30 Profitable Painting-Related Business ideas In Nigeria & Africa

30+ Profitable Painting-Related Business ideas In Nigeria & Africa
30+ Profitable Painting-Related Business ideas In Nigeria & Africa | Image: Pixabay

Painting is a creative craft with a lot of potential and versatility. Painting styles keep evolving to suit the modern era and more unique styles are being created. There are numerous ancient and modern business ideas and opportunities in the painting industry that can be explored and developed into a successful businesses.

If you’re looking for profitable business ideas and opportunities in the painting industry to start, here are 30 profitable painting-related business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). House Painting Business:

House painting is one of the popular ways of improving the appearance of a house or apartment. Some house owners repaint their houses before a new tenant moves in, to improve the appearance of the house.

It is important to acquire training before starting the house painting business. This profitable painting-related business idea does not require huge capital for a startup in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. You can also operate alone without an apprentice or worker.


2). Furniture Polishing Business:

This blooming painting business idea has to do with making various furniture “come alive”. People are willing to give their shelves, tables, wardrobe, and other wooden materials a new look from time to time, and this creates a business opening for individuals with the right skills.


3). Paint Retailing Store:

A paint retailing business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the painting industry available to anyone with sufficient capital in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Anyone can start this business with little or no training. However, knowing the right colours homeowners prefer to buy and other basic information will grow your store’s A-game.

The location of the store should be suitable for the trade and preferably in an industrial city. Most importantly, the store should be visible in every sense of the word.

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4). 3D Painting Business:

Lately, a lot of people are opting for 3D painting. And it is now easier for painting enthusiasts with little budget to start 3D Painting. 3D painting keeps revolving, hence, you should be ready to indulge in new-age painting technology.

To be successful in 3D painting, it is key to understand the demands of the people. Also, know what will suit their space and render professional help where necessary.


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5). Charcoal Drawing Business:

This painting-related business idea has to do with drawing objects, people, or animals with a natural effect. Charcoal drawing gives a natural effect to the art.

You can work your way around selling charcoal drawings in tourist centres or exporting them to other countries. More so, you can also sell your drawing online in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


6). Leather Painting Business:

Another interesting painting-related business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world is leather painting. Leather painting is necessary to keep the surface of leather appealing and protected after tanning.

The leather painting business is in high demand because leather is used in the production of various items like bags, belts, shoes, and much more.

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7). Graffiti Painting Business:

Graffiti Painting has to do with creating creative designs with paints on walls. Graffiti painters are usually on a contract basis and are in high demand during festivals, ceremonies or other special occasions.

To make the best of this untapped business idea, ensure you document your graffiti works so you can show them when you need to get another contract.


8). Graffiti Removal Business:

Graffiti Painting is not allowed in some places, hence, there is a need to remove it in some places or before painting another on the same spot. You need to master the removal skills before you can remove them without having much effect on the applied area.

Networking with local government officials will help this business grow. In most cases, the local government officials are responsible for the removal of graffiti.


9). Industrial Painting Company:

A standard industrial painting company is one of the untapped painting-related business ideas in Nigeria, Africa and many places around the world. Typical services of a painting company include rust proofing, bridge painting, paint, and wallpaper removal, residential painting, spray painting buildings, painting of buildings, bridge painting, and much more.

Starting a large painting company requires huge capital because it incorporates several different services which require a large staff.

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10). Wholesale Paint Distribution:

As a distributor of wholesale paints, you purchase a wide range of paints from the manufacturer and then distribute them to the retailer. However, you can also distribute other related products like enamel paint, paint thinner, architectural coating, water-repellent coating, and the like.

To maximize profits in this painting-related business, you need to maintain good relationships with paint manufacturers and have a network of reliable paint retailers.


11). Painting School:

Starting a painting school where aspiring painters can learn how to paint is a niche painting-related business idea. Experienced or practising painters can also hone their skills or learn more painting techniques.

To get started, ensure you have the necessary license. Also, employ professional painters that will teach aspiring painters.


12). Painting Tools And Material Store:

Retailing painting tools and materials is another way to make a lot of money from painting without being an artist or painter. Good thing is, you don’t need extensive skills or capital to start this business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

To run standard painting tools and material store, ensure you have all the necessary painting equipment and know their respective uses and specifications.

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13). Oil Painting Business:

Another timeless and known painting business idea is oil painting. This painting Business has to do with the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with drying oil. Although the oil painting business is done by special artists, it is still in high demand.


14). Pencil Sketching Business:

Pencil sketching has to do with the creation of a highly defined piece of art with a pencil. Pencils are used because they are simple and effective for creating portraits. The pencil sketch is profitable and in high demand in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. If you want to stay in business for a long time, it is important to keep developing yourself.


15). Face Painting Business:

As opposed to the myth that face painting is for kids, adults paint their faces on special occasions like festivals. You can combine face painting with other painting-related businesses because the market is mostly seasonal but highly profitable.

This creative business idea requires little capital to start. Also, building the right network will fast-track your business growth.

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16). Watercolor Painting Business:

The watercolour painting business is a painting method where water and colour are blended to create a painting masterpiece. If you prefer to use a pencil as an artist, there are soluble coloured pencils. Most of these paintings are created on paper.

You can produce your watercolour paintings from anywhere and sell your paintings online in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


17). Glass Painting Business:

This painting business is acquired from ancient painting and is still pretty much relevant. Glass painting used to be a religious centre’s feature, but it has extended to more places like hotels, museums, and the like.

If you are just starting, ensure you are excellent, unique, and creative. In no time, you will generate a clientele. Using social media platforms to display your projects will also put you in the limelight faster.


18). Spray Painting Business:

Ancient painting keeps evolving to suit modern tastes and demands. Spray painting was formerly used for particular projects. However, it has evolved and is now used for interior decorations and other painting purposes.

Being mobile and creative as a spray painter is one of the key attributes that will give you an edge.

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19). Digital Painting Business:

The digital painting business is one of the painting businesses that maximize the presence of technology. It is a digital creative artwork done on an application that gives a similar visual effect to oil painting and watercolour painting. The artist does not need to worry about the drying time of the artwork.

This painting business does not require any physical store or contact. And the artwork can be delivered to the client online.


20). Pastel Painting Business:

Well-defined and thoughtful artworks are created with pastels. Pastels are powder pigments that are solidified into a mould stick. Colour effects in pastel painting are closer to natural dry pigments. People purchase pastel paintings to beautify their office space or home.

Most times, pastel paintings are fragile. Painters can protect and preserve it with frames.


21). Ink Painting Business:

Illustrations or artwork can be made from ink paintings. Inks are used for drawing with a brush, a quill, or a pen. Ink paintings can be paintings of someone or objects.

Ink paintings look like magic when they are made. Its magic look and rich texture make ink painting worth it and increase its demand.

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22). Ballpoint Pen Art Business:

The ballpoint pen is efficient to create unique artwork. Some artists mix different colouring mediums with the pen to get a specific effect. However, other artists use the only pen as the only tool to create artwork.

This painting-related business idea does not require huge capital in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. The tools needed are inexpensive and readily available which makes it a profitable business.


23). Collage Painting Business:

This is an assembled creative work of art with a visual effect. Collage painting can be created with ribbons, pieces of coloured paper, magazines, handmade papers, or applying paints to the varieties to give visual effects.

Collage paint is a combination of various artworks. To get started, you do not need much capital. Although it combines different artwork, the resources can be improvised or created at little or no cost.


24). Train Painting Business:

Every year, new railway tracks get commissioned worldwide. The development has increased the demand for the train Painting Business. Trains are painted regularly to prevent rusting because of the dangers attached to railway rusting.

Although this business is less competitive, you need to position yourself rightly to attract contracts from the government.

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25). Drywall Contract Company:

A drywall business contractor is responsible for assembling gypsum boards and their installation for your client. If you embrace excellence, in no time, you will retain clients and be referred as well.

26). Grisaille Painting Business:

Grisaille painting is the art of creating an illustration in shades of grey. This painting technique is also used to create a sculpture illusion. This painting business idea is not limited to painting services only. It can also be used as the colouring of stained glass.


27). Powder Coating Business:

The powder coating business is another untapped lucrative painting-related business that entrepreneurs can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. It involves covering metal objects to prevent them from rusting. Also, powder Coating makes the object durable.

Before you launch your powder coating business, you need to learn the skills. Also, you have to pay attention to details and be creative.

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28). Painting Consultancy Business:

This painting-related business requires expertise in the painting industry in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Your duty as a consultant is to help newbies identify possible and immediate problems and offer useful tips.

This business idea is not capital-intensive. You can also use the help of social media to operate your consultancy business. To get the right clients, you can share painting tips on your social media pages or pay for advertisements.


29). Auto Painting Workshop:

People regularly opt for automobile painting because they want their automobiles to look newer or for other important purposes. There is a huge market for automobile painting workshops.

A physical store is required for this painting-related business idea. However, if you have sufficient staff strength, you can offer home or office service.


30). Road Painting Business:

Some professional painters specialize in painting road demarcation, road signs and designs. The painting of highways is a lucrative business and it is in high demand. Yearly, new roads are commissioned for construction while some of the old ones are maintained too.

However, your clients are governments or government contractors that will award the contract to you. Hence, it is important to position yourself favourably for contracts.

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To Sum It Up

There is an endless stream of opportunities in the painting industry in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Excelling in the painting industry depends largely on your mastery and creativity. Once you put in the required effort, you are bound to get maximum profits in due time. The secret to success in any business begins with starting. If you want to build a successful painting-related business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world, you can start from any of the 30 painting-related business ideas discussed in this article.


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What are your thoughts on these 30+ lucrative painting-related business ideas in Nigeria or anywhere else in Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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