How To Start A Lucrative Organic Fertilizer Production Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

How To Start Organic Fertilizer Production In Nigeria Or Africa: Full Guide
How To Start Organic Fertilizer Production In Nigeria Or Africa: Full Guide

Organic fertilizer production in Nigeria is a growing industry because of the widespread clamour for increased agriculture in the country, and the government’s efforts to promote local content development over imported brands.

Beyond just the clamour for widespread agriculture, there are rising concerns over the side effects of various inorganic chemical and synthetic products, causing the demand for organic fertilizer use to grow rapidly.

Presently Nigeria consumes over 7.5 million metric tons of fertilizer annually, but only like 30% of this is said to be organic.

With the high sensitization on the importance of organic fertilizer, there is a constant increase in the consumption of organic compost over the chemicalized ones.

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What Is An Organic Fertilizer? 

Organic fertilizer is manure which contains a significant amount of biological material, plant and animal residues, and waste material.


What Is Organic Fertilizer Production About?

This is the process by which organic fertilizer is made. Organic fertilizer is usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals. 

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Business Opportunities In Fertilizer Production

The primary business opportunity in organic fertilizer production is crop growth and soil enhancement as organic fertilizer helps to improve soils with a low nutrient level of depleted nutrients. It also helps increase the crop yield and the quality of the produce the farmer yields.


Facts And Benefits Of Organic Fertilizer

  • Organic fertilizers improve soil structure
  • It is near impossible to overuse and harm plants
  • Organic fertilizers are renewable and environment-friendly
  • Organic fertilizers promote natural nutrient storage mechanisms in the soil.
  • Organic fertilizers help prevent erosion
  • Organic fertilizers increase production output
  • Organic fertilizers contain varieties of minerals and vitamins
  • Organic fertilizers help the soil remain moist and save water
  • Organic fertilizers ensure slow but steady growth

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Types Of Organic Fertilizers

There are three major types of organic fertilizers. These include:

1). Dry Fertilizer:  

The application of this fertilizer comes in both in-ground gardens and container-grown plants. These types of fertilizers generally encourage long-term growth in seedlings, transplants, and crops.

2). Liquid Fertilizer: 

These fertilizers are nutrients in the form of liquid. They sometimes additionally use a form of binding agent to help the plant in question better absorb them. These fertilizers could be poured onto the soil surrounding the plant so that the roots can easily absorb them, or they could be sprayed on the leaves instead.

Liquid fertilizers are considered suitable for plants that are rapidly growing and should be applied monthly. However, the crops that the compost is being sprayed on the leaf is best done on a biweekly basis.

3). Growth Enhancing Agents:

These aren’t precisely fertilizers; these substances help plants absorb nutrients that they receive from other sources. Plants such as kelp, are also a great source of trace elements.

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How To Start Organic Fertilizer production In Nigeria

Organic fertilizer which is also known as manure is produced from human excreta, animal matter or decomposed vegetables/plants.

The basic requirements for starting productions of organic fertilizers are;

1). Conduct Detailed Research:

When Starting organic fertilizer production, you must conduct a detailed market research to gather as much information as possible on all you would need to set up the organic fertilizer production plant, how to leverage the existing market to sell your products, and also how to create marketing channels.

Also, if you plan on exporting the goods, you must research the standard packaging of the various countries and the standard requirements.

2). Purchase Or Lease A Facility In A Suitable Location: 

It is vital to set up an organic fertilizer production facility in a predominantly farming area as this gives you nearness to market advantage.

Nearness to farm areas also provides an easy means of transporting the organic fertilizer if you plan to export or distribute them outside of your area.

4). Source For The Supply of Raw Materials:

During your research, it is important to know the type of raw materials available and how to source them.

You can make arrangements with the management of abattoirs to collect animal matters, talk to poultry farmers to get the waste from their birds, and also negotiate with the sewage management authority to collect sewage from them. 

5). Packaging And Distribution:

The foul smell from manure can be taken care of when proper packaging is done. The packaging is one of the most important aspects of composite production. This is very important if you plan to export or produce for local delivery.

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Challenges Of Organic Fertilizer Production In Nigeria

Here are some challenges that can affect starting organic fertilizer production in Nigeria, Africa, or many other places around the world:

  • Lack of sensitization and awareness
  • Lack of funds for investments
  • Lack of consistent availability of basic amenities like water supply, power supply and good roads
  • Bad government policies 
  • Over dependency on synthetic fertilizer
  • Exessive importation of fertilizer
  • Poor funding of research activities
  • Lack of highly efficient storage facilities
  • Lack of capital for large scale production
  • Lack of easy access to the international market
  • Instability of the international market price
  • Lack of adequate government assistance
  • Lack of adequate widespread knowledge on how to produce high-quality fertilizers
  • Lack of funds to import international standard processing machinery
  • Thieves and criminals

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The organic fertilizer production business in Nigeria can be a lucrative and profitable venture to start up, due to its vast market demands and on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. If you’re looking for a business to venture into, the organic fertilizer production business in Nigeria is a great option to explore.

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What are your thoughts on how to start an organic fertilizer production business in Nigeria? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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