6 Ways To Make Money Watching Videos Online At Home

6 Ways To Make Money Watching Videos Online At Home | Image Source: Pexels

The internet continues to be a haven for people to explore limitless opportunities. But as some spend time gathering information and learning new things, others spend their’s trying to dupe people of their money, and yet a few others spend their time trying to earn a legitimate income from it.

With a lot of revenue channels to be exploited on the internet, one area people know almost nothing about is how to make money watching videos online from home.

We spend countless hours watching the television, youtube videos, and many other types of videos that may or may not add value to our lives. Rather than waste time on these clips, video junkies could as well channel their attention to making money while they do what they enjoy.

If you’ve wondered how this is possible but could never figure it out, here are 6 ways to make money watching videos online at home:

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1). By Watching Movie Previews:

One popular website that enables people to earn money watching movie previews on a daily basis is InboxDollars. Asides just watching videos, you can also earn revenue from the website by participating in surveys, searching for information on the web, playing online games, and more.

Since March 2012 till date, InboxDollars has paid its members up to $57 million dollars.


2). By Watching Youtube Videos:

A website that would pay you to watch youtube videos is Paid2YouTube. The margins are extremely low. Even as low as one cent per video. But this means if you want to earn a barely reasonable revenue watching videos online, you’d literally have to be addicted to Youtube videos.

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3). By Watching TV Shows:

Viggle is a mobile application that pays you with points to watch your favourite TV shows. Whether you’re watching it live on Netflix, Hulu, and the likes, every point you acquire can eventually be converted to cash or gift cards.


4). By Watching Netflix Movies:

Did you know you could make money watching Netflix movies? Yes, you heard that right! Netflix regularly hires people they call “taggers”, whose jobs are basically to watch and tag the videos in the right categories, so the company can always provide accurate recommendations to other subscribers.

While working as a tagger may not be lucrative, you’d still get to spend long hours watching movies almost for free.

You can visit the Netflix job board to watch out for the next opening.

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5). By Becoming A Professional TV Watcher:

In most countries in the Western part of the world, a lot of people get paid to sit at home and watch TV. They’re called professional TV watchers and their jobs are to identify potential clips that can be used for other TV and news programs.

If you’re living in or are planning on moving to America, you can consider this as a job choice.


6). By Watching Online Ads:

Platforms like HitBliss, Successbux, and SlideJoy, will pay you to watch online and commercial ads. With them, you can watch as many or few video ads and even get to skip brands you don’t want to watch.

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While HitBliss and SlideJoy won’t pay you in cash but in kind, Successbux will give you the option to cash out your earnings.

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To Sum It Up

While making money watching videos online can be time-consuming and not as rewarding as many other ways to make money online, building anything meaningful out of it will be a lot easier and will only work for people who spend a lot of their time watching videos on the internet.

Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to sign up for several of these programs. But by using someone living in the allowed regions to sign up, you could have a functional account.


What are your thoughts on these 6 ways to make money watching videos online from home? Let me know by leaving a comment below.