5 Intelligent Ways To Make Money Online From Home

5 Intelligent Ways To Make Money Online From Home
5 Intelligent Ways To Make Money Online From Home | Image Source: Pexels.com

Making money online from home is increasingly more common today. Back in the days, anyone who made any form of income from the internet without leaving their homes daily to a workplace was tagged an internet fraudster. But today, a whole lot has changed as successful internet entrepreneurs continue to spring up everyday.

There are countless ways to make money online from home. Many have been written several times over and some don’t get as much attention. While what works in a demographic may not work in other places, noting key methods people use to make money online is critical to growing a successful online business in whatever niche you choose to venture into.

If you’ve ever wondered what else there is to making money online from home, here are 5 intelligent ways to make money online in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world:

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1). Make Money Watching Videos:

Did you know you could make money online from home by just watching videos? If you didn’t, it’s fine because this is something only a few people know about. Some websites that will pay you to watch videos are:

These websites offer different unique payment plans. To learn more about them and how you can benefit from their programs, you can click the links on this article.


2). Start A Virtual Assistance Service:

A lot of people need virtual assistants for so many things. These tedious activities could range from checking emails, to organising appointments, preparing documents, taking phone calls, and a lot more.

By running a virtual assistance service for busy entrepreneurs, you could work from home and get paid as agreed on the terms of your contract.

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3). Sell A Service On Fiverr:

Fiverr offers a vast market for freelancers to sell their services. With prices starting from $5, you can advertise your service on Fiverr, fix your price, and deliver value to people who need them.

For instance, explainer videos are one of the most popular revenue generators on Fiverr. By offering an exceptional video production/editing service, you could get a lot of leads in a shorter time than the average freelancer on Fiverr.


4). Create And Sell An Online Course On Udemy:

If you have a specific skill that’s highly sought after but expensive to learn, you could create a video course around that skill and sell it on Udemy.

There are thousands of instructors on Udemy, with different individuals selling their courses from anywhere from $10 to over $1,000. Irrespective of the course, some have sold over 20,000 units in their lifetime on the platform.

20,000 sales multiplied by $10 amounts to $200,000. With a great course and an exceptional way to promote it, you could be the next Udemy success story.

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5). Start A Commodity Brokerage Business:

This could by far be the most profitable online business you venture into, depending on the type of deals you can close. For instance, if you’re active on LinkedIn, you could build a global trade brand, and find international buyers of Nigerian commodities and link them to sellers in Nigeria, while you earn a commission from a small markup.

If you broker an AGO deal of 10,000 Metric tonnes, for instance, you could earn a $50,000 commission at $5 per metric tonne.

The variety of products you could broker are endless. Once you can build a strong supply chain network online based on trust and a proven track record of the seller you intend to represent, you can build a million dollar business online.

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What are your thoughts on these intelligent ways to make money online from home? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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