Why You Should Hire A Business Coach And How To Find The Right One

How To Find A Great Business Coach
How To Find A Great Business Coach

Having the drive to start a business of your own and persevering no matter what you face is sometimes not all it takes to grow a successful business. While resilience is a valuable trait every entrepreneur poised for success must possess, having an in-depth and even rare knowledge of your industry can be a major determinant for success.

Faced with challenges and a light experience of the sector you’re trying to break into, taking on a business coach with a vast knowledge of your industry and years of valuable business experience will ease your ride, help you avoid dangerous mistakes, and take you deeper into the spontaneous world of entrepreneurship.

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Why Getting A Business Coach Is Important?

When we head out to start a business of our own, we do so for a variety of reasons. One being the fact that we feel inclined to answer to ourselves because of a natural attraction to independence, and so, call our so-called jobs a trap that prevents us from attaining our goals.

But jumping into a business of your own from your existing job can lead to yet another trap you’ve tried so hard tried to escape. And at this point, an experienced business coach is what you would need to help ease the process and maximise your chances of success.

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How A Business Coach Can Help You

1). Improve Your Business Skills:

Getting a business coach would not just help you surmount stumbling blocks, but would also accelerate your business skills.

A good business coach would help build up your weaknesses, perfect your strengths, and in the process, help make you an expert in your industry.

2). Align Your Vision:

In the face of disappointments, failures, and even isolation, you may begin to lose focus on your goals, and in the process, fall back on your targets and start to fizzle away in emotional distress, which could plant regretful thoughts making you wish you had your old job back.

A business coach at this point wouldn’t just keep you focused on your vision, but would ensure your emotional state stays balanced every single step of the way.

3). Drive You To Take The Right Actions:

The most important step to getting anything you want in life is to take action. While starting your business and working to grow it is one step, going all the way no matter what is another.

A business coach would ensure that you don’t quit until you succeed. They would ensure that while you’re taking actions, they are the right actions. And they’d also ensure that your large goals are broken into steps that you’d follow through audaciously every single day.

4). Deliver Great Results:

What use is a business coach if they cannot deliver valuable results?

Great business coaches leave a successful mark on every client they take on. They help drive their clients growth, and since success is the major determinant of their worth, they ensure their clients end up with some degrees of laudable success.

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How To Find A Great Business Coach

1). Get A Referral:

In the service industry, referrals rule. Finding the right business coach may prove a major problem, but getting a referral from a reputable source can be all you need to get the type business coach that you seek.

Ultimately, referrals and testimonials are one of the most effective ways to find a great business coach.

2). Check Out Their Track Record:

Who have they previously coached? How did they turn out? Do they have a blog where they enlighten the populace? How often do they get invited to events? Who respects them in the industry?

Highly effective business coaches usually run a blog where they post periodic articles to help anyone in need of critical advice. Business owners always talk about the effect of their work in their businesses and lives, and they always have a wide network of valuable individuals critical to not just their growth, but to the growth of any entrepreneur they set out to coach.

3). Attend One Of Their Coaching Sessions:

What better way to know if a business coach can inspire you than to attend one of their strategy sessions? Just as many web apps offer you a trial period before you eventually pay for their services, you too should experience their coaching in some way, before you lay down a penny.

While every other method of finding a business coach is effective, the most important step to take before you eventually sign on a coach is to experience them, so you can know if they’re truly what you’re looking out for.

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Final words

As business coaching can be a major determinant to success, it’s important to know that a business coach is different from a business mentor.

While a mentor has walked the path you intend to follow in probably the same industry, a business coach on the other hand may not have gone the route your business is currently plying, but is responsible for developing the inner prowess of the client to achieve anything they set out to do.

They teach you how to go for anything you want, and above all, turn out successful at it no matter what opinion anyone has about it.


What are your thoughts on these ways to find a great business coach? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Stan Edom
Stan Edom
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  1. I’m in need a referral on a great business coach, We are intending to go into a major expansion in our business (Importation). I’m grounded and has a long term vision to drive. I want a coach to direct my parts.
    I hope hearing from you soonest. Thank you.
    Emagbetere Oruese

    • Hi Oruese,

      We currently don’t provide professional coaching services. But when we do, we’ll do well to list our coaches and announce our services.

      For now, we can offer you valuable advice and follow you through your business journey every step of the way.

      If you have more questions, you can reach me via email at [email protected].

      Thank you for asking and have a wonderful time!

    • Thank you for the kind words Bukola.

      I’m happy to have added value to you and many others.

      Thank you for being a blog reader and have a wonderful time!

  2. Hello Stan!

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I sincerely believe that the place of having a business coach can’t be overemphasized. Over the years I have been helping individuals with premium ideas to kick-start their businesses, I have seen people who never believed they had some great inner potentials sit up to make amazing exploit.

    There’s a limit to what you can achieve without a coach. Simple.

    Emenike Emmanuel

  3. Interesting. I was jsut discussing with a friend yesterday about how i have spoken with people that were about to start their businesses and how the discussiond had redirected their focus and they have suceeded. I can also assist with guidelines for set up after discussion on the kind of business to be ventured into.

    Well done.

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