ideas.

Blogging involves creating content around interesting and educative topics to engage the attention of the public.


17). Painted Arts Collection And Retail Business:

Collecting and selling painted wall art is one of the sophisticated but highly lucrative interior decoration business ideas in Nigeria. Painted arts and artefacts are exquisite materials used to beautify the home or any public space.

With sufficient capital, an interested investor can open an art gallery and retail them to homeowners for interior décor.


18). Room Dividers Production And Retail Business:

Room dividers are screens, fabrics or furniture used to segment a room or space into two or more places. They can be made from several materials, including drapes, bamboo, screens, furniture, and much more. Room dividers can also be used to add a touch of exquisiteness to an apartment.

Retailing room dividers is an excellent lucrative interior decoration business idea that requires little technical know-how.

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19). Kitchen Setup Services:

The kitchen is almost as important as the sitting room or patio in terms of appearance. It also represents the class and style of the homeowner. More so, professional kitchen setup services are needed for proper comfort while cooking.

As a professional kitchen setup expert, it is your role to help clients organize and set up their kitchens


20). Mosaic Art Making And Retail Business:

Mosaic art is a type of art made by arranging and glueing small materials such as papers, corks, stones, glass, and more to form the shape of any intended item.

Mosaics can be made into beautiful wall hangings for homes, offices, etc. Making and retailing mosaic art is an art-related interior decorative business, and enjoys great patronage from art lovers.


21). Mirror Installation Business:

Decorative mirrors and glasses contribute to the ambience of apartments. There are a lot of fancy mirrors with great designs that draw attention. They can be installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, public restrooms, corridors, and in other places.

Most mirrors are not just for hanging on walls but require special installation services, which creates business opportunities for the personnel involved. Starting a mirror installation business doesn’t require so much capital once you’ve acquired the basic skills.

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22). Home Gym Setup Business:

Although it is not entirely decorative in purpose, the home gym can also be styled to suit the personality of the homeowner. This includes setting up the gym and organizing it to suit its purpose.

As An interior decoration expert, you could add this service to any other interior decoration business and make a lot of income from it.


23). Create A DIY YouTube Channel:

On certain occasions, homeowners choose to undertake minor decoration projects on their own. A smart entrepreneur could still build a business out of this. With the aid of social media platforms such as YouTube, you could create DIY videos targeted at this audience.

As viewers learn how to do basic decorations from your channel, you get paid for engagement and traffic. It is also a way to build public trust in the industry.


24). Picture Framing Business:

As part of the interior decoration project, some homeowners like to have pictures of their achievements or special moments in their lives framed and hung on the wall of their homes or offices.

Starting picture framing is an inexpensive business but it is an interior decoration business with great prospects in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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25). Trophy Shelf Installation:

Trophy shelves are unique shelves where people store their collection of plaques, trophies and medals. As a trophy shelf installation expert, it is your job to recommend suitable shelves for peoples’ collections of plaques and to see to their installation.


26). Overall House Repair Services:

Repair services are needed by homeowners and real estate developers who have to renovate a building or see to its overall interior décor before putting it up for sale. The aim is to conduct basic repair services in order to lift the face of the apartment and increase its value.

Service personnel in the interior décor business can combine this business with any other interior decoration business ideas in Nigeria.


27). Bathtub Installation Services:

There are several types of bathtubs, ranging from generic tubs to soaking and acrylic tubs. They come in various sizes and sophistication, and therefore, require the services of professional installation experts.

With the growth in the construction of modern houses, hotels and relaxation centres, the bathtub installation business is one interior decoration business bound to enjoy continuous patronage.

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28). Window Shutters Retail And Installation Services:

Window shutters are often used as a replacement for window blinds. They are made from a series of materials, including wood, vinyl and fibre. While some shutters are louvred, others are made layered with panels and boards.

As a window shutters installation expert, it is your job to advise homeowners on what specific shutters suit their interior decoration.


29). Nursery Setup Services:

Families with kids require a special room or section for their babies. Whether the nursery will be set in a separate room or the same room as the parents depends on the homeowner’s discretion.

A typical baby nursery requires essentials such as a crib, crib sheets, a mattress, and so on.


30). Pet House Setup Business:

Pets can be important family members and require a separate space for sleeping and other pet activities. While most pet owners build their pet houses in the yard, many others prefer to build their pet space right in the home.

This makes a pet house setup necessary. As more people continue to adopt and keep pets, the need for pet houses will increase over time, thereby creating business opportunities for interested individuals.

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31). Decorative Pillows Production Business:

Throw pillows are small comfy decorative pillows placed in sitting rooms, bedrooms or private offices. Beyond giving comfort to the users, decorative pillows are used to add colour to the room. They contribute to the interior texture and atmosphere of an apartment.

The toss pillow production business is an interior decoration business that can require little capital to start up.


32). Patio Decoration Services:

Although it is situated outside, a patio or veranda is a core part of the apartment. Designing the patio and veranda contributes to the overall decorative value of the home. As an interior decoration professional, you can undertake patio design.

This interior decoration business involves decorating the patio with elements such as lights, flowers, vases, and much more.


33). Wall Arts/Painting Business:

This interior decoration business idea involves making handmade or drawn art on walls. Painting is different from hanging painted art on the wall. It is one interior decoration business that requires artistic creativity.

If you’re great at making wall art, you might as well take up the wall art business and make interesting art on home and office walls.

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34). Boudoir Decoration Business:

Boudoir or bedroom decoration describes the overall beautification, organization and setup of a bedroom. It is a special form of interior decoration because it incorporates some other decoration ideas and practices.


35). Makeup Shelf Retail And Decoration Business:

The makeup shelf is an important part of women’s bedroom setup. It requires special decoration to not only store and arrange the makeup kit but also to reflect the personality and taste of the owner.

Therefore, retailing and setting up a makeup shelf is a highly lucrative business that never runs out of patronage.


36). Paint Retail Business:

Investors with sufficient capital can choose to delve into the paint retail business because they are essentials in the interior décor industry. Whether at home, office, hotels or other industrial buildings, paints are in high demand in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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To Sum It Up

The opportunities in the interior design sector are endless for investors who can be creative with ideas and strategies. More so, there is no end in sight to the patronage as people continue to appreciate beauty and aesthetics both at home and work. If you’re looking to make your mark in the industry, you can start with any of the 35+ innovative interior decoration business ideas discussed above in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative interior decoration business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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