50+ Lucrative Rainy Season Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria or Africa

50+ Lucrative Rainy Season Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria or Africa
50+ Lucrative Rainy Season Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

Africa is a hot continent, but she is blessed with substantial amounts of rainfall at certain periods of the year. With Uganda and Nigeria experiencing the highest average rainfall of about 1,300mm and 1,200mm per annum, the average across most other countries in the continent is a little below 1,000 millimeter. This shows that although the rain intensity varies, African countries experience rainfall every year.

Rainfall comes with significant seasonal changes that influence businesses almost as much as they influence the temperature of the environmen. This implies that while some businesses thrive during the rainy season, others struggle. 

If you’re looking for business ideas and opportunities to take advantage of in the rainy season, here are 50+ business ideas you can start in the rainy season in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


1). Umbrella Production Business:

Producing and distributing umbrellas is one of the most basic business ideas anyone can start during the rainy season. And during this period especially, the business experiences massive patronage. 

Producing umbrellas requires some vocational skills that can be learned in very little time. Beyond this, you need a producer or distributor and a good marketing channel in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


2). Coffee and Beverage Cafe:

A coffee or tea café never runs out of style during the rainy season. People mostly avoid cold drinks during this period and opt instead for steamy ones to put their cold in check. In most African cities, tea and coffee are the best choices, especially in towns and cities.

Therefore, setting up a coffee and tea shop in any great spot in town can be a great business to startup during the rainy season. You can also distribute to nearby workplaces. 


3). Sweaters Retail Business:

Even though Africa is a relatively hot place, it is always a battle against cold during the rainy seasons. To stay protected from cold-related diseases such as hypothermia, people resort to clothing that can help them keep the cold at bay. Sweaters or cardigans are highly essential on such occasions. 

Besides producing or retailing sweaters, one can also supply to institutions with high demand, such as schools in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


4). Restaurant Business:

This business idea thrives all year. However, the restaurant business takes a different turn during the rainy season because people’s choices of foods change radically to suit the weather. Hot meals and drinks are naturally preferred over cold ones, so it is important for restaurants and eateries to adjust accordingly.


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5). Raincoats Retail Business:

Where umbrellas are unreliable, people adopt raincoats to keep their clothes and bodies from getting wet during the rainy seasons. Company workers, students, and other categories of individuals use raincoats. They are prime targets for raincoat producers in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. Starting this business requires some skill and the right distribution strategies.


6). Rubber Boots Retail Business:

Leather and other shoe materials cannot withstand the effects of continuous exposure to water. Rubber comes in handy as a trusted solution instead. Therefore, people buy rubber boots during rainy seasons to prevent their shoes from being damaged. 

Rubber boots are commonly used by children, construction workers and other groups of people with prolonged exposure to rain or water. Whether they are designed as regular shoes or rain boots, rubber boots are good for business during rainy seasons in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


7). Snail Farming Business:

The rainy season in most parts of Nigeria and Africa is marked by increased snail farming activities. This is because snails are mostly found during rainy seasons. After all, they are 80% water and can dry out if the weather is too hot for them. 


8). Car Rental Business:

Car damage is common during rainy seasons because successive rainfalls make most roads in Africa difficult to ply for automobiles. Where this is the case, driving cars across long distances can cause heightened damage to vehicles.

As a result, people prefer to rent cars instead, especially when the distance is a long one or they are in a new environment altogether. Since the car rental business thrives in other seasons as well, it is a suitable business that will endure beyond the rainy seasons in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


9). House Cleaning Business:

House cleaning becomes highly necessary during rainy seasons because the entire environment gets pretty messy and wet. For people with large apartments, house cleaning could become a chore. Hence, they need the services of professional house cleaners to keep their homes always neat.


10). Mushroom Farming:

Like snail farming, mushroom farming is another farming business that does pretty well during the rainy season. Mushroom is relatively easy to cultivate because what it mostly requires is moistness. Depending on available capital and other resources, you can start mushroom farming on a small piece of land and harvest multiple yields in turn in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


11). Baby Sitting Business:

Babysitting is another business with all-year-round value but it gets a lot of patronage during wet seasons because most families find it unnecessary to expose their kids to harsh weather conditions, especially when the outing does not warrant it. 

Thus, starting a babysitting business before or during a rainy season can put your business or service in high demand. The best part is that this business gives one access to more networking opportunities and it can thrive beyond the rainy season. 


12). Fish Hatchery Business:

Fish hatchery can be practiced at any point during the year but it is much more rewarding to start this business during a rainy season. Fish thrive better in rainy season. More so, it is possible to get more organic feed for fish during rainy seasons.

With the right strategies and distribution channels in place, you can make a lot of income from the fish hatchery in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


13). Horticulture Farming:

Grooming gardens and organic flowers is easier to do during rainy seasons because the right temperature and soil conditions are in place to support rapid growth. Whether they are garden fruits and vegetables such as pepper or ornamental plants, horticulture farming can be a profitable business in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world, especially during rainy seasons. 


14). Car Wash Business:

Since most roads are muddy during rainy seasons, car wash professionals are in hot demand during this period. The rate at which car owners visit the car wash always increases during rainy seasons. 

For maximum profitability, it is important to situate a car wash business in a busy spot in town and procure equipment that will aid efficient cleaning.


15). Pest Control Business:

Pests are common challenges during rainy seasons as most rodents, insects and small animals are displaced from their habitats. In response, they resort to nearby farms and residences, thereby constituting a menace. 

Based on this, starting a pest control business during or just before a rainy season is a great way to capitalize on this problem for profits. Homeowners and farmers need the service of pest control experts more during rainy seasons. 


16). Vending Machine Business:

A vending machine business requires no physical presence of a shopkeeper or an attendant. It is used in modern towns and cities for selling drinks and basic commodities. With a vending machine, the buyer conducts the transaction all by themselves and makes payments. With the aid of this device, business owners do not have to worry about weather challenges.


17). Food Truck Business:

A food truck business is basically food on wheels. It involves moving about in a truck and selling food to people. This method of food delivery makes it easier for buyers to get access to food when they would rather remain indoors during stormy or extremely cold weather. 

A food truck business can operate across all seasons. However, during rainy seasons, special measures have to be put in place to keep the food hot and in good condition to entice buyers. 


18). Meal Delivery Services:

Unlike the food truck business, meal delivery involves getting the food from a traditional restaurant and delivering them to buyers. In essence, this business can be an intermediary between traditional restaurants and their buyers.

Alternatively, one can start a catering and meal delivery business that combines meal delivery and restaurant services in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


19). Courier Services:

Delivery is an essential service that keeps the modern world running. But during rainy seasons, it becomes even more important, as people dread moving about in poor weather conditions, yet have to continue their basic duties. 

As a result, they entrust their delivery needs to a recognized courier company. As an investor with some capital, it is possible to start a courier service. With the right personnel and transport means, among other factors in place, it is bound to soar.


20). Bread Bakery Business:

Bread is a main meal all year round. Notwithstanding, it enjoys more demand during rainy seasons since people cannot frequent the market and malls for food items as they would during the dry season. Therefore, starting a bread bakery and delivering to local shops, restaurants and supermarkets is a great business idea for the rainy season. 


21). Fertilizer Production Business:

Thanks to the prospects of farming during or at the start of rainy seasons, fertilizer production is a great business idea for rainy seasons. Fertilizers require a good knowledge of chemicals and the right combination ratios for each type. 

A fertilizer production and distribution company can focus on the types of fertilizers commonly used in the locale and the types of crops that thrive in the area. On the other hand, production resources can be decentralized across multiple types of fertilizers, especially if there is a trusted distribution channel. 


22). Spa and Massage Parlour:

A spa and massage parlour is a self-care business that offers people specialized services such as exclusive massages and spa treatments. This business is not bound by season, but it has a lot of prospects during the rainy season because people see these services as a way to combat extreme cold weather.


23). Seed Production Business:

For maximum output, most seeds require detailed attention to develop. Producing seeds involves managing the development of the seeds in the best weather conditions. Since most seeds require moderate rainfall, the rainy season is often the best season for the seed production business. You can produce selected seeds of interest in massive quantities and distribute them to farmers and companies in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


24). Create A Weather Report Platform:

Weather report is often the business of news houses. Notwithstanding, thanks to the improvement in technology, you can establish a digital platform where people can get weather reports to help them plan their activities for each day. A simple mobile application is a great idea to get a person started in the weather report business.


25). Open A Grocery Store:

Shopping during rainy seasons is periodic, unlike the frequent visits to malls and grocery shops that people do during dry seasons. However, this doesn’t reduce the profitability of this business. On the other hand, it could rake in more profits during rainy seasons, especially if located in a strategic position. 

As an added option, you can include home delivery options to make it easy for buyers.


26). Waste Management Business:

Protecting the environment and keeping it clean becomes even more demanding during rainy seasons because of the continuous downpours. In most African countries, the planning of the towns and the cleaning culture of the people makes water flow extremely difficult because of waste improperly disposed of. 

Based on this, a person can start a small-scale waste management business, especially in estates and towns, to reduce the mess created. 


27). Gutter Cleaning Business:

Gutter cleaning is a form of waste management but it is a business that can fully operate on its own. Where there are no proper drainages, gutters and water passages become clogged up during and after rainfall. 

This creates room for a gutter-cleaning business. You can employ the services of cleaners and get contracts to clean gutters around homes, streets, and much more.


28). Pap Production Business:

While pap is a common local cornmeal drank across all seasons, it enjoys increased patronage during rainy seasons. Known by different names across different local languages, pap is preferred hot! Hence, it is a great meal to combat cold. It can be eaten with foods such as moi-moi, beans and bean cake (akara). Pap production doesn’t look like much of a lucrative business but it is profitable if well-managed and sold in large scale in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. 


29). TV Show:

During rainy seasons, people spend more time indoors than in other seasons. To fight boredom, they stick to their television sets and try to have great family moments. For investors interested in going into the media, starting a TV show, especially during rainy seasons, can be a profitable business idea. Since most people are glued to their TVs during rainy seasons, TV shows are bound to enjoy a lot of viewership.


30). Radio Show Business:

Similarly, radio shows can benefit from people’s prolonged stay at home or in traffic during rainy seasons, and these shows can be centred on any niche of interest. 


31). Network Marketing:

During rainy seasons, businesses that enjoy the highest profitability are mostly those that require zero physical involvement of either the buyer or the seller. For one, some aspects of network marketing can run as a digital business that operates fully on the internet. 

Also known as multi-level marketing, it can be a form of online business that operates through referrals and networking. People leverage their networks to expand a company’s workforce and get rewarded for third-party sales in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


32). Car Towing Services:

Roads can get really sloppy during rainy seasons. No thanks to continuous downpours, most Nigerian and African roads become difficult for cars to ply. Based on this, there are often vehicle breakdowns and damaged tyres or engines that require towing services. 

This need makes the car towing service a great business idea for the rainy season. Athough this business requires substantial capital to acquire a towing vehicle, it gets regular patronage during and after rainy seasons. 


33). Open A Drug Store:

Common colds and other diseases related to rainy seasons, such as malaria, require medical attention. Where the ailment is not so severe as to visit a hospital, people resort to local drug stores or clinics. 

This business, however, is limited to individuals in the field of medicine. More so, it requires proper licensing and approvals.


34). Carpentry Services:

Leaking roofs, windows and shaky wooden buildings all need maintenance and repair services before or during a rainy season. Similarly, most commercial; buildings such as malls and shops require added construction to keep the rain away. 

Thanks to these needs and many more, carpenters are constantly in demand during or just at the start of rainy seasons in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


35). Mosquito Nets Business:

The World Health Organization and African governments continue to advocate the use of mosquito nets at all times. During rainy seasons, the number of mosquitoes increases rapidly in Africa because of the wet environment. Based on this, it can be a smart idea to distribute and retail mosquito nets both during and after rainy seasons.


36). Vegetable Retail Business:

Farmers and entrepreneurs who are interested in going into farming can choose to start a vegetable garden. Vegetables grow rapidly during rainy seasons, thereby improving harvest and profitability. Since vegetables have a short shelf-life, it is important to distribute them quickly to avoid losses.


37). Maize Cultivation Business:

Maize thrives well during rainy seasons, and this makes it a viable crop to plant at the start of the season. Here is a business opportunity for farmers and entrepreneurs looking to get started in the agriculture sector. 


38). Shower Caps Production Business:

In spite of the rainy seasons, people still have to go about their businesses. Besides basic items like umbrellas and rain boots, people need shower caps to protect their hair from the rain. This makes shower cap production a lucrative business idea for rainy seasons. The best part, perhaps, is that shower caps still have a market outside rainy seasons in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


39). Socks and Hand Gloves Retail Business:

Fighting cold during rainy seasons is an exercise that requires detailed attention. In addition to sweaters, people also buy socks and hand gloves, especially when stepping out. For people looking for lucrative business ideas for the rainy season, retailing socks and hand gloves could be a good option to start with. 


40). Yam Planting:

Another agricultural business that needs rain to thrive is yam production. Yam is a seasonal tuber crop that depends mostly on rainfall to do well. Plus, it is arguably the most consumed tuber crop in Nigeria and other African countries. With a great distribution network, cultivating yam can be a good agriculture business to start during the rainy season.


41). Auto Repair Services:

One of the downsides to excessive rainfall in Africa is that it causes frequent car damage. On the flip side, this is good news for auto repair technicians. Auto repairers and related technicians enjoy increased patronage during rainy seasons.


42). Tyre Repair Services:

Like auto repairers, tyre repairers benefit from people’s need to keep their cars in great shape during rainy seasons. Due to the fact that accidents are common on wet roads, car owners have to keep their automobiles in great condition, ranging from tyres to engines, to avoid crashes.


43). Tarpaulin Retail Business:

Various business owners, including hawkers and shopkeepers, use tarpaulin to protect their shops and wares from rain. Yet, these are only a few of the categories of people who use tarpaulin during rainy seasons. 

Renting out tarpaulins can be a profitable business idea in rainy seasons. You can retail them in small bits or distribute them in larger quantities to retailers. 


44). Lawn Care Business:

Lawns are essential decorative items at home and in industrial places. During rainy seasons, lawns grow faster than usual and therefore require optimal care to look great. Plus, when left untended, lawns could be hiding places for dangerous pests. Hence, homeowners need the services of lawn care experts more during rainy seasons in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


45). Yoga Center:

Staying at home more often than you are used to during cold days in the rainy seasons could be psychologically demanding for many people. As a way out, people consider self-care options, including yoga exercises. 

For the Yoga instructor, the best part is that they don’t have to invite people to their centre. They can organize digital instructions on YouTube or other similar platforms. 


46). Video Game Development:

Video games are one of the recreational activities that keep people busy when forced to stay at home, especially during rainy seasons. Thanks to innovative technology, developing video games is now easier with a lot of software tools and programs.

You can also develop online video games that give players a platform to play with their friends and other players from different locations.


47). Laundry Services:

No thanks to the muddy environment, clothes get much messier during rainy seasons than other periods of the year. For most people, especially in the corporate world, washing clothes could be challenging. So, they prefer to contract their laundry services to professional laundrymen or laundrywomen.

Professional laundry services during rainy seasons could be demanding because of sparse sunshine and frequent rainfall. Hence, investors or entrepreneurs considering this business idea must invest in machines that will make the job easier.


48). Moving Trucks Business:

On certain occasions, people find out late that their rented apartments are not suitable for rainy seasons, either because of floods or other damages. On such occasions, people have to move to new apartments, and this creates the need for professional movers. 


49). Plumbing Services:

People need plumbers during rainy seasons to fix issues with their water or plumbing systems. However, plumbing is not limited to rainy seasons; it enjoys as much patronage in rainy seasons as in dry seasons. Starting a plumbing service business requires proper training and experience on the job.


50). Matchmaking Platforms:

From an emotional perspective, rainy seasons leave people cold and lonely, especially when they are single. One solution to this need for companionship is the matchmaking business. Matchmaking is common in most urban cities and is fast turning into a booming business. Therefore, starting a safe matchmaking platform or dating website where people can find lovers or companions can be a great business idea.


To Sum It Up

Rainy seasons come with benefits and downsides which can be turned into viable business ideas anywhere in Nigeria or Africa at large. The options are available to entrepreneurs and investors who have the insight to see and develop them in their locale. If you’re looking for business ideas and opportunities to take advantage of in the rainy season, you can start with any of these 50+ business ideas you can start in the rainy season in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 50+ lucrative rainy season business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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