How To Brand Your Export Business To Acceptable International Standards

How To Brand Your Export Business To Acceptable International Standards
How To Brand Your Export Business To Acceptable International Standards

It’s one thing to find international buyers, and it’s another thing to get them to trust your business at first glance. Getting international prospects to feel comfortable working with your company is extremely important, especially if you’ve never shipped any commodity before, but are looking for your first big break.

To get international buyers to trust your business, here are a few things to do:

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1). Build An International Standard Website:

A website is a window through which visitors can have a first peek into what you do as a company. It’s important that you do not just build a website, but that you build a high quality international standard website that doesn’t just look very attractive, but also contains a ton of quality information detailing exactly what your business does, showing the team behind it, and proving how it can help its prospective clients succeed.

You should also post a lot of photos of your products in their various categories on your website because when prospective buyers see many photos about the product they’re interested in on your website, they’d tend to be drawn towards doing business with you. The photos should not just be limited to professional photoshoots on white backgrounds but should also include a lot of warehouse storage, loaded trucks showing the goods, loaded shipping containers showing the goods, product videos, and much more.

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2). Design A Professional Corporate Profile:

Many international buyers will not just visit your company’s website, but will also request that you send your corporate profile so they can have a closer look at what you do. To ensure you’re always prepared for this, higher an experienced professional writer who writes and designs world-class corporate profiles to help design one for your company.


3). Create An Official Company Email:

International buyers feel more confident when they’re sending emails to a company whose email address ends with their company URL. For instance, if your company’s website is, having your email address as [email protected] would leave a good impression with international buyers trying to do business with you.

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4). Get A Great Cozy Office Space:

Office spaces can be expensive to rent, especially if you don’t have to visit it every day, in this case, the export business. You can have a virtual office subscription with a co-working hub instead, and only use their board room whenever you have a meeting. A great co-working hub in Lagos, Nigeria to use is eeSpace.


− Export Business −

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5). Maintain Active Social Media Accounts:

The company should have an active social media account on LinkedIn and related platforms that showcase what it does. The founders should also be active and professional on social media platforms like LinkedIn, so that international buyers researching who the buyers are can be confident of who they want to deal with.

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6). Deliver Great Products & Service:

In the end, it all comes down to the quality of products and services you’re capable of offering to your clients. There is no better way to brand your business than to always meet and/or exceed the customer’s expectations. When you deliver as agreed between you and the importer, you’ll build goodwill between your company and theirs, they’d recommend you to others, and you’ll grow quickly as an organisation.


To Sum It Up

Branding is key to the success of every business, especially new businesses that have little or no track records. If your export business is branded right and well managed, slowly but surely, growth will set in.

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This is an article written by Stan Edom, the Editor In Chief of and the founder of Globexia Limited, a global commodity trading firm that exports solid minerals & agricultural products from Nigeria, facilitates the trade of oil & gas commodities, and offers commodity trade consulting like importer & exporter due diligence checks, feasibility studies & reports, and trade licence registrations for international buyers in Nigeria.

This article along with others are written to help exporters and importers around the world to have a better understanding of the commodity trading business and to improve their chances of becoming successful in the industry.


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