5 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn Even If You’re Broke

5 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn Even If You're Broke
5 Life-Changing Skills You Can Learn Even If You’re Broke

Many individuals find it difficult to move from their current life status to where they want to be, because they simply don’t make the cut. It may be they’re trying to start a new business, are looking for a new job, or are just trying to get on to new opportunities. But while these wants are ever endless, most people who are largely in this category have little to no skills that deem them worthy of any interesting opportunity.

If you find yourself in this situation and would like to be qualified enough to explore more financial opportunities that life has got to offer, here are 5 life-changing skills you can learn even if you’re broke:

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1). A Foreign Language:

A lot of people around the world can only speak a maximum of two languages. These are usually the official language of the country and the local language of their fathers. They grow up hearing people around them speak these languages and end up also speaking the same languages.

But while knowing your natural language is important, learning a new language can take you places. For some people, a bulk of their lives is spent learning so many languages; sometimes in a university, on the internet, or via a disc video course. Strategically learning additional foreign languages can help you land a better gig than you currently have.

Many world leaders and entrepreneurs that travel a lot always seek a personal assistant that understands the language of the country they’re visiting. Also, some companies offer transcribing services, because their key staffs understand several languages, which they then generate revenues from.

If you’re looking for a life-changing skill to learn even if you’re broke, learning one or two new languages through online free courses or watching pc video can change your life.

Note: Udemy offers a host of several foreign language courses you can learn.


2). Public Speaking:

Have you ever tested your ability to motivate a crowd? Do people listen to you earnestly when you speak? What are people’s reaction to contributions you make in a crowd?

If you’ve ever noticed that the answers to the questions above have once been positive, you can groom yourself to become a public speaker.

Study yourself to intentify what you’re really good at, then go in all out to teach it to people. You could start online through Vlogs. The impact of your message may determine if you would get invited to speak at certain events.

The more public speaking gigs you get, the better at it you get, the more your portfolio increases, and the sooner you can start getting paid to teach and inspire people.

Note: This powerful public speaking course by Udemy teaches everything you need to know about how to move and inspire a crowd.

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3). Online Trading:

Online trading involves trading digital currencies, binary options, or the likes on the internet. There are thousands of stay-at-home entrepreneurs around the world who only trade online to earn a living. Some earn thousands of dollars monthly, while others earn some hundreds of dollars monthly.

To learn online trading, you could attend some seminars, coaching services, or even learn online for free.

Learning how to trade digital currencies or binary options can turn your finances around even if you’re broke.

Note: This Forex Trading course on Udemy is one of the most comprehensive Forex courses on the internet. If you want to be a professional Forex Trader, it’s the right place to start.


4). Web/Mobile Development:

This is one of the hottest trends in the world today. So many individuals and businesses are constantly in search of good web developers to build or maintain their websites, web applications, or mobile applications. This hot need has got people searching for developers all over the world on sites like Freelancer to Fiverr, and even patronizing companies like Andela.

By learning web and/or mobile application development online for free or through cheap eBooks, you will gain a valuable skill that can change your financial status if you build a great portfolio and market your services in the right places.

Note: You can join this highly rated Udemy’s web design course to become a world class web developer in a short time.

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5). Photo And Video Editing:

Just like web and mobile development, photography and videography is another fast growing industry. People now contract professional photographers for their pre-wedding shoots. They contact them for events, occasions, and other endeavours for photo and video shoots.

You could take up an online or offline course on photography and videography. When you’re pretty darn good at what you do, you can showcase your works on image sharing networks like Instagram, Facebook, and the likes, while still trying to source clients through direct marketing.

Note: You can join this widely attended Udemy’s complete photography masterclass course to learn everything about professional photography in a short time.


What are your thoughts on these 5 life-changing skills you can learn even if you’re broke? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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      1). Forex Trading is getting increasingly more popular.

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