35+ Lucrative Tourism And Travel Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa

35+ Lucrative Tourism And Travel Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa
35+ Lucrative Tourism And Travel Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

Tourism and travel in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world now experience massive and unprecedented market patronage. The best part is that the industry is a vast one that draws people from all over the world and can be practised almost anywhere.  

If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the tourism and travel industry, here are 35+ lucrative tourism and travel business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world:

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1). Tour Guide Business:

Tourism rakes in billions of dollars for countries with highly rated tourist centres and places of attraction, creating business opportunities for locals to benefit from the massive patronage at tourist centres by showing people around. 

Most tourist locations have insightful histories to go with them. As a tour guide, you could tell the tourists stories and get paid for your activities. The bottom line is to make the tourist trip an interesting one for tourists.


2). Public Transport Business:

Public transportation within tourist towns is a lucrative activity, thanks to the continuous stream of tourists. As an investor or entrepreneur with some capital, starting a transport business in a tourist location could be a great way to get into the tourism industry in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 

The means and reach of the transport system depends on the entrepreneur’s interests, and of course, capital. 

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3). Hotel Business:

Thanks to modernization, the hotel business has improved radically over the years. Starting a hotel business in or close to a tourist town is a potential goldmine. During travels, people seek comfortable places to lodge and possibly spend a few days, depending on their intended duration of stay in the town.

Citing a great hotel that promises comfort and fun in the heart of tourist towns and areas can generate a lot of income in some years.


4). Travel Planning Business:

Travel planning requires careful preparations, organizational skills, and attention to detail to avoid disappointments. Most travellers and tourists in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world looking to visit new places need the services of travel planners to aid the process and make it stress-free.

An entrepreneur can start this business or work with a travel agency for greater client reach and access.


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5). Car Rental Business:

Renting cars has proven to be a lucrative business in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world, and it is easy to understand why. Tourists and entrepreneurs visiting new places constitute a larger part of the clientele of this business because they find it more convenient to rent cars for a short while rather than going by public transport all through their stay.


6). Bicycle Rental Business:

Renting bicycles in tourist locations where there is poor access to automobiles is a business with huge prospects, even though it still has lots of room for development in Nigeria and other African countries. Since bicycles are a limited means of transportation, only a select percentage give it a chance. 

However, bicycles are useful in small towns as well as in commuting within a small area like a tourist site.


7). Ride-Hailing Business:

When people do not see the need to rent vehicles for personal use during tourist trips, they opt for the reliable Uber business. Thanks to its relative ease of use, Uber is the most preferred choice of transportation for most travellers. 

More so, it is easy for any interested individual to become an Uber driver or a driver on a similar platform. The capital is grossly reduced and there is a ready marketplace for both passengers and drivers in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 

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8). Events Planning:

On certain occasions, most travellers are on the lookout for a getaway experience, a situation in which they can travel to a fun place and have a private time out with friends and family or their spouses. Therefore, travellers sometimes need the services of professional event planners, to relieve themselves of the demands of setting up a hitch-free event for themselves. 

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9). Tourism Magazine:

Tourism has expanded so significantly that it is now possible to combine it with the media industry. In other words, one can make a living out of a tourism magazine business anywhere in Africa. Such a magazine outfit could promote African cultures, histories and tourist sites. It could also be a platform to advertise tourist shows for event organizers. 

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10). Travel Blogging:

Travel blogging is a simple lifestyle activity that involves creating content about one’s personal travel experiences to interesting places. Such places could be tourist centres or lovely sites around Africa. 

Besides earning money from blog traffic, a travel blogger stands a good chance for sponsorship deals and ads.

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11). Photography Business:

As travellers swarm tourist sites, they love to keep memories of their trips and experiences. As a professional photographer, this is a business opportuntiy. All photographers have to do is regularly visit tourist locations and capture beautiful moments for people and get paid for their services. 

Similarly, a photographer could choose to make rounds of tourist places and take beautiful pictures for members of the public to buy in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 

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12). Videography Business:

Quite similar to the photography business is the videography business. A videographer can capture even more interesting motion pictures to help people relieve beautiful moments during their trips and visits to tourist centres in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


13). Translation Services:

For tourists and travellers who can’t speak the indigenous language(s) of the tourist town, translation is an essential service they cannot do without. Whether for business or tourist activities, travellers from a foreign culture with different languages always need the help of professional translators throughout their stay. 

This business is largely for polyglots but an interested entrepreneur can start a translation service and employ the help of professional translators. 


14). Restaurant Business:

Given that food is a core part of cultures around the globe, travellers from other parts of the world love to taste the African local dishes. Besides this, the teeming number of people who always visit tourist towns makes the restaurant business a viable one for any interested investor in the industry.

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15). Beer Pub Business:

Tourist activities and related travels are often accompanied by celebrations and funfair. Travellers love to explore towns and make the best of such moments. Such extra visits are often to local beer pubs. 

Opening a beer parlour close to a tourist site gives you an opportunity for growth because of the continuos inflow of tourists. 


16). Limousine Rental Services:

In major cities and towns in Africa, limousine rental is a thriving business even though it has a select market. Most people see a limousine as a luxury vehicle but it is a great way for friends and family to spend quality time together on road trips to interesting places in town.

Starting a limousine requires proper licensing and sufficient manpower for maintenance but it is a lucrative business in the long run. 


17). Helicopter Charter Services:

Similar to the limousine business, a helicopter charter business serves a special section of the market, largely because of the high costs of renting and operation. A helicopter is not the average person’s go-to means of transport but despite its close market, leasing out helicopters for special travel purposes has good prospect in Africa and beyond.


18). YouTube Travel Channel:

An inexpensive way to build a business out of travel and tourism in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world is to start a travel and tourism vlog. With the presence of YouTube, vlogging has become relatively easy. The social media platform offers access to a large stream of viewers across the world.

With consistent content creation specifically around the travel and tourism industry, you have an opportunity to generate a lot of revenue..


19). Private Security Business:

For celebrities, public officials, top personalities as well as individuals who feel the need for special security while travelling, this is an essential service. Since security is important, people are willing to pay handsomely for full-time protection while they go about their tourist and travel activities.

Starting a private security outfit puts you in the middle of such a service. A private security business requires adequate training personnel and licensing from the proper authorities. 


20). Speed Boat Rentals Services:

Africa is blessed with a lot of coastal areas that double as fun tourist places and travel paths. All year round, people visit water bodies for boat cruises or tours. Such individuals rent speedboats for their activities and often need professional divers.

An interested entrepreneur could start a speed boat rental service, employ the services of riders and generate consistent income from the business.


21). Horse and Camel Rentals:

While the speed boat rentals business thrives in coastal areas, horse and camel rentals enjoy patronage in deserts and less humid areas in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Camels and horses are themselves animals with tourist value. 


22). Airport Shuttle Business:

To aid transportation to and from airports, a shuttle business is highly necessary, as people hurry to catch their flights or leave the airports to go about achieving their respective travel objectives. Operating an airport shuttle business, especially in large international airports will tend to generate a lot of revenue.


23). Fashion Boutique Business:

Looking good is one of the perks that come with travel and tourism because they are often holiday events for most tourists. Similarly, even while people are on job trips, they have to look their best. Yet, most individuals in the corporate world love to travel light. 

Summarily, there is a great opportunity for the fashion boutique business in the travel and tourism industry. Setting up a fashion boutique in a tourist town will most likely contribute to increased sales. 

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24). Bus Tour Business:

A bus tour involves taking a bus trip around town to visit interesting places. Fun lovers, friends and family as well as other special groups can embark on bus tours to reunite or get to know one another better. 

A bus tour business requires some capital to procure smart buses, as well as experienced drivers and road guides who can lead the group or clients to interesting spots in town if they don’t already have a list of preferred places.


25). Spa Business:

During tourist travels, people often love to treat themselves to therapeutic sessions at spas for utmost relaxation. After an extensive work period, it is common for people to embark on a tour or travel on vacation and cap it with a spa session.

This makes the spa business one of the lucrative tourism and travel business ideas that anyone can setup in Nigeria or Africa at large. The risks are minimal and there is a chance of having repeated clients ifs the services rendered are topnotch. 


26). Golf Course Business:

Golf is more of a relaxation activity than a sport for most people. Although it is considered an activity for rich or old people who are bored, it is indeed a fun activity for all categories of people. Although a golf course requires ample capital, it is a rewarding business in the long run.


27). Pet Keeping Business:

Pet lovers can make a living, thanks to the tourism and travel business. Often, when pet owners travel and cannot go with their pets, they look out for trained pet keepers who can watch over their little friends for them. 

This is a profitable business everywhere it is in practice. One could start a pet-keeping house or render home services.  


28). House-Sitting Business:

While people are away on their tourist travels or vacations as the case may be, they often need professional house sitters to temporarily stay in their apartments, especially if they (the house owners) would be gone for a while. 

The essence is primarily to get someone to take care of the house while they are away and also to protect the apartment from burglars. 


29). Arts and Souvenir Shop:

The arts and souvenir sales business is important in the tourism and travel industry because people love to keep memories of their travels with them as they head back home. Hence, they love to buy art and other items that will remind them of the experiences they had at tourist site or towns.

On the other hand, travellers sometimes want to get gifts for their kids and loved ones back home. This makes the demand for arts and gift items soar during tourist occasions.


30). Honeymoon Planning Business:

When travels are not for business, tourism or vacation, they are often by couples looking to have a swell time honeymooning at a lovely site. Given the demands involved, couples often contract their honeymoon planning with loved ones.

However, stepping in as a professional honeymoon planner takes the efforts of the couple or their friends and family. With proven records of previous adequate planning, couples can trust a honeymoon planner with theirs. 


31). Children’s Park Business:

Sometimes, families could go on tours and travels, with the goal of making their children or wards have a lovely time. In such cases, the prime targets are often children’s parks and related lovely places. 

Therefore, setting up a children’s park in the heart of town or a tourist area is a smart way to make a mark in the tourism and travel industry. 


32). Water Park Business:

A water park is basically an amusement park with elements of aquatic playthings such as a swimming pool, water slides, and other related fun items. Waterparks also feature activities to help people unwind and create beautiful memories. It doesn’t matter whether this business is situated in a place with an abundance of water or not. If the basic facilities are in place, it is good to go in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world!


33). School Field Trip Business:

Organizing field trips for schools and students can be a profitable activity if well managed. Field trips and excursions are common activities in schools. They require extensive planning and adequate organization. It is a great business idea for a professional trip planner.


34). Directory App:

Developing a smart directory app is an innovative solution to help visitors and tourists find their way around town. Although this is more of a creative business idea, it requires extensive training and some capital. With adequate publicity, it can become a popular mobile application used widely but tourists in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


35). Open A Museum:

Although a museum is a business requiring massive financial input and legal backing, it is a viable business in virtually every city in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. Moreover, citing a museum in a town rich in history and culture gives the business a greater profit advantage. 


36). Translation Services:

Whether people are in a new society for business or fun activities, language is a key tool to enjoy one’s trip or achieve one’s goal. Where the language of the locals is different, getting a translator is the easiest and fastest way to interact with people and get by day-to-day activities for as long as the trip lasts.

This implies that a translation service could thrive excellently, especially in tourist towns. The basic requirement is knowledge of at least two languages.  


To Sum It Up

There are a lot of opportunities lying unexplored in the tourism and travel industry. While some require high capital, most travel and tourism businesses can be started with little to no capital. The best part is that one doesn’t have to be a professional transport worker to get started. If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the tourism and travel industry, you can start with any of the 35+ lucrative tourism and travel business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative tourism and travel business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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