4 Underused Marketing Strategies That Gets Results

4 Underused Marketing Strategies That Get Results
4 Underused Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Every business strives to make its first profitable sale. They do this by employing different marketing strategies geared towards attracting a minimum critical number of customers to purchase their products and/or services. Many businesses have began using googles search engine to generate business.

Depending on how experienced the CEO or Head of Marketing and Sales is, their sales efforts may or may not go entirely well. And a poor outcome would keep the business cashflow negative.

Sales is the life-blood of any business. Without it you’d have no revenues. Without revenues, you’d have no cashflow. And without cashflow, your business may eventually cease to exist.

It all ultimately means that without sales, you’re simply chasing fools gold and may find yourself back behind a desk working a 9 to 5 all over again.

If you’re having problems selling your products but don’t know what else to do, here are 4 effective but underused marketing strategies you could try today:

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1). Completely Giving Away The Product For Free:

Now this initially sounds absurd, but here’s how it works:

If you have an item that’s stayed too long on the shelves and was priced for about $10, you can announce via social media or whatever media outreach platform you’re on, that you’re giving out the products for free, and so, customers can order theirs and only pay a shipping fee of about $12.

Now the reality is you would have negotiated with the couriers to handle your shipment for a price between $2 to $4 (in Africa it can be that cheap) per trip, so after every delivery, your profit margin could be between $8 to $10.

A larger number of customers conscious of the fact that they’re getting your “AMAZING PRODUCT” at the cost of nothing would tend to order them.

This strategy works considerably well for very low priced items.


2). Content Marketing:

Content marketing ensures you’ve established a very close relationship with your prospects before you attempt to sell to them. This way, they’d trust your recommendations better than if they were constantly bombarded with Ads about your products or services.

To go about your content marketing skits, you’d have to create a blog for your business and post highly informative articles there over time. You must also incorporate the best blogging practices like collecting emails, writing frequently, and churning out amazing contents.

When customers have come to trust your brand well enough through what you teach them online, they’d be more open to part with their hard-earned money to try out your products or services.

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3). Strategically Stay In Touch:

The value of a customer is not in his or her first time purchase, but in their possible lifetime financial value for your business.

Usually, you’d acquire the customer by selling a top product at a very low price, then what happens next with them is entirely up to your follow-up techniques.

Customers who have bought once would tend to buy even more expensive products from you again, as long as you follow up and build a great relationship with them after their first low-priced purchase.

To do this, ensure you make follow-up phone calls or send follow-up emails to them after their initial purchase about a week later, to know how they feel about the item(s) they bought from you. However, as a business you should make sure that you are aware of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, as there are fines for TCPA violations and you wouldn’t want that. Focus on your customers though, make sure you do everything perfectly for them. Based on their response, you can then recommend some great higher priced products to them that perfectly compliment what they bought and will solve an immediate problem they hadn’t already realised they had.

Tell them they’ll get it for a great discount (maybe 70% off) because of their loyalty, and give them a short deadline to take this amazing deal they would normally have never gotten.

Doing this increases the after-sale value of the customer, making you able to earn from them over and over again, even long after their first purchase.


4). Search Engine Optimization:

For your online marketing strategy, one technique that must never be left out is leveraging the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting your business services to rank on the first page of Google should be one of your top marketing priorities, especially if it’s a service people search-out a lot of information online for.

To get your SEO fixed, hire an SEO expert to carry out a full SEO audit on your company’s online presence, so they can determine what you’re doing right and/or wrong. After this, they’d research the keywords your business could rank for, include them strategically in your website’s contents, and also get a lot of valuable backlinks to your site.

By improving your search engine visibility, you dramatically expose your business to even more potential clients.

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What are your thoughts on these 4 underused marketing strategies that get results? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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