5 Lucrative Fast-Moving Consumer Goods You Should Invest In Today

5 Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) You Should Invest In Today
5 Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) You Should Invest In Today

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is one of the largest in the world. With successful billion-dollar companies like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Diageo, and several others leaving remarkable footprints through their massive growth and scale, the potential the industry has shown continues to open up even more opportunities for new and existing players.

While running a business at such a large scale is almost impossible for small businesses, taking advantage of the products sold by these major FMCG companies by reselling them, can get you running a profitable business in no time since their brand names are already known and trusted by millions of people in Nigeria, and billions others around the world.

If you’re thinking of starting a small business in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, whether as a distributor or as an original manufacturer, here are 5 lucrative FMCG industries you can invest in today:

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1). Processed Food:

The processed food fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is one of the largest in the world. The undying craving by people to consume junk food; whether sold in an eatery, at a bus station, or in traffic is ever endless.

With popular choices like sausage rolls, plantain chips, cakes, biscuits, chin chins, noodles, spaghetti, and more, taking a stance as a high-volume distributor for one of the most popular brands in these categories can get you earning a substantial income in a short time.

Some brands to lookout for are Gala, Minimie chinchin, Indomie, Golden Penny, and several others.


2). Beverages:

Beverages are any liquid that’s not water, and this comprises largely of soft drinks, milk, juice, coffee, beer, and a lot more.

Every evening, thousands of people spend time around the country drinking a type of beer or the other. The same applies to soft drinks. When most people consume meals in restaurants, at school, at events, and even at home, they drink a bottle of coca-cola, pepsi, or some other soft drinks.

The reason the drink category is highly lucrative is because, millions of people crave the taste of these drinks before they even purchase them. Their habit loops are tied around gorging down a bottle of coke, and they remain restless until they’ve consumed it irrespective of whatever the health consequences may be.

You can take advantage of this popular addiction by becoming a supplier of beverage products to restaurants, club houses, event centres, and general retailers. The revenue stream is largely recurrent and would keep you earning a substantial sum depending on what scale you ply in a shorter time, than trying to build your own brand from the ground-up.

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3). Cosmetics & Grooming Products:

The use of cosmetic and grooming products have sky-rocked in recent years. Too many ladies around the world cannot leave their homes without wearing a makeup. It gets even more serious as a lot of ladies carry their makeups around with them in their handbags, to be applied at any instance they’re meeting up with someone important.

Since these FMCG products are always in use on a daily basis, manufacturing or distributing cosmetic or grooming products with the right execution can build up a large business.

If you’re thinking of acting as a distributor instead, some top brands people already patronize are Mary Kay, Black Opal, Elf, and several others.


4). Soaps, Detergents & Toiletries:

Almost everyone wakes up every morning to have a bath. When they use the rest room, they make use of the toiletries to clean up, and when they want to wash; whether with a machine or not, they use a detergent or bar soap.

Soaps, detergents, and toiletries are one of the most used FCMG products in the world. They’re so infused in our personal lives that we almost cannot do without them. While these items are sold are low prices, their high demand rate makes the business process worth it all in the end.

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5). Baby Care Products:

According to Unicef, an estimated number of about 353,000 babies are born every single day. This figure largely implies that the market size for baby products increases daily and so does the potential revenue volumes. Some popular baby product brands that have made a mark around the world and in their specific countries are Pampers, Cussons, Honest, and a lot more.

Knowing this, you can become a distributor for a major baby care product manufacturer. If you’ve got quite a sizeable income and believe direct manufacturing is your best bet, you can first venture into producing cheaper baby diapers and diversify from there on.


What are your thoughts on these 5 lucrative fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) you should invest in? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Stan Edom
Stan Edom
I'm an entrepreneur with expertise in supply chain management, international trade, small business development, e-commerce, internet startups, renewable energy, and agriculture. I'm also a network engineer, I.T security expert, and computer programmer. In my spare time when I'm not working out at the gym, I try to solve problems people face in their everyday lives with whatever means necessary.

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  1. Like how much will one need to start as a distributor for baby care product, cosmetic & grooming , and consumer product and how. Secondly I will also want to know where one can learn how to produce soap for someone in Abuja axis. Thank you. You can reach me through this email add: [email protected]

    • Hi Hassan,

      To become a distributor, you need to know the terms of the company whose products you’d be a distributor for.

      To get this information, pay them a visit and find out their terms.

      Concerning soap production, a google search will give you abundant information.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. I have little amount of money it not upto 500k pls which fast lucrative business do u think I should start with that kind of money

    • Hi Boris,

      I’d advice you focus on tasty baked meals that can be sold at schools, events, recreational parks, and even in traffic.

      Thank you for asking.

  3. Hello Stan,
    I will seek your advice on what to setup within the range of 500 thousand -1 million that will be basically on sales of products or goods.
    Thanks you

    • Hi Kay,

      I’d advice you first visit the local supermarkets in your vicinity to see what they lack but wish they could have stocked in their stores.

      After a soft market research, it would be a lot easier for you to determine what you could supply to them.

      Thank you for asking.

  4. I have a very big warehouse in the heart of onitsha with toilet and office but do not have physical cash. What business can i go into and how.

  5. Hi. I live in Port Harcourt and plan to relocate to Abuja also, I want to embark in sub distributorship of any FMCG but I don’t know which. I need advice.

    • Hello,

      We’ll post an article soon on how to start a distributorship business.

      Do look out for it.

      Thank you for asking.

    • Hi Ogwo,

      Please follow the blog for more updates on business opportunities.

      Thank you for asking.

      • Hello
        Am a student I sell male wears and accessories online but it not selling well like at all
        Please what advice can you give me or should I look into another business and if yes what types of business ? Like in the range of 50-100k

  6. thanks u for the write up,am interested in the baby care product,probably be a distributor on a particular product pls how do I go about it?

    • Hi Esther,

      I’d advice you do a google search for information on this. Overtime, we’d still write an article on how to start a distributorship business.

      Thank you for asking.

    • Thanks for this,am interested in soaps both liquid and tablet, detergent and toiletries,pls how do I go about it,I have Little amount of money

    • Hi Victor,

      I’d advise you visit web platoforms like Alibaba or liase with someone in the country you want to import from.

      We’d publish an article soon on how to start an import/export business in Nigeria.

      Do look out for it.

      Thank you.

  7. HI Stan,
    just read through your article. great idea over.
    i would love to start my own FMCG business but really need a comprehensive clue on the steps to go about.

  8. If you are given 30million naira now to start up a business
    What kind of business will you do And your reason

  9. I have 3million naira, I wanted to start tiles business,but during d process of learning d Biz, I noticed is slow and dull, I need a lively biz ,don’t wanna sleep in my shop as a young man

  10. How can one secure distributorship in companies that produce FMCG in Nigeria. if one is a starter with amount below 1million naira.

    • Hi Obinna,

      I’d advise you visit the corporate headquarters of the companies to talk to them.

      Thank you for asking.

  11. I’m fed up of working for just a peanut,i want to quit but have some money like 300k.please I need your advice what to trade on. Thanks

    • Hi Blessing,

      I’d advice you first do a feasibility study in your neighbourhood to find out what best you can trade on.

      Thank you for asking.

    • I want to venture into condiment or spice ingredients business. Does it necessary mean I have to learn under anyone?
      How I get a trusted wholesalers?

  12. I am into FMCG already. I am vast in this business area. Currently undergoing registration of business and looking for investors. Please call or connect with me on whatsapp with your queries. For sake of doubt, you may verify my registration status with Nigerian corporate affairs commission using Hallo Konsult for name search.

  13. Hi Stan,
    How do you go into production of cosmetics/makeup.(lips product in particular) Do we have the manpower/tech in N9ja or one has to rely internationally? How much can one start with?

  14. Hi Stan,

    Thanks, the article was very helpful.

    I await your next article while I prepare financially to start as a distributorship.

    Please if there is a company that can strengthen their distributor value chain easily, kindly notify me via my email([email protected]).

    Thanks and God bless!!

  15. Please i am interested in becoming a sub-distributor of any fmcg but i do not know how to go about, things involve and which company. Really looking for what to do, thank you in advance

  16. Please Mr Stan, can you give some advice on what to do. Have interest on consumer products business but dont have the capital yet. My father in law used to send palm oil to me cos have it in their town. Taught of palm oil business together with grains but have been able to gather any capital. Want to start something. Please what can i do or if there is any consumer product company i can go to. Thanks

  17. Great Article,
    I intend starting an FMCG company, but i need more insights on how to go about distribution and making my products known. Thank You

  18. Well done Stan. I remove my cap for you for trying to enlighten people instead of keeping it to yourself.

    Stan which production is more preferable BISCUIT Production or Juice Pro.

    My Regards,

  19. I am really impressed with your article. i want to start a medium scale drugstore business and baby care products. My question is how much do i need to hold before i can start these businesses.

    Again, i need an advice for my younger sister ; what kind of business can she start with 300/350 thousand naira?

  20. I have an empty shop in the quarters where I live in Gwagwalada, Abuja , pls which of the FMCG product strive there being a distributor, looking at the location. Thanks

  21. Thank you for your write up. Please I want to import FMCG brands abroad but the process of NAFDAC registeration and what to import is my challenge. Pls I need your advice

  22. Hi can someone tell me what are the best fast moving commodities one can bring into Nigeria and sell them quickly, return again. I am able to source goods from all around the world.


    God bless

  23. Interesting article. I wanna start the business but I need to knwo that this isnt gona be like other ponzi schemes that ran with my money. Please shed more lights on it.

  24. Highly informative. Don’t you it’s better to run a supermarket for the above fast consumer moving goods instead of being a distributor for just one? There usually delay in payment most times. I think one can actually think big, start small and grow it overtime.
    Please what do you feel?

    • You’re neither right nor wrong, Saka.

      It all depends on your supply chain network, and if it’s stronger for you in a supermarket setting, you go with that instead and vice versa.

      Thank you for your contribution.

  25. Greetings

    I resides in Abuja and wants to go into wholesale/distribution business in any or all Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Products. I have empty moderate warehouse and shops in 4 different markets in Abuja. Please I need a company or companies that I can contribute to strengthen their distributor value chain. The customer care contacts of the companies will be appreciated.

    Thank you.


  26. Good afternoon Mr Stan,Please I’m as student,things haven’t been easy for me.i am into this telecommunications business,where I sell data,airtime,cable n nepa subscription,WAEC n NECO subscription etc.
    Please how do I connect with business organisations that can make me their data plug and also increase my customers in order to increase sales.
    Also I want to have a website of my own but from what I have gathered so far,I can’t afford it.
    Please what other business can I do with the little I have that will help me as a student and also when I graduate.
    Please I’m eager to hear your response

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