How To Sell Agricultural Products

How To Sell Agricultural Products

The agriculture sector is one of the oldest industries in history. With man’s insatiable need for food, agricultural businesses would always keep generating high revenues.

Starting and growing a farm is one thing, but getting your agricultural products to the customer is another. While there are many ways to sell your farm products, one channel most farmers never explore is the internet. Many may wonder how a farmer could get agro products to sell online, but the reason most people have no answer to this is because they probably never knew it was possible.

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Successfully selling-off your agricultural products within a short period of their harvest is not just ideal, but is essential to your overall agribusiness growth and survival. While you try to sell your farm products offline as usual, these online channels with not just help reduce the quantities lost to both spoilage and other factors, but would ensure you maximise your agricultural product sales to the highest value possible.


Here Are 5 Ways To Sell Agricultural Products Online In Africa & Anywhere In The World:


1). Online Market Place:

With the proliferation of online market places, selling agricultural products online just got a lot easier. Many online market places in India and Africa, are tailored for farmers. Some examples are KisanmarketFarmersonlinemarket, Rhomarket, and a couple of others. Listing your farm products on these platforms is another way to get more exposure, and subsequently sales.

The first thing to do if you want to sell your agricultural products on an online market place is to read their terms & conditions. These would usually contain their charges and general rules and regulations. You wouldn’t want to get kicked off the online market place because you violated their terms whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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2). Online Grocery Store:

Online groceries stores are a good place to sell off some of your agricultural products. According to wikipedia, “A grocery store is a retail store that primarily sells food”. While the food items online grocery stores sell may differ per store, if you’re a farmer that probably grows agricultural products like potatoes, poultry product (e.g chickens & turkeys), aquatic animals (e.g fishery products), and a couple of other farm products, many online grocery stores would be a good fit for you.

The market size for grocery shopping online is huge. This has been proven overtime by the two largest online grocery stores in Nigeria; Gloo, & Supermart. They have shown that online grocery shopping in Nigeria, and in many places in Africa can be highly beneficial to producers of grocery products.

Taking advantage of online grocery shopping to sell your agro products faster is a smart move for any farmer. Simply contact the online grocery store of interest to you to let them know of your possible constant agricultural products delivery rate. Offer them a good price (maybe better than their already existing offers), and your agricultural products could be listed in a short time.

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3). Social Media:

The success of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social networks has helped many small business owners reach millions of more customers without leaving their computer screens. Social media marketing is growing stronger everyday, and has the potential to either explode your sales, or destroy it.

Many have failed to realise that they could take advantage of a social network like Facebook to sell their agricultural products. With millions of people using these social networking sites in your own country, you could play out a good social media marketing strategy with the help of a social media marketer to create strong awareness for some of your farm products.

Not all agricultural products can sell via social media, but poultry products like frozen Chicken & Eggs, fishery products like Catfish & Tilapia, and a couple of other quick consumable agro products could be promoted via a social network like Facebook.

Simply create a Facebook page for your farm products, use a great looking banner, and a good page profile photo. You could curate creative video around your agricultural products, so as to make them more appealing to people. Since videos are really big now on Facebook, you can take advantage of the trend to build a brand around your agro products.

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4). Personal Web Store:

While it could be great to sell your agricultural products on social media, an online grocery store, and an online market place, owning your own web store is ideal to closely control your farm products sales on your platform, incase you get kicked off the rest.

An online store is ideal for any internet entrepreneur that has some items to sell. Their popularity has greatly risen to the extent that a lot of people around the world prefer to sit in their home and use online shopping sites to make their product research, rather than going out into the market.

Taking advantage of online shopping to grow your farm product sales is a way to sell more of your agro products quickly. You must have appealing product images, promote your website by narrowing the reach to only those that absolutely need your products & services, and deliver an exceptional customer service.

It’s important that all through the process of trying to sell your farm products online, the value of online shopping through your web store must exceed the offline means people offer, else you’d have a problem closing any sales at all.

You can set up a personal web store quickly on WordPress. Starting for as low as only $3.95 per month, anyone can follow this link to create a WordPress site in minutes for a really cheap rate (this low price is only through my link). In addition to the low pricing, you will receive a free website domain (a $15 value), a free site builder, and a 30-days money-back guarantee through my Bluehost link if you purchase, at least, 12 months of web hosting.

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5). Online Food Delivery:

Just like several other products and services, people now order food online. The question now could be; how does selling agricultural products relate to online food delivery? The answer is processed farm products.

After your agricultural products are harvested and either sold or not, they are then cooked into various fast-food and household meals. These meals sold online or at fast-food restaurants show another source of agricultural products sales. Even if they’re not in their raw forms.

By processing agricultural products to edible form, they can be sold online via a food delivery service. There are also many restaurants that deliver when customers order food online. The food delivery is usually done via online food shopping sites like Hello Food, Food Panda, and the likes.

Just as people can order pizza online, fast food delivery of any meal at all is an extension of several agricultural products grown, harvested, and successfully sold.

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What are your thoughts on these ways to sell agricultural products online? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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