6 International Commodity Testing Labs And Inspection Companies You Can Use To Guarantee The Quality Of Goods Before And During Export

6 International Commodity Testing Labs And Inspection Companies | Image Source: Pixabay

Quality assurance is at the peak of the international trade business because international buyers want to know that the product they’re paying for is exactly or better than what they’re getting. Not worse.

Since many international buyers cannot visit the loading port at the country of origin to verify the quality of goods before it is shipped, they need a strong assurance that guarantees them the quality of the goods that they have paid for before it arrives their port of delivery at their destination country.

Also, exporters sourcing goods need a form of assurance when purchasing the goods they want to export to ensure that the quality of the goods they’re buying will be exactly the same as agreed with the international buyer when an inspection is done at the port of loading.

To guarantee the quality of goods, international buyers and most exporters employ the services of inspection companies, but mostly world-class inspection companies that are known for their quality of service, age in the industry, and consistency in delivering on guaranteeing the quality of goods loaded before it arrives the destination country.

If you want to know which companies you can use to test and guarantee the quality of goods been shipped from a sourcing point to a loading port and eventually to a destination country, here are 6 international commodity testing labs and inspections companies that can help you provide quality assurance:

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1). Bureau Veritas:

Bureau Veritas is one of the largest inspection companies in the world; arguably the second largest. And they carry out commodity inspections on a host of commodities ranging from agricultural products to solid minerals, petroleum products, and much more.

A lot of buyers trust their inspection reports and prefer that the reports you issue are issued by them.

Their labs can be used to test the quality of commodities locally or for export.


2). SGS:

SGS is the largest inspection company in the world and is located in almost every country that has a seaport around the world. They’re the most demanded inspection company by international buyers and their inspection reports carry a lot of weight when issued as they give most international buyers peace of mind on the quality of the products they’re buying.

You can use them to test commodities locally or for export.

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3). Cotecna:

Cotecna is a large commodity inspection company in many countries around the world and is also known for its quality of service. They carry out inspections on commodities like agricultural products, solid minerals, petroleum products, and much more.

While they may not be as popular as SGS and Bureau Veritas, they’re equally as good and efficient as the two.


4). Intertek:

Intertek is also a popular commodity inspection company and they carry out a lot of commodity inspections in the petroleum, agriculture, solid minerals industry and more.

Depending on what your international buyer wants, Intertek could be a great company to use.

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5). Eyeview Inspection:

Eyeview inspection is the most popular Nigerian-owned inspection company for solid minerals and agricultural commodities.

While most of the commodities are tested physically on-site, most of the chemical properties are tested in an off-site lab.

Eyeview is cheaper than most inspection companies and depending on if your buyer wants you to use their services or not, you can choose to work with them or not.


6). Sigma Chemical Laboratory:

Sigma Chemical Laboratory is a solid minerals testing laboratory in Nigeria. They test solid minerals to get their chemical properties and compositions.

If you need a quick local test, you could send the mineral to Sigma Chemical Laboratory. Else, you could just ship it abroad to a foreign laboratory.

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What are your thoughts on these 6 international commodity testing labs and inspection companies you can use to guarantee the quality of goods before and during export? Let me know by leaving a comment below.