35+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas For Students And Undergraduates In Nigeria Or Africa

35+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas For Students And Undergraduates In Nigeria Or Africa
35+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas For Students And Undergraduates In Nigeria Or Africa | Image: Pexels

Setting up a business as an undergraduate student is one of the most underrated financial support systems that any student can build for themselves. The common excuse is usually that academic activities are demanding, and therefore, leave students with very little time for other activities. But when the student is able to generate enough financial resources to support them through school and potentially build a successful business, it becomes a win-win for them.

Besides generating income, engaging in business activities during the study period is a great way to equip oneself for the world of work or entrepreneurship. Such students are better prepared and have more experience than their counterparts.

If you’re a student looking to start a less-stressful business that can make you money while you study, here are 35+ lucrative small business ideas for students and undergraduates to start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Blogging:

Blogging is an inexpensive activity and hobby that any student can turn into a lucrative source of income. Creating a blog requires little to nothing. With popular blog platforms like WordPress, Blogspot and the like, you can own and manage a blog for a little price in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

All you need to do is, select a niche of interest and create valuable and engaging content regularly. Over time, you’ll build a large readership, which will translate into earnings depending on how you monetize the traffic you get.


2). Network Marketing Business:

Also known as multi-level marketing, network marketing is a person-to-person business model of marketing in which a downline of marketers sell for a company and get commissions for each sale made directly and every sale made by the leads they generate.

Unlike the regular marketing system, network marketing does not require marketers to carry the commodities about seeking buyers. With the help of social media platforms, selling and buying is now expressly easy.


3). Photography Business:

Photography is another hobby to turn into an easy source of income. It is a craft, hobby and business you can practice at your leisure. There are tons of ways students can make money from photography, including selling their images on digital platforms, covering events on weekends, and printing creative images as wallpapers for sale.

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4). Hair Salon Business:

It is easy for students to start a hair salon business with or without a barbershop. In the students’ community, any space is enough to house a chair and the basic tools for making a great haircut. All you need to do is, invest in essentials such as clippers, chairs, a mirror, brushes, and much more.

Rendering haircut services to students on weekends can generate a lot of income without further investment. Most students support themselves with this business and it has always been an awesome self-support business.


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5). Copywriting Business:

Large brands and companies are constantly on the lookout for professional copywriters who can work remotely and is a great opportunity for students in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. With the right skills, you can market your services to the world and get paid handsomely for them.

The best part is anyone with good writing skills can learn copywriting. Over time, they’ll learn on the job and acquire more skills to make their writing services more valuable.


6). Snack Production Business:

Snacks such as smoothies, chips, pastries, and much more, have a large market among students. Individuals who make such snacks enjoy regular patronage because they are quick grabs for quick fills. Students prefer such foods because they are cheaper and faster than regular meals.

With a large regular market, a student can generate a lot of revenue from making and selling snacks. Snacks production remains one of the most lucrative small business ideas for students and undergraduates in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world

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7). Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping describes a system of retail in which the trader connects the buyer with the seller on a third-party basis. The marketer receives orders from buyers and goes ahead to process the delivery of the said goods directly from the manufacturer or a wholesale marketer.

Dropshipping is one of the most lucrative small business ideas for students and undergraduates because it doesn’t require an actual store, stock or warehouse. The entire process is conducted online and can be done in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


8). POS Business:

A POS business requires physical presence but it is a business that students can practice on weekends, during breaks, or during leisure times on weekdays. More so, it is a business that one can start with little capital.

Other students make up a ready market for this business because it saves them the time and stress of going to ATMs and banks to conduct basic financial transactions.


9). Phone Repair Services:

Phone repair remains one of the most necessary services among students. Although it is technical and requires adequate training, it is highly lucrative. Students sport the most complicated gadgets and will always require repair and maintenance services.

Opening a small phone repair kiosk in a student community is bound to generate income on a regular basis. If you’re financially buoyant, you can add phone accessories retail to the business.

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10). Hibiscus Drink Production Business:

Also known as zobo in most parts of Nigeria, Hibiscus drink is a common drink drank by all age brackets ranging from children to adults. Preferred cold, the hibiscus drink is good for relaxation during hot weather or a stressful day.

It is often taken with snacks and pastries such as pie, buns, egg buns, etc. As a student or undergraduate, all you need to do is produce the drink and distribute to small-scale shops in the student community or sell it from your room or a store of your own.


11). Tiger Nut Drink Production Business:

Like hibiscus drink, tiger nut drink is a common drink enjoyed. It is often drunk during hot seasons. Tiger nut drink is known for its nutritional value. It aids digestion, reduces sugar levels in the blood, and is rich in vitamins that fight infections.

As an undergraduate in the business of producing tiger nuts drinks, you can locate small shops and deliver to them at discounted prices. You can equally target secondary and primary schools in the locality.


12). Liquid Soap Making Business:

A lot of female students like using liquid soaps to detergents because they are safe to use, cheap and long-lasting. Liquid soap has no damaging effects on the skin, however tender or sensitive the palms might be. Hence, students make a ready market for a liquid soap production business.

With little capital, you can gather the essentials needed to make liquid soap. It does not require so much time to produce and can be lucrative if you get regular patronage.

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13). Affiliate Marketing Business:

If you’re looking to make passive income as a student or undergraduate, you should consider affiliate marketing. This is a system of selling by proxy. In other words, you advertise products and services for companies or wholesalers and get commissions on every successful sale through your ad link.

Affiliate marketing is possible in a number of ways but is more effective for bloggers, social media influencers and website owners. Students who own these platforms like this can put up ads for brands or companies and get paid for every generated lead that converts.


14. Mini-importation Business:

Mini importation is one of the most practicable small business ideas for students and undergraduates in Nigeria or Africa. It is as simple as ordering goods from foreign companies, brands, manufacturers and wholesalers, and selling them to consumers in Nigeria or any other part of Africa.

Barring minor challenges such as delayed delivery or customs problems, mini importation can be a highly lucrative business with very few demands in terms of time and effort.


15). Interior Decoration Business:

Students who are versed in interior decoration can render services and get paid handsomely. Events are commonplace among students and in society at large. In Nigeria, ceremonies are weekend routines. Weddings, conferences, funerals, birthdays, faculty events, wedding proposals, and much more are some of the occasions that require decorations.

With a good network and clientele, interior decoration is a great source of regular income for students in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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16). Ushering Services:

Students with a knack for ushering can equally make a side business out of it. All they need to do is to work with a reputable ushering agency that enjoys regular patronage. However, most ushering agencies have preferences in terms of physical features such as height, physique and postures, among others.

Students with such qualities can earn extra income on weekends from the ushering business. It is also a great way to build a personal network with reputable people in society and gain exposure.


17). Graphic Design Business:

Brands, companies and organizations are regularly in need of professional graphic designers who can create graphics for ads, marketing, entertainment, informative or other purposes. They equally work with students on a remote basis.

The opportunities are endless in cyberspace for graphic designers. Besides creating logos, presentations, designs, brand labels, illustrations, and more., they can also work with web designers and earn a lot of income regularly.


18). Laundry Business:

Laundry services are one of the common business ideas for students and undergraduates in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Most students and lecturers cannot spare time to do their laundry. Hence, they prefer to contract it out to professional laundrymen.

Students who have the skills and interest in laundry services can take up the job even in school and earn a lot of income every passing weekend.

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19). Web Design Business:

Web design involves creating web platforms such as websites, landing pages, app designs, UX/UI designs, and more. Although web design is a technical service that requires adequate knowledge of programming and designs, it is one of the most lucrative business ideas that students can consider.

After acquiring the basic skills required, you can try your hands on projects and put them on a digital portfolio to attract employers of such services.


20). Shoe-Making Business:

Shoemaking is a highly underrated craft. The secret to this business lies in producing highly attractive quality footwear. Beautiful and quality shoes will attract customers both within and beyond the student community.

You can also brand your products and put them up for sale on digital markets or distribute them to retailers across the country.


21). Online Coaching Business:

Online coaching is one-way students can earn money from the internet. There are a lot of digital platforms that connect tutors with learners. As a student, you could register as a tutor of any discipline or subject you’re versed in and earn money for teaching from the convenience of your room.

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22). Food Delivery Service:

With the growth in food catering businesses and online kitchens, food delivery personnel are now in high demand. This is a service that does not require any skill or expertise. All you need to do is deliver food to customers in their homes, workplaces or wherever they choose.

This business idea does not require any capital to start since you’re working with an established food company. You can work only at weekends and earn wages.


23). Bead-Making Business:

Bead making is one of the lucrative business ideas for students that requires some capital but can be started small. It also involves some level of expertise but it can be easily learned. Although bead-making takes time, it can be practised at leisure or during weekends.

Students in the bead-making business can make them for sale or produce them only by order. Whichever way, it is a trusted source of income both within and beyond the student community.


24). Fashion Design Business:

The fashion design business is based on the vocational skill of sewing. Making dresses can be learned and practised anywhere. Students who have had the privilege to learn the fashion design business before their university days have a good source of income on their hands.

The only challenge is that making dresses requires a lot of time. However, students can do this in their leisure time or during weekends.

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25). Social Media Management:

Social media management is a digital skill that involves managing the social media accounts of brands, companies, institutions, organizations, celebrities, public figures, etc. and scheduling posts in order to achieve certain goals.

For brands and companies, the goal could be to educate the public on their products, inform them of new products or simply ad purposes. Whatever the goal is, social media management can be a huge source of income for students in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


26). Interpretation Services:

Students who are polyglots or learning one foreign language or another can put their language skills to use as interpreters for expatriates or on translation sites. As language is an important tool in our day-to-day activities, expats and diplomats need efficient translators to help them bridge the language gap.

Students can work as translators or personal interpreters on a part-time basis and get paid for their services in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


27). Organizing Tutorials:

Conducting tutorials could be another easy small business idea for students and undergraduates. Students can organize tutorials for other students in lower levels of learning for small charges. Such small tokens could be used as a basis for self-support.

Organizing tutorials could demand time and effort but with adequate management, any interested student can effectively manage their personal studies with tutoring.

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28). Video Creation Business:

Videos are more effective than text and images for whatever aim, ranging from instructional to advertisement purposes. More so, brands prefer to use videos for their digital activities because they have a wider reach than other media formats.

As a result, video creators and editors are always in high demand. Students who can create videos can put up their projects online as proof of expertise and apply to big brands and corporations for remote employment.


29). Clothes Retail Business:

In every student community, clothes are some of the fashion items that enjoy regular patronage. Retailing clothes is also one of the lucrative small business ideas for students. The best part is, you don’t need to start with high capital.

You can confer with an established clothing brand or wholesaler and retail for them for sales commissions.


30). Start A YouTube Channel:

YouTube is now a great source of income for many young Nigerians. Successful YouTube creators generate a lot of income every month, depending on their followership and traffic. Starting a YouTube channel requires little cost. Depending on your niche, what you mostly need to start is a mobile phone and internet connection.

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31). Upcycling Business:

Upcycling simply involves re-using otherwise useless materials. It describes the act of creatively using waste materials to produce better useful items. Students with enough creativity can collect waste materials such as bottles, cardboard, waste papers, plastics, and much more, and make them into decorative materials or any other useful items and put them up for sale.


32). Babysitting Services:

Students can earn extra income from babysitting. Nursing mothers often need help with child care while they are at work or need to attend special occasions. Students can take up such duties and earn wages for basic childcare babysitting services.

This is a simple business idea for students and undergraduates that does not require capital. If you’re recommended by someone people trust, they will be willing to trust you with their kids.


33). Books Retail Business:

Ranging from textbooks to notebooks, books are fundamental materials in every student community. Selling books is one of the easiest business ideas accessible to students and undergraduates in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Plus, there is an assurance of steady patronage since students will always need books and writing material.

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34). Modeling Services:

Like ushering, modelling is an opportunity open to a select group of people. Modelling agencies are always on the lookout for young undergraduates with great physiques and appealing facial features.

Modelling also requires training but it is an easy way to earn extra bucks while in school. However, it is advisable to go for modelling activities that do not require too much time and physical presence.


35). Proofreading And Editing Services:

Proofreading and editing content for errors is a high-skilled service that a lot of individuals, scholars, groups, brands, organizations, writers, and more, are willing to pay money for. Students with great proofreading skills and a good grasp of English can venture into the proofreading editing business.

They can equally create a digital platform for themselves where they get to draw the attention of people in need of proofreading services. Another alternative is to register on a popular platform like Upwork and Fiverr and meet with clients from other parts of the world who need their services.


36). Create Greeting Cards:

Creating greeting cards, birthday cards and cards for good wishes is a simple yet lucrative small business idea for students. Such cards can be gifted to people on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, valentines, Christmas, and more.

Students with the creativity and skills to make handmade cards can produce them and put them up for sale online or distribute them to gift stores.

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To Sum It Up

The list of small business ideas for students and undergraduates is endless. In today’s society, opportunities are open for as many as are willing to explore and try out new ideas. Similarly, students don’t have to rely solely on parents and guardians for support. If you’re looking for business opportunities to explore as a student, you can start with any of these 35+ lucrative small business ideas for students and undergraduates discussed in this article.


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What are your thoughts on these 35+ lucrative small business ideas for undergraduates in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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