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The most important people in your organisation
The most important people in your organisation

Having the right set of people rubbing minds together to create a premium experience for every single prospective sale is key to any organisation’s success. But within these number of individuals, there’re a select few that have some of the highest impacts on the organisation’s sales and profit potential. These people are literally the most important people in your organisation, and if some of them aren’t well-trained and treated right, your business revenues would be highly impacted.

While you may think the individuals been spoken about here could be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), or the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), they’re entirely not. The CEO and his cohorts handle the overall welfare of the organisation and direct its path, but these 3 other very important individuals can do more directly by personally influencing the customers decisions. Converting a prospect into a customer may be a hard-sell, but ensuring they never come back again, is the easiest thing they can equally do.

These very important individuals must be handled with extraordinary care, and shown a great degree of love, so that they’d work happier to generate a lot of sales for the organisation. Since they can make or mar all your company’s hard work & credibility, they are the most important people in your organisation.

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They are:


1). Customer Service Professionals:

These individuals are the frontline of communication with the customers in your organisation. They respond to customer issues by proffering solutions and more, to make them happy. The risk involved with these very important employees is that arriving at work in a bad mood can negatively impact their performance for the day, which could rub off on the customer experience and ensure they never patronise your business again. They know the right way to organize a project and always meet the needs of the business.

Another scenario is a customer service professional that is overly excited to be at work. These sect would do anything to not just offer the best customer experience, but also do everything to ensure the organisation’s success. An example of a company that offers one of the most wonderful customer experiences is the American e-commerce company, Zappos. They go as far as even recommending a competing business to the customer if they don’t have the items the customer wants.

The customer service professionals are undoubtedly one of the most important people in your organisation. 

What then can you do to make your customer service professionals stay happy?

  • Pay them well.
  • Show them you truly care about them.
  • Give them the power to make some extraordinary customer related decisions without calling a supervisor.
  • Give them a sense of purpose.


2). Sales People:

These individuals are your company’s foot-soldiers. They constantly go out (probably on a daily basis) and strive to acquire a lot of clients or customers for your company. During these outings, a lot of events could transpire that neither the CEO nor the CFO may be aware of.

A charming sales person could woo a lot of prospects into becoming customers or clients, and still, an inexperienced sales person could push a prospect permanently away from your organisation.

Having the right sales people handling face-to-face customer acquisition is important to the growth and survival of your organisation. 

What then can you do to make your sales people stay happy?

  • Pay them a substantial sum.
  • Constantly train and re-train them.
  • Show them you value them by treating them with respect and making them feel at home.

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3). The Customers Themselves!

That’s right, the customers themselves! How can customers be called employees? How are they some of the most important people in your organisation? How does customer success positively impact your organisation?

Above all else, the customers are indeed the most important people in your organisation; or better still, to your organisation. A happy customer spreads the word about your business to other prospective customers. When they experience an exceptional customer service or a super-convincing sales pitch, they think a lot more about your organisation, and unconsciously work hard to ensure it’s success. It’s for this same reason that the customers are referred to as the best investors in your company.

Every happy customer eventually brings in at least one new customer. This makes it exceedingly important to make any new or existing customer stick to your organisation and away from the competition. 

What then can you do to make your customers stay happy?

  • Always remember that the customer is always right!
  • Offer them special discounts from time to time.
  • Only sell a great product or service to the customer.
  • Ensure they experience an unbelievable service from you.
  • After all is said and done, politely ask them for a referral.


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What are your thoughts on this article about the most important people in your organisation? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Image Source: staffengagement.wordpress.com


Stan Edom
Stan Edom
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  1. Nice post but if you will have to include the no 3, it should be the no 1 because what will customer service professionals be servicing when there is no customer.

    Also, I think a good accountant or financial consultant should be in the first 3 to manage the money coming in. If the business owner is the same person managing the cash, he might be tempted to use the money for personal responsibilities.


    • Hi Ebenezer,

      Thank you for your contribution.

      In a more future robust post that covers many more individuals an organisation needs for growth, I’ll do well to include the accountant.

      Have a great time!

  2. Great insight for me and new enterpreneur launching new business or project. The writing has impacted me concerning a new project i need sales team for. Regards, Sunmade

    • Thank you Sunmade for the commendation.

      I’m glad you’re a daily reader and also found value in the blog post.

      Wish you the best in your new project.

      Have a wonderful time!

  3. I read somewhere that it takes months to acquire a customer and it takes few minutes to loose them.

    If the customer representative and Sales Representative are not representing your business well, a CFO from Harvard cannot help you.

    Thanks for this article.

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