5 Ways to Encourage Team Spirit in Your Company

5 Ways to Encourage Team Spirit in Your Company
5 Ways to Encourage Team Spirit in Your Company | Image Source: Pexels

When it comes to perfecting the recipe for an effective successful company, one of the key ingredients is team spirit. Employee morale and team spirit are two of the most effective tools you have because if your employees feel valued and happy in their roles, their productivity across the company will improve.

However, team spirit may not naturally exist within your business, so you will need to work at making your workspace an enjoyable and fun place to be.

To help you understand, here are 5 ways you can encourage team spirit in your company.


1). Employ the Right Team Members:

Encouraging team spirit starts as soon as you employ team members, as hiring the right people who see the benefits and value of team spirit can make all the difference.

You want to ensure that new employees that you are bringing to the team have worked within a team setting before and know how to make a good contribution. If you doubt whether the candidate has positive team energy, then they may not be the best person for the role.


2). Eat Lunch Together:

Utilizing small but effective everyday opportunities to spend time together as a team can help to make working collaboratively in a workplace setting a lot easier. So, we recommend that you create the perfect environment for your team to sit together during breaks and enjoy lunch together. These are often the spaces where work colleagues get to know each other on a more personal level, making working together as a team easier.

Also, remember that your employee lunch breaks are for them to take a break from work, so avoid any work taking place within those spaces.

It will make your team feel much more relaxed and ready to be productive once their lunch break is over.


3). Reward Teamwork:

One of the key aspects of team spirit is the acknowledgement of a job well done, as without giving your team the credit they deserve, they are likely to feel undervalued and under-appreciated. It is important that you acknowledge the hard work of your team, as it will encourage them to continue their efforts.

Similarly, you should reward teamwork wherever possible, and make sure that it is clear about which behaviours you are rewarding.

For example, if your team has worked on a project that has been successful, then you may celebrate by providing the team with their lunch and enjoying an extended break time. This will help to reinforce the value of teamwork and why they should continue to work as a team in the future.


4). Consider Team Building Activities:

Team spirit may not be something that your team finds easy at first, especially if they have become used to working individually on tasks. Therefore, we recommend that you do some team building activities with your staff so that they get used to collaborative working.

There are a range of different team-building activities, varying from days of going out together as a company, to playing games, so that team players can know each other better and have some fun together.

You can find some interesting games, figures and trading cards that offer your team something different, but are fun to get involved with.


5). Make Everyone Feel Important:

Remember to stress the importance of every individual working together to encourage a single team spirit, as if you only focus on the achievements of certain team players, you risk making others feel left out and undervalued. This may then discourage their team spirit, overall morale, and productivity.

By encouraging team spirit in your company, you will see a huge impact on how happy your employees are and an improvement in their overall productivity.


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