Sterling Refreshes Doubble and Introduces A Money Market Investment Offering For Customers

Sterling refreshes Doubble and introduces a money market investment offering for customers.

Doubble, Sterling Bank Limited’s cutting-edge investment platform, is pleased to announce new feature updates improving investment returns for existing and new customers.

With various flexible naira and dollar investment options, including money market offerings with returns higher than your bank’s returns on savings. The digital savings and investment platform provides a seamless avenue for individuals to build wealth. Users are provided with a guaranteed income stream and fixed growth over a set period, as well as a hedge against market volatility, the ability to secure loans against account balances, and the convenience of transferring the annuity to a spouse or other beneficiaries.

The Chief Product Officer, Mustapha Otaru explained that the new offering caters to individuals seeking a reliable means to invest their money, with a clear focus on achieving regular investment returns or specific financial goals, whether for future business endeavours or lifestyle aspirations

Money market instruments are low- to medium-risk investments with higher returns than regular savings that help investors preserve their capital and provide them with stable income. The Doubble application hosts five unique Money Market offerings with varying levels of flexibility, which include: Doubble Easy, Doubble Xtra, Doubble Auction, Doubble Special Offerings, and Doubble Special Auction. Customers can determine their desired capital and investment duration and even bid on rates due to the flexibility of each of these offerings.

Doubble’s Money Market offering empowers investors to plan strategically for future financial commitments, such as funding their children’s education, acquiring homes, saving towards rent, or sourcing capital for new business ventures. It alleviates the hassle of investing through middlemen and their accompanying extra fees. It also lowers the entry barrier for investors, with plans available for as little as N20,000.

The Doubble Target and Fixed Deposit savings plans, readily available and existing on the investment app, allow customers to automate their savings in Naira or Dollar currencies over time or save a lump sum to earn higher returns. The Doubble Reward savings plan also allows investors save a set amount for a set period to earn invested capital and up to 60% returns monthly pay-outs to themselves or a designated beneficiary.

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