How To Get An Export License In Nigeria From The Nigerian Export Promotion Council

How To Get An Export License In Nigeria From The NEPC

The export business remains the most profitable industry to venture into in Nigeria. With global surges in the international prices of commodities ranging from agricultural products to oil, and even solid minerals and metals, exporting any product within their categories could earn any exporter anywhere from 100% to 400% profit on a successful sale.

The best part of the export business is that most contracts are always signed for a year, and as such if you were making a 200% profit on the export of any commodity, you could almost be guaranteed of the same profit margin every month for one year.

While the global trade business may sound enticing for any individual to venture into, you cannot succeed unless some parameters have been covered, and that includes securing reliable miners, finding international buyers, and obtaining an export licence for your business.

These three are keys to your success, but this article focuses on showing you how to get an export licence in Nigeria for your export business through the Nigerian Export Promotion Council:

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Step One: Ensure you have a registered company and not a business name, as you cannot get an export licence in Nigeria with a business name, but only as a legally registered company.

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Step Two: Visit and sign up.

Register On The Nigerian Export Promotion Council Website


Step Three: After signing up, click on “Register A New Certificate”

Nigeria Export Promotion Council Register A New Certificate

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Step Four: Fill in your company details and click “Next”


Step Five: Fill the corporate overview form and click “Next”.

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Step Six: Fill the export classification form, upload the necessary documents, and click “Preview”.

Some documents you’d be required to upload at this stage are:

  • Company’s Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Form C07


Step Seven: Click “Submit & Proceed To Make Payment”.


Step Eight: After payment of about 13,500 Naira at the time of this writing has been made, your export licence from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council would be ready in 24 to 72 hours if there are no secondary delays. If you want them to send it to you via courier, you would incur an extra charge of 2,500 Naira.


How To Verify An Export Licence In Nigeria

While this previously involved visiting the Nigerian Export Promotion Council’s offices nationwide, you can now easily do this online. Simply visit, type in the exporters licence number or company name and click “Search”.

How To Verify An Export Licence In Nigeria


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To Sum It Up

Securing an export licence is no longer as hard as it used to be. While the NEPC’s licence is critical, you’d need to secure whatever else licence from the respective body that permits you to trade in whatever product you intend to export.

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What are your thoughts on how to get an export licence in Nigeria? Let me know by leaving a comment below.