8 Ways How Software Can Help Tradies Grow Their Business

8 Ways How Software Can Help Tradies Grow Their Business

As a Tradie bent on expansion, how exactly are you catering to a customer-driven economy that relies on sourcing services from the palms of their hands. It is technology that is now pushing businesses toward a customer base and unless you aren’t contemplating on utilizing the benefits of technology to run a trade you will be seriously lagging behind your competition.

A technology-driven business that incorporates the use of software solutions for seamless day to day operations will always enjoy an edge over the market. It takes few hands to manage a software application that allows you to look into more pressing factors of your business. You could try hansel personalization software, there are hundreds of software companies that can help you and your business. Today even for a trading business, it is all about digitization and automation. From accounting to drawing up quotes and invoices directly to a customer’s email, here are 8 ways on how software technology can make your business grow.

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1). Mobile app integration

The biggest advantage with new generation software applications for tradies is the integration with mobile apps that allows you to control your daily operations from any device. Through app oriented software, you can interact with customers and enable them to book your services instantly rather than scheduling appointments and waiting for you to get back to them in hours. Being connected through an app results in better communication within a workforce.


2). Linking with cloud

With cloud computing your entire team gains access to a common resource thereby reducing unnecessary lengths of time spent in communication and scheduling of tasks. Your software will no doubt be accessible from any device rendering you into a techno tradie of the future.

A common resource of computing linked to mobile applications through your software enables you to chalk out schedules, tasks, dispatches and invoices at the press of a button. Imagine that!! You won’t need to send invidual instructions where a common work board uploaded to your cloud platform helps your employees understand tasks and plan further course of actions.


3). Efficient organization

When you resort to conventional methods of running a business, it would take considerable human resources at different levels of hierarchy to ensure smoother operation. Yet there are hiccups. As a tradie just starting out, can you really afford to invest in unnecessary manpower? Investing in software instead provides an organized umbrella of organization, accounting and management that eliminates the need for a multiple workforce in areas of administration. Just a few knowledgeable hands are enough to run the entire show. This helps you concentrate on increasing your technical workforce that yields more productivity.


4). Tracking and monitoring

Software helps you monitor your entire business with a professional attitude. It helps you keep in touch with your workforce wherever they may be. You also get real time information from work sites to make spot decisions and generate accurate quotes with no room for under quoting and loss. Software helps you achieve accuracy in decisiveness based on real time feedback from work sites. Furthermore, through common apps, customers being given the chance to track their work progress and gaining instant responses will always be happier clients.


5). Accuracy of accounts with no room for human error

For tradie businesses like electricians, one of the biggest benefits of incorporating software in business is accuracy of accounts. For a tradie just starting out, keeping track of accounts can be cumbersome and a headache. It could overwhelm you.

It is now a common hallmark of any efficient organization to resort to automating accounts where you need not worry about errors in figures that may contribute to loss. Software helps you collate accurate information from invoices, maintain employee salary accounts, job schedules, taxes and profit and loss.


6). Effective human resource management

This is one important aspect of software where you gain total control of your business right from day 1. Trade software of any type can help you gain instant insight on your staff actions and schedules. You gain an entire overview of your setup where business insight also helps you identify strong and weak human resource productivity that allows you to pursue a remedial course of action that benefits your company.


7). Easy scheduling of jobs

Without software, the scenario of your business organization where trades are concerned can be chaotic. Software helps you chalk out schedules and dispatch tasks efficiently so that you can focus on priority jobs and allot selective staffs to work on them. In effect, software keeps you in complete sync with your trade. There is not a single scope of error unless of course you misinterpret data.


8). Analytical business insight

As a tradie, your primary concern is to acquire the means to chalk out a course of action that leads you on the right track. Without accurate information or analytical insight of your business how can you hope to get briefed on what you should or shouldn’t do. The right business software can help you with data that identifies your weak points to be improved where stronger areas can be enhanced to generate more business.



Regardless of owning a small or large trading and contractual business. Technology is here to stay. Not jumping on the bandwagon means you lag behind in an industry crowded with competition. It is beyond doubt that software indeed helps your business grow as it provides you a means of automate management giving you ample opportunity to focus on innovative plans for production and growth. Having an individual or team within any business that can manage these technological services on a daily basis is vital. ITIL Foundation Training is a fantastic way of introducing new members of staff to IT service management and will provide your business with a future in managing technology to the best standard.


What are your thoughts on how software can help tradies grow their business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.