5 Highly Effective Ways To Sell More Products Online With Social Media

How To Sell Products Online In Nigeria With Social Media Marketing
How To Sell Products Online In Nigeria With Social Media Marketing

Successfully selling a large number of products online is one of the toughest challenges internet entrepreneurs around the world face. They experience issues of trust, product availability, logistics, and many other vices that frustrate their efforts to grow a successful online business.

While there are several smart ways to sell products online, one method entrepreneurs poorly execute is the use of social media.

Social media has played a major role in the growth of many local businesses online. It has helped brands spread word about their products fast, connect better with customers, and increase their sales. Its uses are vast, and have come to be known as a great way to scale any new business, especially if they’re working on a tight budget.

If you’re thinking of how to sell products online through social media but can’t seem to figure it out, here are 5 ways to fix your social media strategy:

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1). Ask Questions:

Since social media has created a great environment for brands to connect better with their customers, using it to ask questions and get customer feedback can boost the growth of any business.

When you ask questions, you put the customer or prospect in the position to choose how they want to be treated. As their concerns are addressed and your fans are made aware, it becomes easier for them to convert into paying customers.

To make your questions grab more attention, you can use visually engaging contents to ask them. People connect better with images that stand out. And by using them, you can be more certain of better engagement levels.


2). Use Highly-Actionable Captions & Headlines:

Headlines, not the body of the content, go viral. Always remember that!

When you make a post on social media, ensure the headline or caption of the post is powerful and highly actionable. It must be written to motivate any one looking at it to click, and the content that follows after clicking must be totally worth it.

When you use compelling headlines, people try to find out what it’s all really about. They tend to follow through, and if the sales pitch on your landing page is highly compelling, they’d tend to make a financial commitment.

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3). Share Valuable Contents Multiple Times Daily:

How many times a day is great to share content on Facebook?

It all ultimately depends on the type of audience and the type of content. On Facebook for instance, four times a day is great, depending on the type of post.

Ensure that if you must post more than twice daily on any social network, the post must be geared towards impacting value and getting your fan base to not just engage with your page, but also with your product offerings. This keeps you always on their minds and builds awareness for your brand through multiple social shares and likes.


4). Engage On The Right Social Media Platforms:

A fashion business is best located on Instagram, a business consultant is best located on LinkedIn, a news company is best started on twitter, a video-based company is best domiciled on youtube, and the list all goes on.

The type of business you run should determine the platform you choose to play heavily on. Always go where your audience are in large numbers, and doing your best to focus on the few you identify, will help you sell products online.

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5). Grow Your Fan Base:

Lastly, no matter the social network you sign up on, if you have a low fan base, your impact will only be felt by a very small number of people.

The best way to grow your fan base is usually organically, but this method can be really slow and tiring. This is why most businesses go with the faster method of promoting their social media accounts, so that their fan bases can grow quickly.

When you have a large fan base, you have a wider number of people to sell to. This then will ultimately grow your online sales faster, if managed well.


What are your thoughts on how to sell products online in Nigeria with social media marketing? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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