Let this short video of how Aliko Dangote became Africa’s richest man (his success story) inspire you and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

Aliko Dangote’s humble beginnings can be traced all the way to Kano state, Nigeria. After his father died, his grandfather took him in and raised him in his own way. This upbringing contributed largely to Aliko Dangote’s business savviness.

When he graduated from the university, his grand father gave him a loan of 500,000 Naira, which he used to start his first real business.

He then travelled with an uncle of his from Kano to Lagos. When he got to Lagos, he started importing Sugar & Rice. Within a short period of 6 months, he had fully repaid the loan given to him by his grandfather, instead of the 3 years agreed timeframe.

In the mid 90’s Aliko Dangote was awarded a cement plant by the Nigerian federal government, and later on built a cement factory in the early 2000’s with his personal savings and a loan from the world bank.

His cement factory which he allegedly owns over 90% of, now operates in multiple African countries.

As of 2016, Aliko Dangote’s investments span from real estate to telecommunication, steel, oil & gas, poly products, food & beverages, agriculture, port operations, cement, haulage, services, and packaging.

Today, Aliko Dangote is not just focusing on building oil refineries, manufacturing fertilizers, or manufacturing tomato pastes, he’s also actively involved in philanthropic endeavours, makes generous donations on a regular basis, and is most inactive in the fight against polio in Nigeria.

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