BUSINESS BIG TIME: Secret Strategies To EXPLOSIVELY GROW Your Business Even If You Start Small


Two weeks ago, precisely on the 17th of October 2016, I got a call from a book author, Mrs Dilim Okeke, regarding a business book she had just published. I followed through with the conversation and afterwards, concluded it may just turnout like some other books I had read that neither enlightened, motivated, nor showed me a new light on how to better start, grow, or sustain a successful business.

After the conversation, she sent me a copy of the book to read through in order to know my thoughts.

For a couple of days, I couldn’t find spare time to go through it, because of an unfortunate tight schedule, coupled with the fact that I was yet to be done reading a different book that came highly recommended, and besides, reading both books at the same time was going to make me a lot less efficient.

So I thought, “why don’t I leave the less important book for later?”

Dilim called a few days later to confirm if I had read the book and to know my thoughts. Since I hadn’t, I had to honestly let her know and suggested she gives me till the end of the week to go through it.

A few days later, she called to give a kind reminder about the book, and irrespective of the fact that I hadn’t really read much of it, I said I was going to give her a review before the week runs out.

After the call dropped, I thought, “what really is written inside this book that must get anyone’s attention?” So I decided to pick it up and skim through a few pages.

The moment I started reading it, I got hooked. The content of the book’s beginning was good, I thought. As I read through the first chapter, I kept going for hours until I realised I had gone through a lot of chapters and had just two more to go.

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What kept me going through this book?

The information was amazing! Every sentence written was inspiring!! And seeing her inculcate her personal business experience together with great examples from major world and local entrepreneurial figures to show how anyhow could start and succeed as an entrepreneur was simply brilliant.

This was a lady who had made tens of millions from well calculated executions based off of years of trials and errors, till she finally figured what worked and didn’t.

Her exemplary insight on how ABSOLUTELY ANYONE could use exclusive rights ownership and private labelled products to build a successful business wasn’t just amazing, but could be replicated to great degrees of success over different product categories by any highly motivated and hardworking entrepreneur.

Describing the inspiration the book carries is an understatement. Its value is best served straight to the mind.

This is something everyone must read! Especially in an economic crisis where many have lost hope on how next to direct their steps and liberate their fizzling financial situation.

The name of the book is “Business Big Time: Secret Strategies To Explosively Grow Your Business Even If You Start Small”, and an application of its core principles and strategies would take your small, growing, or already established business to the next level!!


BUSINESS BIG TIME: Secret Strategies To EXPLOSIVELY GROW Your Business Even If You Start Small

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