How To Start A Lucrative Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

How To Start Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide
How To Start A Lucrative Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide | Image: Pixabay

Over the last 20 years, egg hatchery has grown tremendously all across the globe, and the situation is not any different in Nigeria. According to statistics, poultry business will witness a 30% increase within the next few years, and eggs will make about 1.6% of the growth. Reports hold that, as of 2109, an average person consumed about 300 eggs per year. The high figures are due in part to the demand for protein, and eggs are a cheaper source than meat, fish, milk and the others. More so, eggs are used in many more ways than one, such as making omelette, baking, cooking other meals, and production of snacks.

In 2018, egg production rose from 73.9 million tonnes to an excess of 76.7 million tonnes globally. Till date, China remains the steady largest producer of eggs, with about 42% (29,128,715 metric tonnes) contribution to annual egg production. The United States follows from a distance with about 6% of the annual contribution to global production. In 2018, global egg production was valued at over US$260 million and has been projected to reach $350 million by 2027 at a CAGR of 3.0%. On the other hand, Germany ($729M), Iraq ($396M) and the Netherlands ($346M) were among the top importers of eggs.

Although poultry thrives well in Nigeria, the volume of eggs produced annually is only 481,437 tonnes with a consistent CAGR of 3.7%. Notwithstanding, Nigeria’s poultry and egg production industry, worth about $600 million, remains the largest in Africa at large, followed by South Africa. This implies that if the industry is given more attention, it is bound to grow exponentially. The situation is the same for existing local producers of eggs, and prospective investors in poultry farming and egg producers. It promises great profits and a steady market both at the national and international scenes. Are you planning to start a lucrative egg hatchery business in Nigeria? Here is a complete guide to help you through the process.

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What Is An Egg?

An egg is a semi-liquid substance enclosed in oval shells, laid by the female specie of birds, reptiles, amphibians and some mammals. The eggs consumed mainly by humans are those by poultry birds, including hens, Guinea fowls, and turkeys, among others. However, eggs from hens are the most eaten worldwide.


What Is Egg Hatchery?

Egg hatchery refers to the process of using technology — typically incubators — to incubate and hatch eggs for commercial production. Within the last 10 years, poultry business has expanded significantly in Nigeria, and egg hatchery has grown with it. It stands as one of the most capitalized sectors in poultry farming. Most poultry farmers conduct the business in their compound.

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Business Opportunities In Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria And Around The World

The employment opportunities associated with eggs include:

1). Food And Snack Production:

Eggs form a basic snack and meal for egg lovers all over the world. An egg can be made in many diverse ways. You could boil, bake, poach, scramble or fry it. Eggs can be eaten alone or with other food items such as bread, yam and noodles, among others. In the absence of other proteinous food supplements such as meat and fish, most Nigerians opt for eggs. You could as well add them to pies, waffles, sandwiches, buns and cakes. Commercializing any of these food items could make a lucrative venture for anyone in any part of the world. In Nigeria, production of egg buns and egg sandwiches are common businesses that thrive very well among students.

2). Egg Distribution:

For a successful egg hatchery business, there is the need to contract drivers as well as distributors. This creates a job window for young people who can delicately handle the distribution and marketing of eggs.

3). Production Of Cleaning Materials:

Eggshells are mainly used with other items to produce cleaning agents which are used to scrub hard stains on pans and pots.


Facts And Benefits Of Eggs

  • Egg is a rich source of protein.
  • Eggs from other poultry birds and reptiles are also edible.
  • Before World War II, egg production came mainly from farm flocks of less than 400 hens.
  • One single boiled egg contains 22% selenium, 15% Vitamin B2 and 9% Vitamin B12.
  • The egg yolk is richer in calories than the white part of the egg.
  • Eggs help to build body muscles.
  • Eggs promote brain health.
  • Eggs contain selenium and vitamins which help to build a strong immune system.
  • Eggs also contain lutein which improves eye vision.
  • Eating boiled eggs can make you feel full.
  • It is illegal to sell unwashed eggs in the U.S.
  • You get more nutrients when you boil eggs than drinking them raw.
  • To prevent the yolk from sticking to one side of the shell, a hen turns each egg about 50 times per day.
  • China, USA, Japan, India and Mexico are leaders of egg production worldwide.
  • The word ‘yolk’ means yellow in Old English.
  • In comparison to body size, kiwis lay the largest eggs.
  • If an egg is hard to peel after boiling, it is because the egg white bonded strongly with the inner membrane.
  • The colour of the eggshell is based on the breed of the hen that laid it.

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Types Of Eggs

There are no specific species of eggs, but eggs may be classified based on the birds or reptiles they are gotten from. These include hens, kiwis, ostriches, guinea hens, duck fowls, turkeys, etc.


How To Start An Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

1). Conduct A Feasibility Study:

A feasibility study entails all the factors you need to start an egg hatchery business. This is the point where you decide which eggs in particular you want to hatch. The option in Nigeria is most definitely chicken eggs. You should also determine the area where you want to establish the business. How favourable is it for a egg hatchery? Do you intend to breed your hens yourself? Do you want to combine poultry farming as well? You should also determine if your capital would be enough for egg hatchery business in your selected area.

3). Acquire A Piece Of Land:

After making your decision, you should get a piece of land that will suit the size of your business. It is recommended that the land should not be too close to residential areas because of the strong smell from egg hatchery.

3). Construct The Required Structures:

Egg hatchery requires structures. Contract an expert professional to build suitable structures where you will house the equipment and hatch the eggs. Make sure it is built with different sections for the various stages of egg hatchery such as egg handling, egg fumigation, chick handling, etc. and ensure that the facilities are built with security in mind. Some of the basic structures needed are a cloakroom, an equipment store, an incubator section, administrative block, restrooms, etc.

4). Install Hatchery Equipment:

Egg hatchery requires a couple of machines and devices including the incubator, lighting system and water troughs if you wish to combine poultry farming.

5). Procure The Needed Devices And Equipment:

You need to invest in some devices and equipment including trolleys, an incubator, power generators, pressure washers, borehole or any other water supply means, baskets, egg crates, and cooling machines, among others.

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Challenges Of Egg Hatchery Business In Nigeria

Some of the challenges to watch against in egg hatchery business are:

  • High startup cost
  • Egg hatchery is labour-intensive.
  • Irregular power supply in most parts of the country.
  • Difficulty in procuring good eggs for hatching.
  • Bad weather
  • Diseases and predator attacks
  • Risk of Stealing
  • Scarcity of spare parts for machines.
  • Lack of loan structure for poultry farmers.
  • Low government support
  • Unavailability of trained labour for hatching.
  • Difficulty in handling eggs and chicks.
  • Difficulty in reaching the most international market.
  • Poor road network for distribution.
  • High cost of maintaining hatching devices.

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To Sum It Up

Starting an egg hatchery business is a venture you should take seriously if you’re delving into the business. Be meticulous with your decisions right from site selection to procuring quality eggs and employing trusted labour. With the teeming demand for eggs, you can never run out of market. Over time, as more favourable conditions are put in place by the government in forms of sound policies, power supply and financial support, the business will rake in greater returns both for the individual businessperson and the nation at large.

The egg hatchery business in Nigeria can be a lucrative and profitable venture to start-up, due to its vast market demand and on your ability to build a wide sales network. If you’re looking for a lucrative business to venture into, the egg hatchery business in Nigeria is a great option to explore.


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What are your thoughts on how to start an egg hatchery business in Nigeria? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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