How To Start Exporting Lead Ore Minerals & Concentrates From Nigeria To International Buyers

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How To Start Lead Ore Minerals And Lead Concentrate Export

There are a vast number of metal ores in the world ranging from lead ore to zinc ore, iron ore, manganese ore, and much more. These metal ores are found in many places around the world, especially in Nigeria, and are equally in high demand in many other places around the world, with some international buyers willing to pay almost double of whatever a close competition is paying for the supply of a metal ore from Nigeria.

Out of these metal ores that are distributed in many parts of Nigeria, this article touches deeply on the economic value and business opportunity that the mining and export of lead ore minerals and lead concentrates to international buyers holds for anyone who ventures into the trade.

Lots of international buyers come into Nigeria daily in a bid to purchase lead ore minerals, and in so doing, they meet with a wide number of businesses, negotiate varying prices, and sometimes place an order from different lead ore exporters at the same time, so that a cut in supply from one can easily be covered by another through an increment in their export capacity.

With a great global demand for lead ore minerals or concentrates in Nigeria by international buyers, venturing into the export of lead ore minerals or concentrates from Nigeria is a great move to make.

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First, What Are Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates?

Lead ore minerals are rocks containing lead, which is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials. The lead within the rocks are soft and malleable, and also have a relatively low melting point.

The lead concentrate is the pure lead extract from the rock (ore) itself.


So What Is Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates Export About?

Lead ore minerals or lead concentrate export is the export of lead from Nigeria to international buyers located in various parts of the world. It is exported in either the lead ore form or the lead concentrate form, and are further processed upon arrival at the buyer’s facility into various forms of alloys or for other uses.

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Facts About Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates Export

  • They’re found in the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria.
  • Lead is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials.
  • Lead ore mining or processing can create a great source of employment.
  • Lead is a chemical element with symbol Pb and atomic number 82.
  • Lead is opaque and not fully transparent.
  • The main lead mineral is Galena (PbS), also known as Lead Glance.
  • Lead (Pb) is one of the oldest metals known to humans.
  • Lead is malleable and easy to smelt.
  • Lead is used in car batteries, pipes, communications, petrol, water tanks, building construction, roofing, ammunition, ceramics, glass for television and computer screens, nuclear shielding, weights, tubes or containers, protective coating on steel, die casting, and much more.
  • The profit margins on the sale of Lead Ore or Lead Concentrates to international buyers can be anywhere from 15% to 110% depending on if you’re the miner or you’re purchasing from the mines.
  • As a broker, you can venture into this business with $0.
  • Nigeria produces one of the most demanded lead ore or lead concentrates in the world.
  • Nigeria is estimated to have over 10,000,000 tonnes of Lead Ore deposits.
  • It is estimated that less than 2% of Nigeria’s Lead Ore deposits are exported yearly.
  • China is the top importer of Lead Ore in the world.
  • There are lead deposits in Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Abuja, Nassarawa, Plateau, Gombe, Taraba, Kaduna, Kogi, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Anambra, Bayelsa, Enugu, Niger, Zamfara and a few other states in Nigeria.
  • Lead is usually found alongside Zinc, Gold, and Silver.
  • Lead Ore minerals and Lead Concentrates prices are calculated in metric tonnes.

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Business Opportunities In Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates Export

1). Lead Ore Minerals Export:

The first layer of the mineral is the Lead Ore. These are usually sold for between 120,000 Naira to over 200,000 Naira at the mines and are then further resold to international buyers at varying prices per metric tonne depending on the specification, the seller’s connection to the mines, the trade process, and the final negotiations with the buyer.

In all, your profit margin from the export of lead ore from Nigeria can be anywhere from 15% to some rare cases of over 100%.

2). Lead Concentrates Export:

The Lead concentrates are the further processed form of the lead ores into the pure lead concentrates itself. Since the lead ore is a rock with lead in it, the lead concentrates are the extracted lead itself, which is then prepared for export.

The prices per metric tonne for lead concentrates are largely determined by the London Metal Exchange (LME), and depending on what the LME price is at any point, the profit margins you’d earn is greatly dependent on how much you were able to procure the Lead Concentrate from the mine.

3). Lead Ingots Export:

Lead ingots are pure lead that is cast into a shape suitable for further processing. It is also called lead bars, which is very similar in shape to gold bars. They’re highly preferred for purchase by international buyers because they can easily be cast into a shape or something else, thereby saving the buyer a lot of time and money.

They’re more expensive than lead ores or lead concentrates.

4). Lead Ore, Concentrates, And Ingots Brokerage:

When you have zero cash to start up any type of business, the first thing you should do is to venture into the brokerage of that business’ products, and in this case, Lead Ore, Lead Concentrates, and Lead Ingots Brokerage.

You could venture into the Lead mineral brokerage business by linking a buyer to a seller, and in the process, add a markup price per metric tonne for your organisation, after getting the final selling price from the seller.

But to ensure you have a successful brokerage business, it is important you legally protect your commissions. Any seller who claims to give you something without a contract backing it is bullshitting you. If they get arrogant and tell you to wait to get it without a contract, simply walk away and find another seller.

98% of all sellers are not trustworthy without a contract in hand or a bank indemnity to pay you your commissions.

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Setting Up Your Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates Export Business

1). Register Your Export Business:

The first step to starting a Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate export business is to register a legal business. To do this, you must first register a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, then go on to register your business with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and the Ministry of Solid Minerals.

Registered business names are not allowed to register with the NEPC, and so, you can only function as an exporter with a Limited Liability Company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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2). Find The Direct Mines and Sources For Exports:

Although this can be done before, during, or after your company has been registered with the appropriate bodies, the next step is to source for the direct mines that would be extracting the Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrates for you on behalf of your clients.

It’s usually better you get direct access to the mine, so you can get the best possible price. Going through a proxy would waste more time, cost more money, and reduce your profit margins.

Some states with mining sites to find Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate mineral miners are Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Abuja, Nassarawa, Plateau, Gombe, Taraba, Kaduna, Kogi, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Anambra, Bayelsa, Enugu, Niger, and Zamfara and a few other states in Nigeria.

3). Setup A Proper Business Structure, Trade Process, & Branding:

During or after registering and securing your buyers, it is important you set up a proper business structure that looks internationally reputable. Some ways to do this are to build an international standard website, get a business address, create a company profile, and also have a corporate offer format you can customize and send to buyers who request an offer. Also set up a corporate email that reads something like this: “[email protected]”.

If renting an office is too expensive, you could pay for a virtual office at a co-working hub and use their address for meetings.

When you organise your company this way, buyers would feel really confident about doing business with you and would tend to choose your business as their preferred partner.

4). Source For Buyers:

The next thing is to source for international buyers for your products. You can do this by registering on websites like:

And several others.

You can also build an influential social account on LinkedIn and market your Lead Ore Minerals to a unique business audience you’d build over time.

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5). Export Your Products:

Upon sealing agreements with the buyers, getting issued an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order, signing a Sales and Purchasing agreement, and more, you can then proceed to ship the Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrates to the buyer.

The shipment could be done on either Free On Board (FOB) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) basis. Where FOB means you cover the cost of the goods and every other thing till its arrival at the shipping point, and CIF means that you cover the cost of everything including insurance and transporting the goods to the buyer’s port of destination.

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Challenges Of The Lead Ore Minerals Or Lead Concentrates Export Business

1). Lack of experience causes exporters to either purchase the wrong specifications, underprice or overprice their products, and much more.

2). Your mined Lead Ore minerals or Lead Concentrates en route a warehouse may get robbed before arrival.

3). Fake buyers wasting exporters time with fake inquiries.

4). Most prospective entrepreneurs have little to no access to finance for their projects.

5). Most Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate sellers have poorly managed supply chain and may sometimes be unable to deliver.

6). Your time could be wasted as a result of long-term conversations with Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrate buyers who have no real money to pay.

7). The large pool of fraudsters posing as Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrate sellers makes it difficult for Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrate buyers to trust you.

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The Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral export business is a lucrative one for anyone who chooses to venture into the export of solid minerals from Nigeria. Depending on the quantity the buyer needs, your profit margins could be far higher or lower, but still substantial.

Starting a solid mineral export business in Nigeria with an initial focus on Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrates is a way to not just only get into the industry, but a great start to building a long-term business that could someday employ thousands of people directly and indirectly.

An Important Point

Trying to buy Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrates from Nigeria through genuine sellers can lead to a lot of wasted time and efforts on the part of the Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Minerals buyers. They spend a lot of time vetting sellers in Nigeria, doubting their results even if positive, and going back and forth too many times than they can count, only to end up either cancelling their decision to buy or making a purchase after months or years have passed.

Finding real Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral sellers in Nigeria can be a problem. To make this possible for Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral buyers, Startup Tips Daily Media, through her sister company, Globexia, can export Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Minerals to genuine buyers from Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Whatever will help buyers close genuine Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrate export-based transactions fast, transparently, and easier, we can make the process as stress-free as possible.

Our Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral export business is completely transparent, and as a result, we will not deal with a buyer who intends to cut corners or outsmart any party in the course of the transaction.

If you’re a genuine Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral buyer, you can reach out to us through the contact form below. If you’d like us also to help you export most of your Lead Ore Minerals or Lead Concentrates, we’d be glad to do so with mutually agreed terms.

In addition to our Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral export business in Nigeria, we’re also Mica Mineral sellers in Nigeria, and can export Mica minerals to buyers around the world.

If you’re only a scam, don’t waste your time, as the conversation wouldn’t last too long after a few questions and demands to prove your authenticity have been made from our end.

Our Lead Ore or Lead Concentrate Mineral Trade Specifications are listed below:

Origin: Nigeria

Mineral Type: Lead Ore / Lead Concentrates

Physical Specification: Based On Buyer’s Specification

Quantity: Based On Buyer’s Specification

Price: Negotiable / Metric Tonne 

Trade Process: Ex Works/FOB/CIF

Payment Method: 100% irrevocable SBLC or L/C at sight from a top 25 prime bank

Shipping Time: 15 days after confirmation of L/C

Loading Port: Lagos, Nigeria


We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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