How To Know If People Are Talking About Your Business

How To Know If People Are Talking About Your Business | Image Source:

People prefer to talk about and recommend their favorite businesses. They do this based on their past experiences, the brand’s influence, service delivery, word-of-mouth, public testimonials, and several other factors.

To be talked about is to know your business is having an effect, whether positive or negative, in the marketplace, and so, puts you in a good position to figure out how to leverage the conversations surrounding your brand to help better grow your business.

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While popularity doesn’t guarantee sales, it is important to know if your business is positively popular in the marketplace, as this will help you grow a valuable brand that will stand the test of time.

If you’re trying to figure out how to know if people are talking about your business or not, here are 4 ways to find out:

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1). Your Inquiry Rate:

How often do people dial your customer care line to make an inquiry? How many times a day? How many days a week? How many products or services are they inquiring about?

By monitoring your inquiry rate, you can have an idea of how far and wide your business reach is, and this will enable you build better sales funnels around where the bulk of the prospects are coming from.


2). Sales & Referral Rate:

How many products are you selling monthly? What types of products are selling fast? In what volumes each? Where are the buyers coming from? And how much referrals are you getting?

A business that sells 1,000 units of a product monthly in the same market where another sells 100 units of the same product monthly, has a better image and influence in the market place.

It means they’re more positively popular than the other brand, and upping their marketing schemes will boost their sales.

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3). Market Research:

A market research can be carried out to determine how popular a business is or not.

An example is to distribute a questionnaire to people who have no relations to each other and ask them to write down the top brand that pops up off the top of their head for a certain industry. The name that comes up easiest and many times amongst the test subjects has a strong effect on them.

You can also get information from them concerning when they last communicated with or purchased from a known brand. Whether it was a few days, weeks, months, or years ago.

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4). Keyword Research:

Keyword research is also key in determining how popular a business is over the internet.

  • You could carry out a keyword research using Google’s keyword planner to see the average monthly search rate for a brand’s name.
  • You could type in the brand name on the’s search box to see if it easily suggests the name in the drop-down recommendations, and also how many sites are linking to it after the search results are shown.
  • You could carry out a search on the twitter “Discover” tab to see if people are talking about the brand.
  • You could check how many times a hashtag is used for a certain brand on Instagram.
  • You could use Google alerts to search the web for keywords you choose and have them sent to your inbox.
  • You could use a tool like “mentions” to keep track of who’s talking about your business and your competitions’ across the social web.

By using online tools to carry out researches on the popularity of a brand, you can have an idea or not, of their influence in the market place.

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What are your thoughts on these 4 ways to find out if people are talking about your business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.