How To Register A Business In Nigeria With Just 10,500 Naira ($27): The Complete Guide

How To Register A Business In Nigeria
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Registering a new business in Nigeria used to be a major headache for a lot of people. Before now, incorporation of companies could only be done by accredited lawyers, chartered secretaries, and chartered accountants. Causing large sums of money ranging from 30,000 to over 100,000 Naira to be commonly charged by these professionals, depending on each’s personal worth.

The good news is those days are now gone, and registering a new business in Nigeria can now be done for as low as 10,500 Naira.

The official launch of the CAC online portal enables any individual from any part of the world and without all these qualifications to easily register a business in Nigeria.

Despite these new improvements, a lot of individuals still encounter difficulties or don’t know the right steps to take in registering a business in Nigeria online.

Asides those who have difficulties registering a business themselves online, 95% of Nigerians are completely unaware that the process of incorporating a business name has been reviewed by Corporate Affairs Commission for easy access for any individual that has attained the legal age. Meaning they could do so now for just a total of 10,500 Naira, instead of paying anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 Naira, as they would have.

In this article, we would give you a comprehensive guide on the procedure for registering a business name by yourself using the CAC website in Nigeria.

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What Is The CAC?

Surprisingly, a lot people have asked me most times for the meaning of CAC and what it is all about. In a nutshell, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is an autonomous body charged with the responsibility to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.

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Requirements For Online Business Registration In Nigeria

1). Proposed business name:

It is advisable to choose a unique business name to increase the chances of its approval. You can determine whether the name you wish to choose is already in existence by conducting a public search first, before submitting the name for a search.

Here is how to conduct a public search:

i). Visit

ii). Click on public search.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

iii). Enter the name you choose to register.

iv). Enter the captcha as displayed in the box, and search.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

v). The names of existing companies that are similar to the name you typed into the box will be displayed.

With this, you would be able to know whether the name you intend to register is already in existence. If it is already in use, choose another name and repeat the steps until you get a name with high chances of getting approved.

This process is absolutely free, and you don’t have to pay any amount of money to a professional to help you know if anyone has already taken your name. All you need is a device with an internet connection.

2). Address of the principal place of business.

3). Nature of business

N/B: As an addendum to the nature of your business, always ensure you include general contracts. This encompasses every other type of business in case you decide to introduce new types in future.

4). Name of proprietor or proprietors in case of partnership

5). Residential Address of proprietor or proprietors.

6). Passport photographs of the proprietors

7). Signature

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Creating An Account In The CAC Portal

Before you fully proceed to start the registration of your business, the first step is to create an account on the CAC online portal by following the steps below:

1). Visit

2). Click on “create account” on the home page of the portal

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

3). Complete the displayed form correctly.

4). If you are an accredited user select “Are you an accredited customer” and enter your accreditation number in full.

5). If you are not an accredited user, enter your valid means of identification. The approved means of identification are, permanent voters’ card, international passport, birth certificate, Driver’s license or National Identity card.

6). Enter the captcha as displayed in the box.

7). Click on submit.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

8). After all these are done, you will receive an email detailing your username and password from the CAC.

Then you:

  1. Login with the username and password as received.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Then change your password.

At this stage, you are now successfully done with the account creation process and free to use the CAC online portal at any time.

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How To Register A Business Name On The CAC Portal In Nigeria

Step One: Availability check and reservation of name:

This is the first and most important stage in the registration. Once you complete this stage and get your name approved, you have done 60 percent of the job.


i). Log into your portal.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

ii). On the home page, provide two names for your business name registration.

iii). On the first box, provide the most preferred name and provide an alternate name in the second box. Either of the two should be approved if available and without any impediments.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

iv). Click on proceed and fill in the details correctly.

v). On classification, select business name.

vi). On company type, also select business name.

vii). Select your reason for the availability.

  1. If you are registering a new business name, select “new incorporation”.
  2. If you want to change the name of an already registered business name, select “change of name”.
  3. If you want to convert a business name to a company, select “conversion”.
  4. If you are registering as a subsidiary of an already existing company, select “subsidiary/affiliate”.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

  1. Once you are done filling in all the information required, click on “next” to proceed.
  2. The summary of all the information you have supplied would be displayed.
  3. Click on next, and you will be brought to the payment section.
  4. Choose any type of online payment most suitable for you and pay the sum of N500 for the search.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

To view your payment history, return to the portal, click on “reservation history”, then click on the “action button” on the right end of the reserved name. It will take you to the payment history page. Click on “check status” to confirm your payment.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

To check whether the name has been approved once this is completed, click on the “check my reservation history”. All things being equal, the approval or denial of a business name shouldn’t take more than two working days.

Once a name has been approved, the status on the name changes from pending approval to approved, and a code is given as an identity for the reserved name. This code is what you will use to complete your registration. To view this code, click on the “action button” and download the approval note and code.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

Step Two: Filling Of The Application form

1). Log into your portal.

2). Click on ‘registration’ on the top left of the web page, select business name, enter the availability code you have already copied from the approval note, and proceed.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

3). The approved name will appear. Click on “continue registration” to continue.

4). Fill the forms carefully and accurately provide all the requirements stated earlier. Make sure you fill in the names and addresses of proprietors, nature of business, and principal place of business addresses correctly. In filling the nature of the business, don’t forget to add general contracts as advised, as correction of any mistake after incorporation would cost you more money and time. Including the fact that it can be a very tasking process.

5). When asked if you need additional copies of a certified true copy, select zero, as this is applicable to those registering a Limited Liability Company.

6). The next step is the payment of the sum of 10,000 Naira for registration.

7). Click on the “action button” to download and print the completed form for the proprietors to sign and have their passports attached.

Step 3: Document Upload

1). After the proprietors are done appending their signatures and attaching their passports, scan the document and save it as a PDF file.

2). Visit or and select document upload.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

3). Type in the availability code you used in registering the business and select the nearest CAC office you wish to pick up your certificate from.

4). Type in the captcha.

5). Click on begin.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

6). Click on “Choose Scanned Document Below” and select the documents you wish to upload.

  • You will have to upload the BN/1 form you filled, availability of name approval note, payment receipt, copies of ID cards of the proprietors, proficiency certificates where applicable.

7). Click “Attach” to attach the document.

8). Attach all documents one after the other.

9). All attached documents are displayed in the “List of Documents window”.

1o). Click “submit” to submit.

How To Register A Business Name In Nigeria

11). Wait for your certificate. Once the certificate is ready, you will receive an email to that effect, the status of the registration will change, and the BN number would have been generated.

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To Sum It Up

I hope you find this very helpful. However, I wish to state succinctly that the role of an accredited practitioner in a business or company registration can never be overemphasized. Do contact one for professional advice before carrying on with this process.


About The Writer

This is a blog post submitted by Amara Okafor. She is a lawyer, a writer, and a member of the Startup Tips Daily Media Team.

You can contact her through Startup Tips Daily Media for any further questions or enquiries concerning your business name registration and company incorporation.

Note: This article has been edited for style and substance.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the article, it will come in handy for me in the near future.

    I has tried to register my company last year, but it was rather difficult. When I eventually was able to begin, the cashier at the bank told me I had to register my CAC account with my business name, and not my personal name.

    I’m wondering how true that is as i had to input personal international passport details.

    It was also impossible for me to make payment online, hence my visit to the bamk.

    I will follow the steps as explained.

    Thank you

    • Thank you for the comment, Ifeanyi.

      If you continue to have issues, our lawyer can finish up the process for you.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. How do I get through the compliance part which is form 4.which is specifically reserved for lawyers.

    • Hi Joseph,

      That’s not for a business name (enterprise) registration, but for a limited liability company registration.

      You’d need a lawyer to sign for you in that regard.

      We’d soon put up an article detailing an LTD registration with the online CAC portal.

      Thank you for asking.

  3. Great Job,
    This is quit informative.but i need explanation on registration of business name and registration of full Company if their is any discrepancy.Thanks

    • H Afeez,

      Registering both are two different things.

      We’d publish an article next week on how to register a company on the CAC portal for an extremely low cost too.

      Thank you for asking.

  4. Thanks for the article. Very informative, I tried registering in the past but got stuck at payment mode, I’d like to advise that one stick to payment mode chosen online. I mean if it is more convenient for you to make payment physically in the bank, do not choose another means, say online payment and expect it to sail through.
    Sir, in my case I have been finding it difficult to log in. Is it possible for me to open another account on the CAC portal?

  5. Thank you for this valuable information but my lawyer just told me individual can’t do it again. That it’s has to be done through professionals and he even told me that a lawyer that does not have a partner cannot do it alone, how true is this and how current is this your article. Please how much does it take to register a company with N1m share capital

    • Hi Ololade,

      This article covers the process for a business name registration, not company registration.

      An article for company registration will be up next week. Do look out for it.

      Thank you for asking.

  6. I wished I had had this information before now. Just this January I got mine done for 80k and also charged me 30k TIN registration, what a people? Our attitudes in this country is so bad. Taking advantage of one’s ignorance to exploit one hmmm. I only have the company registered, but av not commence any transaction with with for lack of funds. Hope there is no any penalty for that Sir from the FIRS? Cos its company registration.

    • Hi Ibukun,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. This article is more targeted to people registering enterprises (business names) instead. Another for people registering companies will be up next week.

      Concerning your dealings with the FIRS, I’d advise you either pay the nearest office to you a visit to ask questions or you should speak to a tax consultant.

      Thank you for the comment and do have a great time!

  7. Hi Ibukun, No one took advantage of your ignorance.I have seen persons register a company more than 80k and i have also seen persons register as low as 40k. All these depends on who you consult to render the service for you. Registering a company is not as easy as registering a business name. A lawyer has to prepare some incorporation documents including memorandum of association and articles of association and trust me it is not an easy job. Besides, you did not just pay for the incorporation of your company, you also paid for the professional fees of whosoever did it for you. So please do not feel cheated. Thank you.

  8. Fantastic article! Question regarding the selection of a subsidiary for the BN registration:

    Must the “parent” company (The Ltd.), be listed as one of the owners? And if so, How would that be stated on the registration form; and whose identification would be presented?

    The information you provide is absolutely invaluable. Thank you so much!

  9. Hello ma, i got to the end stage of the buisness name registration with your help. But i am yet to get any mail to that effect and the status has changed, and the registration status has changed to ‘approved’. Please what do i do

      • Hello Hamdat,

        I’m glad the article was very helpful to you. If the BN number of the business name you registered has been generated, it means that your certificate is ready for collection.

        Kindly go to the pick up CAC office you selected for collection of your certificate.


  10. Nice article and new knowledge. I did my business name registration manually by visiting the CAC office. Please I need the information on how to register a cooperative society.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Adebayo,

      Cooperative society is not registered in CAC.

      It can be done at The Office of The National Civil Registration Abuja, Abuja High Court of Justice or Federal Ministry of Justice.

      Kindly visit one of these offices for more information.

      Thank you.

  11. Good day, I will like to register a group of companies. For example, dowell venture, under that company we have dowell paints, kingsway oil. Please will this process work for it also.

    • Hi Cruz,

      Before you think about registering a group of companies, you must have atleast three already registered companies to form the group. This is to say that two companies or business names cannot form a group of companies.

      There are some other special requirements for formation of group of companies. They include:

      1. Formal application for consent to the Registrar general of CAC to use the name “group”
      2. Payment of non-refundable application for consent fee.
      3.Evidence of not less than 3 companies to form the proposed group company.
      4. Evidence of common membership of the associate companies
      5. Resolution of the associate companies consenting to the group relationship
      6. Evidence of Company Secretary of associate companies
      7. Updated annual returns of all the associate companies.
      8. Statement by majority of the directors of the proposed group of company that the share capital of the company shall not be less than the highest share capital amongst the associate companies.

      Be that as it may, i suggest you consult a legal practitioner to help carry out this exercise or contact startuptipsdaily for assistance.

  12. Please can you shed more light on the difference between a normal Business Name and a Limited Liability company and how it affect a business.


  13. Hi, please I have a problem with my business name registration. It has been disapproved after I uploaded my document. I was asked to edit the business registration form as my name came out multiple times on the list of proprietor (I am suppose to have only 1).i can’t seem to find any where to edit the form or refill it over again. Please help me.

    • Hi Sanusi,

      Was it queried? What was the query? Did you input your name multiple times? If it appeared multiple times, there should be somewhere you could delete it.

      If you can’t find it, you might need to take your complaints to the nearest CAC office for clarification or use our in-house lawyer to complete your registration.

      Thank you for asking.

  14. Hello. Good evening. Pls my request was queried, asking me to attach proprietor passport photographs. Pls how many will it be and where do i attach it or them. Nd does this mean i ll have to rescan after attaching the photograph(s) and re-upload?? Thanks

    • Hi Sly,

      You should first attach the passport photographs to the forms.

      Make sure the proprietors sign, rescan and upload.

      Kindly read stage 3 doc upload for proper understanding.

      Thank you for asking. (Posted on behalf of Amara)

      • Good evening. Ive reuploaded the forms and resolved the query. but the registration status has still not changed.. its still showing disapproved. What should i do next pls

  15. Hi, thanks for your article. I wish I came across this before we proceeded to register our business name. Our registration has been queried twice now based on the nature of business. Is there any need to write anything under the additional remarks box? It’s been more than a month now trying to register the business. Thanks

  16. Hello,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful article.

    Having done the business name registration, what are the next steps as regards tax registration?


  17. Thanks for this article. Please, at the point where you said “Click on the “action button” to download and print the completed form for the proprietors to sign and have their passports attached”, when I clicked the button there was no option for downloading anything. Rather, there was a message saying “processing”. And this has remained like that for about three days now. Please, what can be the issue? Then please, can you give a snapshot of the ideal situation,i.e. where the option of download is displayed? Thanks.

    • Hi Adebola,

      So sorry about that, it do happen sometimes. If you are sure you completed all the forms, just try using a smart phone to access it.


  18. Thanks for this information.

    Please I want to ask if I can register BUSINESS NAME by including the word ‘company’ on the phrase, for instance; “Mosorire General Trading Company”.

    Anticipating your prompt response


  19. Thanks a lot for this piece of information. I’d say I’m lucky to see this kind of information at my early stage of setting up a small scale business. But I do have a question. Can I register a business name now and do the business registration later? If yes, will I be issued a certificate after the business name registration?

  20. Hello Stan, I have completed my biz name registration online and it has been approved. I have been given a company number too. But how can I get the certificate? And is it going to be online as well? finally will I need to pay another fee? thanks for this good job.

    • Hi Obinna, you can’t get your certificate online. There is also no extra fees to pay. Just go to the CAC office you selected as your pick up office and pick your certificate. Go with all your documents including payment receipts and availability code document. Thanks.

  21. God bless you for posting this. I had started the process without thoroughly reading through the website. I was about to take a trip to the CAC office to submit my form when I stumbled on this article. With it, I was able to find the document upload portion and submit my form! Thank you so much.

  22. Thanks for the infor,my name has been approved,started filling the form,in the nature of business how many can I list? And how many proprietors can I add? And is it possible for me to use only my name as the propertor? Thanks very much

    • Hi Eunice,

      There is no limited number of nature of business to be listed. Don’t forget to add general contracts to it.
      Yes, you can be the only propeitor if you choose. You can also two proprietors. It all depends on what you want. Thanks.

      • Thanks very much for the reply have been able to make payment and uploaded all necessary documents, today is exactly 1week after still pending approval,just want to know if I have any reason to be alfraid . Thanks

  23. Greetings, please I will like to ask if when I’m filling the form I need to go to the commissioner of oaths to sign on the form.

    Thank you, I’ll be glad if you can help me out swiftly. God bless you.

    • Hi Nathan,

      You do not need the services of a commissioner of oaths or nortary public in registering a business name unless you are registering a company.

  24. Thanks for the insightful article, i have a business i run from home and i want to register the business name, Can i use the same address as the principal address of the business and the resident of the proprietor?

  25. I am very grateful for this informative article.
    pls can I use my temporary voters card for cac registration of my business as an enterprise, Thats the only valid id that I have for now?

    • Hi Agina,

      You do not need your voter’s card for registering your business as an enterprise. Unless you want to register it as a limited liability company. If as a company, yes, your temporary voter’s card can suffice.

  26. Hi thank you for the article. I started my business name registration yesterday and I’m a bit confused. After the name has been reserved and I’v started filling out the forms and i got to the proprietor part I didn’t know whether to fill in my name or just leave it blank since my name is on the documents already and it’s a one man business. So do i fill my name as one of the propritors or just leave it blank? Thank you

  27. Very insightful article, thann you. So i tried registering my business name online and I’m a bit confused. Since it’s a one man business and not a partnership do i still fill out my name as proprietor. When i got to this section I was a confused whether to leave it blank or fill my name since my name is already on the document, I don’t know if I should still fill it out as proprietor. Thsnk you

    • Hi Tem,

      Reading your previous question and this one, I can’t really say I perfectly understand the problem you are facing. However, since it’s a one man’s business, you just have to fill in only your name and details at the proprietor’s section. If you still encounter the same problem, please get a professional to assist you.

      Thank you.

  28. hi thanks for this informative article, my question is after certificate and BN number is assigned then i want to add another proprietor, would it cost me? and how do i proceed to add proprietor on the CAC website. thanks in advance

    • Hi Henry,

      It would definitely cost you to add another proprietor. Once you have been issued a certificate and BN number, any futher alteration becomes a post incorporation affair and requires the services of a legal practitioner. Please kindly get a lawyer or a chartered secretary.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Yhujin,

      Presenter is the person in whose portal you are doing the registration. If its your portal, add your details. And oh yes, you can also add yourself as a proprietor if it’s your business.

      Thank you.

  29. Please what are the documents required by the CAC for upload in a business name registration?

  30. Nice article very informative but I don’t understand what you mean by copies ID cards of proprietor and profiency certificate @ the last stage of business name registration .Pls I need more light on that Thanks

    • Proficiency certificate is needed when registering businesses that has to do with consultancy or other professional services. It is not a compulsory requirement. The article said where applicable.

  31. Hello, I will like to ask for an urgent help. During filling of form for the Business Registration, I mistakenly added a proprietor which I am not supposed to add. After payment, it generated the BN FORM for me and the space where the other proprietor has to sign and append photograph is there. PLs, how can i remove this proprietor before uploading of documents. This is very important and Urgent pls

    • Hi Lanre,

      Once payment is made you cannot go back to edit again. So at this point I’d suggest you don’t bother signing and attaching the photograph of the proprietor. let other proprietors sign, upload the documents like that. when its queried, you can now go back remove that proprietor. you might get a lawyer if you wish to.


  32. Good Day

    Please I uploaded the Remita payment receipt instead of the CAC generate receipt on my payment status today.

    what is the implication of this and i am unable to correct this online at the moment?

    Many thanks

  33. Great article! Very helpful. After printing the BN/1 form is my accreditation number the same as my Availability number?

  34. Hello Stanley. Sent a mail to the address you provided to Join startup tips daily media but it says the email doesn’t exist and message keeps rebounding. Can I get an alternative email address to message?

  35. Nice article! I’m not an accredited agent but I’m helping my sister who’s based abroad to register her business name. Please I’d like to know if I’m to include my details or hers in the presenter details. Thank you.

  36. Hi Stan and Amara,

    Thank you for this article.

    1. Why is the word “holding/holdings” a special name with CAC? In what manner/circumstance can it be used to register a business name? The nature of my proposed business is to hold stocks of other companies for investment purposes.

    2. From a list of CAC Nature of Businesses, I can’t see a description that fits into my proposed business – trading/holding shares of listed companies. What is your suggestion, please?

    Thank you

  37. Please i need your advice, in the course of my registration of business, i filled a section that asked about the date of commencement of business which i mistakenly selected that day of my registration as the date of my commencement of business even though the business have not yet commenced.
    I will like to know the implication, (if any) and a solution (if any). Your response will be greatly appreciated.

  38. Hello, Please, during New Business Name Search, in the portion of NATURE OF BUSINESS, after I have chosen a SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT as one Option from the list of available options, but in the future I want to include other Businesses. So in the part of Additional Remark what do I fill there? I want to add “GENERAL CONTRACTS” But I want to know if there is any necessary prefix or statement to precede “GENERAL CONTRACTS”

  39. Very informative.
    Please i came across this blog 7 hours late. Unluckily for me, i made an extra 10,000ngn payment online through Remita because:… ( 5. When asked if you need additional copies of a certified true copy, select zero, as this is applicable to those registering a Limited Liability Company.) … i selected 1 instead.
    Please is there anything i can do about this ?
    Kindly reply.

  40. I have been trying to upload my documents, but it hasn’t been going through. Any time i submit, i get response of fatal error

    • I also get the same response. Pls let me know if you were able to resolve this issue and how you went about it. Thanks

  41. I am very happy to come across this your blog on how to register business name online with CAC, It was very educative.

  42. Sir/Mar,I have been trying to register my business,but what are the advantages in registering business name to that of company registration,any different at all? please enlight me the more thanks

  43. Hello start up daily , I tried filling the business name form and on getting to the preview stage I noticed that the name of the presenter is showing as the Ist proprietor under the particulars of proprietor’s part, and I am not part of the proprietors what do I do about this

  44. Hi, i have stated my registration, but i have a queries that i should reconcile the name on my ID and the application form. pls how can i edit a Proprietor name on the portal

  45. Hi, I got queried twice. I really can’t understand “attach AV”. Secondly, the query “spread nature of business across three line” i dnt understand… Please I need explanations… Below are the queries i git


    1 spread nature of business across three line 2. comply with previous queries

  46. “pay and upload 1000 naira receipt for branch address.” this was the response I got from CAC. right now after the much hassle, they are providing me this without an account to pay in. please any help on how to proceed this?

    • The problem is that you entered more than one address when filling your form. Simply click on “Queries”, then click on “Edit Data”, under business details, ensure you only entered your address in one box. Delete anything you entered into the box that asks for “FULL ADDRESS OF BRANCHES (IF ANY)”, proceed to save the application and reprint the form and upload.

  47. Thank you so much for this info. It came just at the time I need it. Am currently registering a business name. Previously during name reservation, I choose gen. Contract and merchandise as nature of business. Coming down to registration proper, I couldn’t find the option anymore. Please what should I do in this case. Thanks for your swift respone.

  48. Also can I choose a future date as business commencement date, if so re there implications? What can they be Pls. Thanks

  49. I was queried over sole proprietor address, i click to resolve but there is no edit button to input the new address, how do i rectify this?

  50. The article is very amazing and straight to the point. Though, there are few changes to the registration and its just N5,500.00 now.

    I just got my company registered now through your articles. The response from CAC was swift, and I did everything in a day.

    Awaiting my company certificate now.

    You did a great job.

    Many Thanks

    Felix Olusola.

  51. Hi, can I also select the CAC branch close to my client so that she can pick it up? Or must I pick it up myself as the legal practitioner?

  52. What do i choose as the category when i am registering a business with the nature of business:
    General contract/merchandise and import and export?

  53. Hello, please i am trying to register my business name. There is a part that says I need to get the commissioner of oaths stamp. Is it necessary or not. Thanks in anticipation

  54. hello there, thanks so much for this informative article, i have some questions to ask though…i was asked BUSINESS COMMENCEMENT DATE, i reserved the name today being 28/09/2020 what date do you advice i use as i am yet to kick start the business by November. thanks regards

  55. I really enjoyed your article and questions answered, thumbs up sir, my question is that, I made payment for my business name a day before its expiration date and I couldn’t download to fill form and upload immediately, does it matter if I do it after the expiration date or it has to be before Expiration?

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