4 Reasons Stay-At-Home Moms Should Learn How To Trade Forex

4 Reasons Stay-At-Home Moms Should Learn How To Trade Forex
4 Reasons Stay-At-Home Moms Should Learn How To Trade Forex

Over the past decades, currency trading has so much evolved to a point where anyone can now trade online. This eliminates the need to register as a bureau de change agent in Nigeria or to obtain some special permits to trade currencies in any country around the world.

The online foreign exchange (forex) market, due to its volatility and liquidity, is the largest financial market in the world. It is 100% run online, and every day, over 5 trillion dollars is traded on the platform.

Initially, the forex market used to be preserved for highly-financed individuals and multinational companies, but with increased globalisation and open fairness to all, the market has since been made available to the average trader, and thousands of them make hundreds of dollars daily.

If you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom or individual and don’t know what to do with so much time passing by, here are 4 reasons you should learn how to trade forex:

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1). You Can Start With A Small Amount Of Money:

Unlike investing in stocks and other types of capital markets, you can start trading forex from as little as $25. Starting small with small sums gives you room to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Some forex brokers would also offer you a free $100 to start trading with, before you even put in your money. They understand that new traders are prone to losses, and so, are always willing to bear these losses on their behalf.

The financial accessibility of the forex market to small and large investors makes it a lucrative front to venture into for stay-at-home moms or individuals.


2). You Don’t Need A University Degree:

Unlike several other types of jobs that require you have a university degree or must have acquired a certain certificate after completing a course, trading forex is entirely different.

What you need is to either learn in a forex training centre or by yourself online, then you register with a forex broker and trade with a demo account till you’re convinced you’ve learnt enough to risk real money.

To do all these, you’re not required to have previously seen the four corners of a school wall.

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3). There’s No Need To Report To An Office:

One amazing benefit of trading forex is you don’t need to leave wherever you are. It can be traded from anywhere in the world, even from your bedroom.

The flexibility in trading forex gives you more time for your family and friends. It also gives you room to try out an extra side hustle without the fear of jeopardizing your current income.


4). You Get To Make Extra Money:

Learning how to trade forex is a big step to making extra money, no matter what else you do. Your level of experience in the trade, coupled with your personal goals and objectives, will determine how far and well you go in the venture.

The amazing part about forex trading is you can make a profit no matter what direction the market is going. This is in direct contrast to the stock market, where you can only profit when your stock’s worth goes up.

For stay-at-home moms or individuals, taking care of the children, doing the house chores, and still making money on the side is a big advantage of learning how to trade forex.

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What are your thoughts on these 4 reasons stay-at-home moms or individuals should learn how to trade forex? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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    • Hi Moses,

      There are a couple of Forex trading companies in Nigeria.

      A google search will show you some.

      Thank you for asking.

  1. I started Forex trading in March 2017 with $2,000 it was so amazing and grew to $3,300 in after 14days of trading. The bitter part however was that I lost everything in one day due to lack of experience. Now to go back into it is scary. I kindly need advise.

    • Hi Eniola,

      I’d advice you attend a professional Forex training school and have a re-run at learning all over again.

      Also ensure you trade with a demo account for a long time till you’re certain you’re completely sound.

      Lastly, some forex companies do trade on behalf of others, once you deposit your money with them.

      You can get more information from professional forex training schools.

      Thank you for asking.

    • Hi Chima,

      The first step is to attend a forex trading school.

      A google search will show you many prospects.

      You’ll learn everything you need there.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. Can u recommend a good forex trading school in Lagos? So as not to get mixed up wit d wrong ones. Tank u.

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