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The importance of a great online presence for every business cannot be over-emphasized. First, you’re reading this because you have access to the internet and have at least, an interest in starting your own business. That’s if you don’t already own one.

But you’re are so caught up trying to cover expenses in your small business or life, that you find yourself left with little to no budget for a standard website.

What if I told you there was a way to get a high-quality website at the most cost-effective price imaginable? has set up a company focused on affordable small business solutions called Stan Chekkers Global Resources, to put into place a promotion for all Nigerian entrepreneurs to be able to get a premium high quality website at the price range of N35,000 (thirty-five thousand naira) to FREE!!!


Sounds Far-fetched? Not Really…

The promotion is designed to slash the price of any customer who brings in a paying referral to the company by N5,000 (five thousand Naira) per head. This means each time you get a friend or fellow business owner to pay for a website, you get your bill reduced by the above stated price. One paying referral is then equal to a bill of ₦30,000 and seven paying referrals means you get a FREE WEBSITE!!! Ready in as few as 7 days.


How Does The Promotion Work?

It is quite simple. Any business owner in need of a website shall be registered for the promotion and given a personalized coupon. This coupon is what those you refer will use to access the promotion. Once your referral is registered he/she will receive their personalized coupon for their own set of referrals.


What If I Get Referrals After I Have Fully Paid?

You can still be a part of the promotion regardless. You might find that your fellow entrepreneurs may show interest only after they have seen your own impressive website. Or you were not able to get up to seven paying referrals before you had to balance up.

We have put these things into consideration and assure you a cash refund of the same five thousand Naira value whenever any of your referrals pay for the website till you hit the lucky number seven.


What If I Don’t Need a Website, But Know People Who Do?

The loyalty program is designed to benefit both its agents and clients. Agents are those who market the program to clients to get them to patronize our services and make referrals. Registering as an agent entitles you to a ten percent commission for every paying client, their referrals included. But an individual cannot sign up for both simultaneously.


What If I Have Used Up My Seven Slots And Still Have People To Refer?

In such a case, you may decide to register as an agent, and be entitled to the commission as stated above.


Am I To Deposit The Entire Funds Before The Commencement Of The Project?

For work on your website to commence you are required to pay a deposit of at least ₦20,000 (twenty thousand) Naira. The website’s details will not be handed to you until the balance is paid.


How Many People Can Benefit And When Does This Offer End?

This offer expires on the 31st of August, and is available to the first 100 people that take advantage of it. So, hurry!!!


What Other Benefits Do I Get?

Your website is built SEO ready, and you get one free website banner design added to your website.


Can My Website Be A Blog Instead?

Yes, we can build you a blog instead


When Will My Website Be Ready?

7 days after your project commences.


What Websites Has Stan Chekkers Global Resources Built?

One of our remarkable builds is You can visit for more information.


I Want One! How Do I Take Advantage Of This Unbelievable Deal?

Call +234 8080888162 or +234 812 977 1251 to take advantage of this short-term deal, or fill the form below:

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Whether you need a product supplied, a professional business plan, or a small business consultant to carry out a market research, business consulting, professional web design services, or other business needs, you may contact us by sending an email directly to [email protected] or calling/WhatsApping 2348080888162.

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