Saying 'No' To These 5 Things Will Change Your Life And Business

Saying ‘No’ To These 5 Things Will Change Your Life And Business | Image Source: Pexels

Saying “no” a lot to people, things, and events can make you appear selfish or offensive.

But what if it was your key to a happy life and business? Would you use it more often then?

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The word “no” has the ability to change the course of things you want for yourself either positively or negatively, and using it less can also positively or negatively affect your business or personal life.

If you want to tread carefully when using the word “no” in anything you do, here are 5 things saying “no” to will change your life and business:

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1). “No” To Toxic Relationships:

The people you hang around rewire your mind unconsciously, causing your associations to be a critical success factor in your life.

You need to face the fact that people are toxic and feed your mind with only energy from pro-active people who do not only inspire you but are will to face your challenges with you.

If you only hang around poverty minded people, you’ll remain poor. But if you hang with people who are constantly chasing their dreams and talking about their challenges while at it, you all will someday become successful.


2). “No” To Distractions And Time Wasters:

Some people are the perfect definition of time wasters and distractions. They’re always trying to drag you into things that are in no way connected to your goals and visions and would do nothing else but waste your time and keep you behind on your schedule.

When such people turn up, almost always say “no”. Most of them have no direction in their lives or businesses and will do you no good in building yours.

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3). “No” To Things You Can’t Control:

When people try to get you into what you can’t control, it is mostly safe to say no. Sometimes it works out fine and you get value for your commitment, but most times things that are out of your control are always almost non-positive and you fall out.

An example of something you can’t control but may have to go along with is brokering a transaction between two parties. The control is almost always taken away from you, and even if you’ve got a contract with either the buyer or the seller, you’d still become hopeful that they pay you for your services. In this instance, you may have to go through with it even if you can’t control it.


4). “No” To Things You Can Easily Outsource:

Taking up too many tasks will drain you of time and energy, and in the process will make you more inefficient, when you could have simply focused on what matters most to your business and outsource the least important tasks, this way, making you and your business to become more effective.

As an entrepreneur, you need money and time. And the better you manage your time, the more money you stand to make.

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5). “No” To Giving Up:

Resilience is what creates the most successful people. They simply do not give up!

If you’ve been struck with multiple failures and disappointments, you should only view it as a learning curve and not a degrading experience.

Many of the most successful people in the world failed more times than anyone else. They always learnt why they failed everytime it happened, and ensured they didn’t make the same mistake again.

The good thing about failing 100 times is that you know 100 ways that don’t work. When you eventually succeed, failing would become increasingly difficult for you because you can’t go back to those mistakes. But when someone who succeeded in his or her first trial experiences a setback, rising back up is very difficult because they are prone to go through the failures you went through, and in little to no time, they’re frustrated and may end up giving up too soon.

If you want to build a better life and business, you must learn to always say “no” to giving up.


What are your thoughts on saying “no” to these 5 things that will change your life and business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.