18 Profitable Hobbies That Will Make You Money From Home In Nigeria And Africa

18+ Profitable Hobbies That Will Make You Money From Home In Nigeria And Africa
18+ Profitable Hobbies That Will Make You Money From Home In Nigeria And Africa | Image: Pixabay

There are thousands of business opportunities in the world with everyday applications that require an entrepreneur’s insight into how they’re solutions to many problems in their communities.

Similarly, there are a lot of hobbies that can help people generate some or a lot of revenue while simply just having fun or doing what they do without any real physical or mental stress.

Since hobbies are activities that can give you so much joy, relax your body and mind, and at the same time potentially create a large income stream for you, you should be starting a business doing one of them.

If you’re looking to start a profitable stress-free business, you could turn one of these 18 profitable hobbies that will make you money from home in Nigeria And Africa into a business:

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1). Cooking:

If you love to cook, you could build a highly profitable venture out of it since every human must eat to survive.

Everyone loves a great home-cooked meal, whether for supplies to singles at home or to offices within your vicinity. Meaning you have a potentially large market.

You just have to reach them the right way online or offline, and at the right time.


2). Dancing:

Dancing is an interesting hobby that can make you money from home or at choice locations. While professional dancing usually requires advanced motor skills and body coordination that people are willing to pay to learn or watch, you can also learn it from a dance school and potentially build a successful enterprise from it.

You could earn a living teaching people how to dance, dancing in music videos, dancing on social media, dancing at events, clubs, and much more.

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3). Content Writing:

Content writing is a creative writing skill that could be put to good use in many forms to generate revenue for the writer and to add great value to the client.

From the comfort of your home, you could write articles, ad copies, educational content, SEO writing, speeches and much more for clients in a bid to get paid per delivered work.

The more clients you have the more you stand to generate.


4). Artistic Painting:

If you’re a talented artistic painter, you could make money doing what you love. You could create hyper-realistic paintings of nature, people, animals and objects and make a fortune from it while working from home.

All you have to do is upload your paintings on the internet for people to order or place your works at an art gallery for people who visit to purchase directly.

In addition, you could teach interested people how to paint on the internet for a fee.

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5). Proofreading and Editing:

No one wants to publish a book or an article riddled with grammatical errors, fragments, clichés and irrelevant contents. And so they usually hire the services of proofreaders to help them spot and correct errors or mistakes before they release their content.

The best part is if you’re a great proofreader, proofreading and editing require little or no capital for you to get started.


6). Gardening Or Planting Flowers:

Lovers of plants and flowers know that nurturing a garden is soothing. If that is you, you could turn this hobby into a source of income. All you need to do is to get a fallow piece of land, plant different types of flowers and groom them for sale.

You can then go on to promote your garden and its flowers on the internet or at various busy road networks.

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7). Baby-Sitting:

The modern-day workplace makes staying at home to care for the kids difficult for mothers. As a result, the need for babysitters is ever rising, especially for trustworthy babysitters.

If you’re a lover of babies and enjoy taking care of infants, you could take this ‘hobby’ up and get paid from the comfort of your home to take care of the babies of mothers who leave within your community.

All you need is a suitable place in your home, some toys, beds, and more to get started.


8). Baking:

Baking has enjoyed a continuous rise in the market as people continue to grow more addicted to eating baked snacks and meals.

If you enjoy baking, this could be a great time in history to commercialize it. Whether you bake cakes or other food items, you’ll always enjoy patronage from individuals, students, and occasions & events such as birthday ceremonies, launch events, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc.

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9). Shoe Making:

Shoes make up an important part of the fashion industry as most people tend to assess a person’s taste first from the type and quality of shoes they’re wearing.

If you’re skilled at making beautiful high-quality shoes and enjoy doing it as a hobby, you can start a shoe brand and grow your business from there.


10). Adire Making:

The demand for local African print textiles popularly known as adire is rising globally. If you know how to make them, you can start producing and selling on local and international trade platforms and art centres. If you don’t know how to make them, the art of producing beautifully designed adire can be mastered in time.

To set up, you only need a small capital to procure the necessary basic materials. You also need to set up a brand online to advertise your services and take orders. Plus, you can make adire wears and distribute to local boutiques.

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11). Singing/Music Teaching:

Singing is an interesting hobby that has made a lot of people thousands and millions of dollars. With a great voice and talent, you can either start a singing class, start a music career, or even be engaged in a music-related venture and promote your craft on streaming platforms, social media, and other media outlets.


12). Social Media Management:

Individuals, corporate organizations, and public & private firms have in recent times struggled to keep up with their social media management needs, making the demand for social media managers to explode worldwide.

If you understand how to grow and manage a social media account, you could start a social media management business and advertise your services to organisations in a bid to manage their social media accounts for a monthly fee.

All these and much more can be done from your home.

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13). Bodybuilding Or Gym Instruction:

If you’re a person who loves fitness, enjoys working out, and has successfully built a great body that is very admirable, you could make a lot of money from just doing what you already enjoy doing by starting an online fitness page, entering fitness competitions, or becoming a fitness instructor to people who find it difficult to either motivate themselves to workout or to workout the right way!


14). Crocheting And Knitting:

Crocheting is a form of needlework that involves using a needle, hooks and other related materials to make items out of wool. Knitting serves as a form of relaxation for people and a pastime hobby.

The great thing about these two is that you can commercialize this hobby and make items for sale.

You can produce beautiful items such as bunnies, table spreads, socks, gloves, sweaters, etc. and put them up for sale online and in some offline stores.

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15). Graphics Design:

Graphics designers create creative content from graphic design applicaitons. The best part is the industry is worth billions of dollars and a hobbyist can easily turn their craft into a great business idea.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of graphics design you are good at – logos, animations, web design, etc., you are bound to make lots of revenues. Once your talent is remarkable and you promote your services on the right channels, you’re poised to succeed.


16). Blogging:

Blogging is a way to discuss topics that interest the blogger; in the process, creating opportunities for the readers to also engage the writers. While it sounds like a laid-back fun activity, blogging could generate lots of revenue if you have a large readership that connects to what it is you have to share and that are willing to pay for some products or services you may have to offer on the blog.

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17). Comedy Production:

Making jokes is an interesting hobby that has created many millionaires around the world. It could be in the form of a social media skit, standup comedy, cartoon, or even a movie.

People enjoy a good laugh from funny comedians and are always willing to pay attention to what else they have to release again.

If you’re naturally funny, you could build a great career out of this.


18). Creative Photography:

If you have a flair for taking beautiful images of people, food, events, and more, you could turn the passion and skill into a lucrative source of income by becoming a professional photographer.

Once you take amazing photos, you can put them up for sale on websites like ShutterStock, Getty Images, and the likes. You could also shoot events, parties, and private sessions for a fee.

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To Sum It Up

There are a lot of everyday hobbies that can make you a lot of money from home or wherever you are. Identifying which works best for you and buildign a lucrative career from that front can be a great place to start.


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What are your thoughts on these 18 hobbies that can make you money from home in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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