23+ Profitable Cosmetics and Beauty Business Ideas in Nigeria and Africa

24 Profitable Cosmetics and Beauty Business Ideas in Nigeria and Africa
24 Profitable Cosmetics and Beauty Business Ideas in Nigeria and Africa | Image: ECHA


The cosmetics and beauty business in Nigeria and Africa has evolved from just buying and selling products to rendering advanced beauty services.

All beauty and cosmetics-related businesses enjoy a steady profitable market as the industry is now beyond just buying and selling the products, but also into the rendering of services which make the business a highly promising one for a new entrepreneur with a keen interest in the space.

Also, the presence of the internet has made it easier as there are some cosmetics and beauty businesses you can now start without a physical store, with even the knowledge on how to deliver your services available for free online.

If you are passionate about beauty & cosmetic and want to make money while doing this, here are 23+ profitable cosmetics and beauty business ideas you can start in Nigeria or Africa:

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1). Beauty Blog:

A beauty blog is a web platform where you post original informative articles on beauty. The blog is also a means to share your thoughts via product reviews, product recommendations, skincare routines, beauty tips, and others. Also, you can decide to critique or share beauty trends.

The blog’s content is mainly based on how creative the individual or group handling it. Beauty is broad; you might choose to start on a specific area before diving into others.

As the blog gets more popular, you’d be able to monetize and build a sustainable income.


2). Beauty Vlog:

A beauty Vlog contains content in video format, unlike blogs that are based on written texts. The Vlogs can be uploaded on YouTube or other social media pages. You can equally use a beauty vlog to share reviews on products or recommend products.

When you begin to vlog, it is pertinent to create a signature style that your audience can relate to. You also need to have a knowledge of video editing and picture editing for your vlog.

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3). Beauty Podcast:

This is similar to discussing beauty with your friends or experts. Some audiences find the podcast as one of the easiest ways to learn due to its flexibility — they can listen to podcasts while going about their everyday activities.

Before you record your podcast, get your scripts ready so you don’t stutter. As much as people want to listen to experts, people appreciate creativity and humor too.


4). Wig Making:

Women across the globe and all age groups now wear wigs more as it has become one of the advancements in fashion. Hence, wig making is a lucrative business since ten out of ten women want to buy a wig.

Wigs are styled weaves that women wear like a cap on their head.

You can start a wig business with research on the types of wigs people are buying the most and at what cost. You can also learn how to make wigs or get to know where they make wigs.

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5). Image Style Consultancy:

Image style consultants give clients the needed instructions on makeovers, body language, and self-confidence that they want their image to exude. In some cases, you might be in charge of their makeovers.

You can work with celebrities to help them always look and feel good. More so, you can do this as a virtual business.


6). Body Piercings:

Piercings are now a strong fashion statement. A lot of mostly males and females between the ages of 15-35 fancy piercings. Starting a body piercing business requires little income, but it is important to be an expert or employ an expert.

You can start a body piercing business with or without a location. Also, you can work on a part-time basis.

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7). Stretch Mark Removal:

Nobody wants to look older than their age. Most people believe stretch Marks will make you look older or less sexy. And so, the new normal with no stretch marks, has made the stretch mark removal business more lucrative.

You can help people get rid of their stretch marks through creams or a stretch mark removal machine.

It is better to gain expertise before starting.


8). Cosmetic Store:

The demand for cosmetic products is increasing daily. Meanwhile, there are several classes of beauty products out there.

You can select a set of related approved products and sell to end-consumers or small retailers.

You can start an online store or physical store. People often trust a knowledgeable seller. So, it is important to know the side effects, pros and cons of your products.

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9). Etiquette Manner Academy:

This is an academy where etiquette and manners are taught. This academy is not aged-based only if it is otherwise stated. Any age group that wants an A-game in their etiquette can opt-in, hence, it’s a lucrative business that attracts both the young and old.

To get started, you need to know everything about etiquette and manners. Also, you need to know how to teach.


10). Weight Loss Coach:

Weight, health and beauty are all interrelated aspects of an individual’s appearance. For health reasons or personal preferences, people want to lose weight.

Weight loss coaches help people lose their desired kg. The coach will also design suited meal plans for their clients.

Coaching can be physical or virtual.

A weight loss coach will motivate and help clients track their growth. Also, the coach needs to have a strong online presence.

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11). Makeup Services:

A makeup artist is a specialist who applies makeup to people. You can start a makeup business anywhere and still get a lot of clients.

In addition, you can guide clients through products, and recommend beauty products based on skin type or complexion.

Makeup is one of the beauty business ideas that can not be practised virtually; you have to see your clients in person or invite them to your beauty store.


12). Barber Shop Business:

Starting a barbershop in any part of the business requires low to average startup capital. Yet, you can make lots of profits from the business.

Once you are well-trained at barbing, you can attract and retain as many clients as possible as people largely retain their barbers based on skill.

It helps to update your knowledge on the latest barbing skills in town, so as to fully satisfy your clients’ needs.

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13). Hairstyling:

One of the most sought-after services in the beauty industry is hairstyling. Hairstyling is a profitable business as ladies style their hairs on a steady basis. It is also one of the most common cosmetic beauty business ideas.

Hairstyling requires professional training. Once you’ve acquired the skills, you can set up your business.

You can decide to hire a team or do it alone. Home services are another means to meet your clients’ demand if you are interested in rendering services at home.


14). Nail Technician Services:

A nail technician’s job is one of the most flexible jobs in cosmetics and beauty. A technician can decide to be mobile, have a physical store, or work from home.

Nail technicians render services such as manicures, pedicures, foot massage, nail enhancements, and nail repairs.

Meanwhile, you need the highest level of skills and creativity to render optimum services to the client. You should also understand your target audience and their needs, so you can render good services.

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15). Fashion Design:

More than ever, the demand for fashion items has greatly increased and those in the industry are not fully meeting the demands.

You can merge your beauty business with fashion, identify the kind of fashion product you want to create, and also know your customers.

There are various categories in fashion design; i.e the children’s fashion item, the male, and the females.

It is advisable to focus on a particular item as a starter, but if you want to start big, why not?


16). Cosmetics Training Center:

Already an expert? This might just be the right time to make money just by training others. It helps to have an established beauty business in operation already. Invite people to train with you for a token.

Over time, you will build a reputation and get more apprentices.

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17). Jewellery Sales:

Both males and females buy jewellery to suit their clothes for various outings. The jewellery business will not only help you make good profits when you start, but it will also help make great connections as most people who buy good jewellery a lot are influential people.

You may decide to make the pieces of jewellery yourself or buy the ready-made ones. If you choose to make or buy your pieces of jewellery, as a jeweller, you should learn from your competitors and apply the knowledge.


18). Start A Beauty Magazine:

People are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the beauty and cosmetics business. If you have a flair for magazine production, you could include this in your areas of focus.

Publish regular magazines on the latest styles and you’ll drive a large readership, which can, in turn, earn you big sponsorship deals and ads placement contracts.

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19). Hair Removal Services:

People want to get rid of unwanted hair, so a professional hair removal service is a great cosmetics and beauty business idea to consider.

While you offer to remove hair, you can sell products that will help their skin alongside.

You can start your hair removal service in a part-time business. Being mobile will also earn you more customers. This service is another beauty service that can not be rendered virtually.


20). Tattoo Parlor:

Tattoos are fast gaining wide acceptance amongst people of all ages in Nigeria and Africa. The great thing is tattoo lovers always love to add more ideas to their inks, so you’ll always have new and returning clients.

You need to be creative and have a flair for art to encourage repeat customers. It is also important to make your customer’s safety your priority by using sterilized objects.

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21). Anti-Ageing Clinic:

Starting an anti-ageing clinic involves selling supplements, creams, and serums that erase wrinkles and other ageing features. It also involves providing consultancy services.

The anti-ageing clinic has a huge customer demand; everyone wants to look younger.

You can start with DIY natural remedies for clients before you start to partner with larger producers.


22). Affiliate Marketing For Beauty Products:

Now is the time to cash out from your numerous online and offline contacts as affiliate marketing keeps taking ground daily.

You can make money just by recommending products for friends and acquaintances. It is also a plus to your communication and networking skills.

You do not need a physical store. You can start without capital, all you need is to acquire the necessary knowledge to drive sales and build your unique identity.

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23). Hair Dye Services:

Hair dye is an evergreen service that will always have high demands. Before people started exploring different colours, black dye was in high demand.

Dyes are now used as costumes in movies, fashion, and the likes. This has also increased the demand for hair dye in different colours more than ever before.

Being mobile and having a physical store will keep you in the market. Creativity will spice and bring new and returning customers. You can also provide hair consultancy services.


24). Candlemaking:

Candlemaking requires little capital. Candles are highly appreciated and have good profits.

There are various types of candles such as jar candles, poured candles, carved candles, and candlesticks.

You can use different colours, containers, scents, and styles so that your brand can stand out. You can also sell candles online.

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To Sum It Up

It is important to know that businesses will always thrive as long as they meet people’s needs. Since the cosmetics and beauty business is will always on the rise as more people want to look younger and beautiful, you can make your mark in the industry by starting any of the cosmetics and beauty business ideas listed above in Nigeria or any where else in Africa.


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What are your thoughts on these 23+ cosmetics and beauty business ideas that you can start in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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