7 Easy Business Ideas You Can Start Today

7 Easy Business Ideas You Can Start Today | Image Source: Pexels.com

There is a wide number of possible business ideas anyone could venture into. Depending on the startup capital, experience, or qualification required to enter an industry, there’s always something for everyone.

Starting a business in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world is a challenge to most people. One reason is the popular perception that running any type of business is expensive, and without further research or inquiry into the landscape, many stay put in their jobs never knowing the financial commitment that each startup could have ultimately required.

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If you’re looking for easy, low-cost, and low-risk business ideas to venture into in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world, here are 7 of them:

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1). Procurement & Supplies:

In doubt, venture into procurement and supplies.

Various organisations usually have a wide requirement for certain items to be supplied regularly to them. They range from very low-cost office supplies like stationeries to high-cost products like diesel.

You could start a procurement and supply business with a focus on low-cost office items, after which you could build up your income to eventually be supplying large scale items like diesel, equipment, and machinery.

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2). Social Media Management:

So many people spend a lot of their lives on social media. They’re constantly checking out the latest news and trends on Twitter, watching who’s looking more trendy on Instagram, looking for the latest job or business opportunities on LinkedIn, and catching up with what their family and friends are currently up to on Facebook.

When people spend so much of their time online and build a large audience that engages with them like this, what they don’t realise is they’ve built a skill they can easily monetize.

If you’re one of the highly frequent social media users, you could channel the time you spend online by starting a social media management company for organisations.


3). Selling Photos Online:

The potential in stock photography continues to grow every year. More online and offline media outlets have increased-needs to get stock photos they can put on their content, ads, and more. These accelerated demands have caused them to purchase more photos, thereby increasing the revenues of photographers who sell their photos on web platforms like GettyImages and Shutterstock.

If you’re good with the camera, you can take professional photos and sell them online.


4). Professional Cleaning Services:

Every organisation needs cleaners to ensure their offices stay clean and neatly set up.  To achieve this, they mostly either hire in-house cleaners or out-source to professional cleaning companies to handle the job for them.

Asides organisations, some busy individuals also require the services of professional cleaners to help them with their homes.

You can take advantage of this industry by setting up a professional cleaning service and marketing your service to organisations and busy corporate elites.

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5). Laundry Services:

The laundry service business in Nigeria is another sought-after service by a large number of people. Most individuals living in various neighbourhoods are constantly on the lookout for affordable and reliable dry cleaners in their environments.

With the startup costs being relatively low, you could start a small laundry service business in your vicinity and promote your business to the locals living within.

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6). Babysitting & Daycare Services:

Most working moms need someone to take care of their kids when they’re at work. To do this, they either hire babysitters or put the child in a daycare school.

You could start a babysitting service or daycare school in your neighbourhood and ensure the mothers in the vicinity know about your service and the type of environment their kids will taken care of in, while they’re busy at work


7). Joining A Taxi Or Ridesharing Service:

The advent of popular ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Taxify has made the taxi business more lucrative in Nigeria and many parts of the world. If you own a vehicle in Nigeria that is from the year 2006 and above, you can place the car on Uber, have a driver assigned to it, and depending on how reliable the driver is, you could get paid up to 40,000 Naira a week.


What are your thoughts on these 7 easy business ideas you can start today? Let me know by leaving a comment below.