How To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money From Home

Sometimes, one of the most fulfilling activities could be to work from home. Having to wake up in the morning in your pyjamas, hair scattered, and teeth unbrushed to go straight to your computer or mobile device and initiate the transactions for the day, could be more personally and financially rewarding than racing off to work every morning to help someone else with a vision, make his or her dreams come true.

Working from home remains only a wishful thought for most people. While a lot ponder how they could make money from home without going broke and ending up heavily in debts, others try out various random online or offline business ideas they probably stumbled upon, with little to no success.

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If you’re a stay-at-home mum or a person looking for newer ways to make money from home, here are 5 less thought-out methods to earn an income without leaving your home:

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1). Become An Online Sales Consultant:

Most large e-commerce companies in Nigeria and several other countries run an online sales consultant program. This basically means people sign up with an e-commerce business as an affiliate marketer, then leverage on their social networks, contact lists, and more to drive sales to the online store. For every sale they record, they get a commission.

The number of successful sales they can record in a month through their links will determine what commission they get. An avid telemarketer who has a strong experience in convincing people to go with certain products or services, can make money from home through this business model.

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2). Freelance On Upwork Or Fiverr:

Freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr give people the opportunity to earn a modest income by completing freelance projects placed online.

If you’re a web developer, a copywriter, a designer, an SEO expert, and pretty much in any other specific vocation line whose services are required on one of these online freelance sites, you could sign up as a freelancer and start making money from home.


3). Bookkeeping:

If you’re an experienced accountant and are good at managing money, keeping a company’s books in order is a great bet for you. Many businesses have problems keeping their books accurate, so they tend to hire people who are able to keep them organized. Most of these people only report to the office on Fridays, so they can get all the required information and keep the week’s accounts receivables and expenditures organised in a professional manner.

With available cloud-based tools like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, & Xerox, handling all your clients financial information from home makes it very easy for any bookkeeper.

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4). Online Research:

Several websites are built around paying people for information. With good online research skills and a fast internet connection, websites like ChaCha or LivePerson are willing to pay you money to answer some unclear questions and do home works for people.

If you successfully get approved on any of these platforms, you can set your own fee for answers. The more questions you’re successfully able to answer, the money you will earn.

Doing online research is a largely untapped way to make money from home.


5). Sell Stock Photography:

Are you a professional photographer? Do you have average or renowned photography skills? Then signing up on websites like Shutterstock, GettyImages, and the likes to sell your professional stock photographs, is a great way to earn an income without heading to an office.

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The market for stock photographs are extremely large worldwide. So many websites in various industries ranging from the media to e-commerce, services, and more, constantly buy images online for use on their websites, and this doesn’t generally come cheap.

By taking professional photos and selling them on Shutterstock, you can make money from home with every sale recorded.

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What are your thoughts on these 5 ways to make money from home? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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